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Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

by ottenjr Nov 21, 2015
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Металлический зажим удобнее!

Works awesome. Thank you.

I have a problem with this print to stick on the bed. What can i do to solbe the problem? Thanks!

Rafts usually help with this kind of problem, but I'm a novice.

What is the best material for printing ?

Printed 100% PETG. No issues breaking. Been using this for about a month. Made some for friends as well. Everyone loves it.

it's broke at the first use, dislike...

Came to comment the same thing, but it was just me being cheap on the filling. Try it solid.

Try getting your basics right. Print the part as a solid object at the correct speed and temperature for your printer and chosen plastic. Quite simply, if it doesn't work, you doing something wrong.

Hello, Can you separate the pieces of this STL "20160204_Toothpaste_Roller_print_Rev_C_fixed.stl" ?? Tks

This is a good idea, but it's broke to me at the first use.

any chance to get this in separate piece files? i broke a piece and don't want to reprint the entire thing

I've splitted the STL into 3 separate STL : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3253358

Toothpaste Roller (separate files)

Broke on first use

Can you upload the files in single files?
Thank you

Broke at first use (PLA)

Comments deleted.

Have broken two of them now but I like the idea.
If you are going to print... print WITH supports and you must do 100% infill (though mine still broke with 100%).

Good luck!

Comments deleted.

So far so good.. did not need glue for the cap, just a nail file to slight chamfer the edge to get it to slip over. Printed VerC with the locking. Works great so far. For folks where arm breaks maybe use PETG? I'm using PLA no issues yet.

I just printed it in PETG and when I wanted to remove that part it broke. IMO it's because of the alignment. Would be stronger lying with support...

Nice design concept , printed twice , each rotating arm broke easily , ,thank anyways !

Nice design, worth a try. But I find it a little bit less efficient than other simpler tube squeezers. The flaw is that the rotating arm is a bit weak (even at 100% infill) so it breaks easily. Thanks for sharing it!


Hallo, können Sie die Dateien auch einzeln anbieten?

Hey, thanks for sharing, it´s a great model but for some reason I am getting layer shifts on your model - never happened before and everything I printed before and after doesn´t have that issue. Did anybody else have this issue?
My Slicer is Simplify3D and Printer is Anycubic I3 Mega...Checked all the settings 10 times...AND even changed to another SD. Nothing helped unfortunately :(

I got that too using Simplify3D - weird

OMG.. I'm also using S3D. Failed 6 times printing this.. Tried all kinds of settings.. I was about to try the last time when I saw this, there goes the last attempt..

Used s3d, printed just fine

Nice design ! Thanks.

Comments deleted.

nice creation, and also wonderful solution to problem of wastage

Printed this is lovely orange PLA. Works great.
Had to use a drop of superglue to hold the cap on, but that's the only problem I had.

How is it holding up under PLA?

Funnily enough the split pin (tube gripper) piece broke just a few days ago. From a quick visual inspection I'd say that the part wasn't strong enough but it looks like the issue was not a high enough fill percentage during printing. Hopefully just a case of more fill.

Comments deleted.

Have you considered changing the cap to a screw cap instead of the press kind? You won't have to superglue the end then.

I've recently started remixing designs, but I haven't reached the skill level to design screw threading yet. If no one else gets around it, I might eventually attempt it myself.

If anyone else is interested, I went ahead and remixed this - Toothpaste Tube Squeezer (with pin connector cap).

Hope you like the slight tweak!

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer (with pin connector cap)
Comments deleted.

One idea I had was to make the non gear end slot go all the way to the end so you can pull the thing out from the tube rather than un rolling it which is a bit of a pain. I haven't made time to try to modify it and see how it works. Just a thought.

I printed this on our Ultimaker 3 and it worked well, although i did make some modifications.

Since i am making this for my kids, i felt the grip was a bit small, so i took the .STL into blender and made it about 50% thicker. I actually think it might still be a little smol, so for my second print of this i made it thicker still.

One snag i ran into on my first print was that the 'lock' boss was so close-fitting, when i glued the cap on the lock no longer disengaged - i couldnt turn the inner post because i couldnt fully disengage the lock ! Kinda funny, i should have paid more attention when gluing it down. Anyways, managed to get it to turn after shaving away enough PLA, but it was an unexpected hitch. For the second print i made the lock boss just a hair shorter, which should alleviate this altogether.

Overall great design - pretty surprised how well it works and how strong it is using PLA. I did use 100% infill because it made a negligible impact on print time.

Try this one for your next print if you don't want to bother gluing the cap - Toothpaste Tube Squeezer (with pin connector cap).

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer (with pin connector cap)

The top of the lock hole cutout can't possible print without supports in this orientation :/

Nice idea cause I always needed one for my daily use so thank you

Comments deleted.

I made one. The print came out well. The end cap was a really tight fit so no glue was necessary.

Printed fine with PETG and works great. The lock feature is very cool.
Thank you very much for sharing.

it broke while removing it from printer platform :'D

I laid the core stick on the side. It's now very strong!

FDM printer's destiny. T_T

Same here. The core stick must have been printed horizontally, not straight upward as is the default position.

I'm splitting the core stick and printing it horizontally alone.


Made std one with ABS. Very nice, no slip. It is wide enough to take any tube I have.
Thanks for the files....

i loved this it is so useful and it helps me out a lot!!! THANK YOU!!!

with pla broke...

my be with abs..is well

I used PLA 3 times and none of them were strong enough.

wierd PLA is actually usually stronger in a lot of ways then ABS. ABS has more fatigue strength though.

works great for me thanks.!!

It prints well, but the walls were too thin and it only lasted two tubes.

Add a couple layers of outside wall thickness

What do you mean "add a couple of layers"? How do you just add a couple layers? In a slicer? Or editing the model?

Mburr means in your slicer program, you should be able to specify the number of solid layers generated on the exterior of your part.

Comments deleted.

Can you load the individual parts?

I've got Cura and can't find out the option.

right click on the object the split object

From Cura 2.* splitting feasure has been removed. You have to import .stl into blender and do the etc jobs.

Why did they remove a feature? :'(

Thank you for the tip, Right click and split object works in Slic3er as well.