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Jet Engine

by Xena Jul 7, 2013
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How in the world do you print the fan blades cura 4.1, ender 3d pro

The shaft holes on the rear housing and the rear housing bearing cap are different sizes, am I doing something wrong?

Hey, so I ordered one and was wondering if these parts are made in SolidWorks thanks.

is it gas or air compression?

all jets are compressed air mixed with gas

Xena, I am developing a new Pulsed Plasmic power source and I was wondering if you are available to contract for a project similar to this. We have 2 new 3D machines coming, one does Carbon fiber and the other does Titanium.
The end product will be a Genset that provides 25 KW power, more than an average home for about $8 a year, to unhook homes from the grid, It also would reclaim the exhaust in a closed loop. Some details are on www.plasmictransition.com.
The other engines are bigger piston driven but will allow towns to network 250KW sets and get unhooked. "Tornado proof, again no emissions and maybe $400 a year for fuel @ 10-20 K people. Etc.. Fell free to contact me on Skype @ RAM Engineering.. Thank You

Hey Xena. Any chance of posting an exploded view.. ie. how do the bearings fit?

Anyone have the bearing part numbers? Im having a hard time finding them

I think you can get the bearing at VXB..... just type in the sizes .


Just build it. It will sort itself out

Is it possible to print a second outer cover so you could make it one enclosed turbine without the plastic tubing?

hello sir,
The 3d jet engine you have made is just awesome, Actually I want to make it for my final year project too,
and i want to purchase the final product of yours model.
How much it would cost to me?
can you send me the price details through my email.

When you do a final year project (Thesis) you are meant to do the whole lot yourself, not pay some for it.
Just a word of warning, I teach graduates and the amount of other people's stuff I get to mark is embarrassing.
It is very easy to find out who has done want and you don't want to fail.

What are the nozzles that you use to adjust the air pressure called? I need to find them so I can set it up like this for my school.

Really need specific instructions and sources to the different parts and bearings. And also how to assemble.

Comments deleted.

so where are the instructions? soon i hope

Hi! Does it need too much force to be moved by the wind? I am planning on printing it and puting in my window, so the wind can move it

Thank you!

If anyone is having troubles printing the blades, I made some custom supports that should help out.

i am planning on printing this as well, would love to get ahead of the ball, so any into you can provide would be appreciated. i will be using either a Robo 3D R1+ or Ultimaker 2+

Hi could you attach a link to these supports?

Were you going to publish detailed instructions on how to assemble this engine?

Quick question. What is the max PSI that should be put through this model? I made the casing parts with a 25% infill, but I made all of the blades with 100% infill, for added strength.

I don't have a printer. Can anyone make one of these working models for me? Email me at Drewh716@sbcglobal.net

HI Xena are there any instructions? proper please or are they in the zip?

Hi, Xena. Thanks for the awesome design.

After some trial error I am getting some really nice prints of the fans. Do you have a set of instructions on how it all fits together?

Are the bearings supposed to fit inside the fans? I grabbed some bearings in the sizes you specify but they are about 1mm too big to fit inside the holes.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hey Xena, what printer did you use to print this thing? I have a printer but I have not yet got satisfying printing results until now.

Hey, xena, i'm planning on building one of these jet turbines for a school project, do you think that you could tell me the length, internal and external diameter of the clear plastic piping you are using as the cover? I would like to make sure i don't get the wrong size of polycarbonate or acrylic tubing for the cover I would really appreciate it if you could either include it in the thing info and/or send me an email at drakeql@gmail.com.

Hi, did you get the lenght of all the parts?

Is it possible i could get the cad files for this please. I am doing a university project based on the jet engine turbine. And need to make a CFD as well as geting velocity readings from the turbine. Any help would be thank full as well as some cad files.
Thank you

can you post a exploded diagram to show where each part belongs?

Hi Xena, can you drop a email for me that the compressed air supply where can i get it? I mean the "thing" that 2 pipes for pump the compressor air in(sorry for my bad grammar) terence_ciacien@hotmail.com , thx

home depot and lowes both have the compressor gear

do you have a list of the sizes of parts we need?

i printed all the parts but still have not got the rest or even started to build it yet so im unsure on sizes

Hi there, firstly many thanks for uploading this build, Ive been tinkering at it this past 3 weeks and am about to assemble. Regarding your compressed air supply, what did you regulate the pressure to. Im running 6.7bar mains here.

Hey what is the ID of the shroud im in the process of printing this out on my printer but id like to put a clear plastic over the fan incase of rapid unplanned disassembly occurs. I love the model and plan on making my own version at somepoint, as a shaft. Thanks and love for the work you have done.

What size nozzles did you use for the compressed air?


I just increased the nozzle size till it worked. When you print the air jets, pause the print and remove anything that builds up inside the rings.

Hello, Is it possible to have the weight of all 3D elements? Thanks and good job.

It depends on your printer specs.

Can You Provide Assembly Instructions, PLEASE!!!!

Could you please drop me an email: thomasjsanders@outlook.com , does the 3d designs include the fittings for the lines? Thanks

could u sent my an email at gmadurov@gmail.com please and tell my how to print one

Very cool if anyone makes a better one let me know please, cheers.

What kinds of printers is everyone using?

different people - different printers
mine are "up! mini" and "leapfrog creatr"

Hello, i'm Danillo.I'm doin a college work and , if its possible, i wanna know if you can help me and my group with information about the construction of an jet engine. We have an idea about how it ismaded, but we need help with details about the parts and the compressed air. (Brazilian, sorry for any error on the english)

Ive just finished that. and actually it doesnt spin dispite the fact that there are 2 bearing rings in my construction and tonns of lubrikant.
how powerfull was your source of compressed air? mine is 3 liters per second and 8 bars pressure.
sorry for my english, im just a russian student)

Yeahh @all...
I need help :(
I tested to print the big fan without good results :(
Wich options i have to use to print it in a right way - speed etc.
My settings:
Perimeters: 40 mm
small perimeters: 25%
External perimeters: 60%
Infill: 40mm
Solid fill: 50mm
Bridges: 50mm
Travel speed: 75mm
Where is my mistake??
Please contact me : acithaze@gmail.com topic: Jet Engine
or write a comment
Special Thanks

hi, where to feed start and run air line?

hey I am in the process of printing this, and the fan blades are not printing very good, they have a lot of loose filament and warped fins, is there anyway to get a better print of these, I used to work on aircraft in the marine corps, and no even with a plastic engine I don't want any lose fod, and I need tight tolerances, any advice would be great, I am using slic3er and pronterface on a plastibot printer, the bed size is not a problem.

try to change the angle of support material to 60. that helped me alot.

how did you make the clear cover?

can you post a exploded diagram to show where each part belongs?

hello, very impressive! may i ask which program you have used to design this ?

Awesome video. Any chance you could identify where the needed parts go/assembly directions?

Wow, the video was impressive! Glad I could be apart of it!

Is there anyway we could get the rest of the build materials and maybe some info on construction?

Interesting, have you built one?