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Customizable Atom Deluxe (every element preconfigured)

by roman_hegglin Jul 8, 2013
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in the .scad file, it asks for write.scad. where is it? it is not included here.

I'd like to know this, too :)

this would have been so helpful if i had my 3d printer when i was assinged in school to make a 3d bohr modle

Really good idea! I printed 3 of them already, and painted the electrons, the name and the atomic number with black nail polish, now they look even better

Please update the ones that have recently been named.

Don't download this. As beautiful as they are, it's a waste of filament. For no reason, the designer made voids inside the hinge pegs, which for most printers will mean that parts of the hinges will be printed hollow with a 1 layer thick wall in some places. Slice it yourself and look, if you're curious. Just like many other people have commented, the hinges fail and fall to pieces when one tries to rotate them. This design is not fit for purpose until this issue is fixed.

If you don't believe me, click on the image link below. Anyone who successfully prints this is extremely lucky. My printer is very well calibrated, and I scaled the model up by 1.25 to increase strength, and my hinges still failed. This is not a printer problem, or a slicer problem, this is a design problem.

You do know you can print 3d models with 100% infill, right?

Not if there is a void in the model itself. This is not about infill, the joint itself has hollow spaces in the actual design. Have a close look at the STL yourself if you don't believe me.

You are right, I checked it out. You can fix this easily though.

I ended up designing my own from scratch.

I've printed 3 of them already

  • C
  • Fe
  • Li

All of them worked very well, they spin freely.
There are 31 makes of this, so the problem is not in the model man lol

Try another slicer or something

The electrons are rearranged the wrong way

Can you please be a bit more specific? What is the "wrong" way and what is the right one?
If you can provide me a link, I would be able to fix this.

Agreed. I could use these with the correct electron configuration. I am afraid these would only confuse the students more.

Thanks again for some awesome models! Printing some for our chemistry teacher right now. The only critique would be to have models that have dimples for the missing electrons on each sub-level. Like on oxygen, the second ring would have 6 little hills and 2 dimples. This would reinforce student understanding of the number of electrons for each sub-level and would allow them to key in on what atoms bond well with others and why.

The one element i need is copper and thats the only one i need! :(

Is 029_-Cu-_Copper.stl not good for you?

Are you planning on updating these in accordance with the new element names?

I've printed a few of these and I'm having trouble with it turning. Only one of the "dowels" on each ring is printing correctly. The other one doesn't turn well and cracks. Any ideas how to fix that?

Other than that problem, these are great!

What slicer do you use and in what size do you print it?
Can you see any material in the dowels to get to close to each other, is the gap to narrow?

I'm pretty new to the 3D printing world. I have a Polar 3D printer that uses 1.75mm PLA filament, I print at 185 Celsius. I don't even know what a slicer is, I got my printer in Sept. so I've much to learn! The material looks too thick for the opening, there isn't any gap between the dowel and the opening, but only on ONE of the dowel/opening combinations. For example, yesterday I printed out the hydrogen atom. The top turned perfectly, but the bottom was stuck and hard to turn. Instead of turning within the opening, the filament just bent and split a little. Hope that makes sense. I'm making these for my high school Biology class when we tackle organic chemistry. Thank you!

I am trying to print them out but they keep breaking when I try to rotate them. I am using a Makerbot Replicator 2X with ABS and the extruders are heated to 230 degrees while the platform is at 110. Any suggestions?

Comments deleted.

Made the Hydrogen model, PLA, 210 degrees, base plate 105 degrees, Duplicator 4, using Makerbot to prepare the model. Excellent, the centre spins freely. Thanks for posting this, I will try some more...

Made the Hydrogen model, PLA, 210 degrees, base plate 105 degrees, Duplicator 4, using Makerbot to prepare the model. Excellent, the centre spins freely. Thanks for posting this, I will try some more...

Great thing! I haven't printed it yet though. I'll let you know if I have any problems.

how do you make one of these atoms because I am trying to make the atom zinc for a chemistry project?

There are two ways:
Use the Customizer or download zinc here:

Every time I try to customise it, it fails.

What do you mean by "it fails"? What are the parameters you use?

Literally, in the customizer queue it says that the customisation failed, the log that it links to says that some functionality is depreciated.

What parameters do you use? I will try it first with the customizer and then on my local machine.
I noticed that the customizer is really slow right now... can't even render a preview.

I have pre-rendered all elements with the default setting. You can download them here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:114247/#files

Customizable Atom Deluxe (every element preconfigured)

Silver with default settings.

Thanks for the help.

You should take it of the build platform and with just a little force (if any at all) it will rotate. You printer have to be well calibrated.

Quit trying to blame other people for your poor design. The reason the prints fail is because you made the hinge pegs HOLLOW for absolutely no reason. In some places, the walls are 1 layer thick. The pegs are designed to fail, and until you fix this obvious problem with your model, people will keep complaining and wasting their filament, myself being one of those people.

how does it rotate?

You should take it of the build platform and with just a little force (if any at all) it will rotate. Notice: You printer have to be well calibrated.

when I tried to rotate it, it just snapped

You should take it of the build platform and with just a little force (if any at all) it will rotate. What printer do you use and what at temperatures do you print?

What temperature should you print the design at? Mine snapped as well...

185C/50C yellow and black PLA

I printed but it will not rotate any tips? thanks

What printer and what scale do you use? How hot do you print?
Is your printer well calibrated?

What is the little stand that maintain the carbon in place in the first photo?

This is really nice! I tried a couple of prints, but I have problems with the pegs, they are always very sticking and can't manage to make them rotate without breaking... Any suggestions? (I have tried ABS and PLA with 0.2 layer hight, 2 shells and 10% filling) Thanks!

What temperatures do you use for PLA and ABS? Is the printer extruding to much?

the copper is containing
the wrong element

Right. I fixed that. Thanks for your note.

anyone use rare earth magnets for each of the electrons in the shells? Maybe drill a hole put a properly sized magnet in and reverse them every other magnet. that might produce some interesting visual effects for fun :D

This is a really great project! Thanks for posting it on Thingiverse.

I attempted to print cobalt with the Velleman k8200, but when it moved from the outer ring to the next one in, the nozzle didn't lower, and the extrusion went everywhere! Any suggestions?

hey what settings did you use with slic3r?
my prints always seem to accidentally bond the two parts together so it doesnt turn

i would love to print this but every time i slice it (slic3r) i get this:

<slic3r> Warning: The input file contains a hole near edge 65.112503,74.133797,1.625000-70.040253,75.000000,2.491205 (not manifold). You might want to repair it and retry, or to check the resulting G-code before printing anyway.

<slic3r> => Processing triangulated mesh

<slic3r> The model has overlapping or self-intersecting facets. I tried to repair it, however you might want to check the results or repair the input file and retry.

This then messes up all the axis for rotation, any suggestions???????</slic3r></slic3r></slic3r>

What version of slic3r do you use? Do you use it stanalone or with repetier?
And what files did you try?

I'm using 0.9.9 with repetier, i tried uranium and gold, figured those are some of the best

I'm using 0.9.9 with repetier and i tried the uranium and gold,figured those were some of the best

Beginners should definitely try this - it's an easy print and an addictive gadget! I've printed multiple atoms with no failures on a dual-head Makerbot Replicator with Makerware on the default high-resolution settings.

Hey Roman
I tried to make a carbon atom with braille but the braille is floating with some space in between it and the plate so its not sticking when printing!
Also you should increase the size to h=8 as you did with the multiplication table. Keep designing awesome stuff!!!

Did that and created a new thing:
Braille optimized Customizable Atom Deluxe (every element preconfigured)

Braille optimized Customizable Atom Deluxe (every element preconfigured)

awesome, I will print that for sure!

im trying to figure out why it wont let me open it in AutoCAD mac...

AFAIK, AutoCAD can't open STL directly. Try to open the SCAD with OpenSCAD and to export it as a DXF file.

I really want to print this on my MendelMax but when slicing with Slic3r it only codes for half the object and leaves out the rest...

What Atom do you try to print and what version of Slic3r do you use? I also use Slic3er (as part of Repetier-Host) and it works perfect for me.

I can't find unobtainium on the menu.

Oh my, I missed this one!

Please send me a sample of this special element to analyze! I will it add to the list ASAP! ;)

Thanks! I like it when you like it.

I just love your project, I'm printing a whole bunch of them for a science exhibition where we will be taking out 3d printers and I'm using the CPK color code. I used Makerware, Cura and Replicator G for the slicing and had no problems at all, and I'm printing in PLA and ABS. Thanks, I'll post pictures asap!

I am curious about your pictures! How many atoms do you plan to print out?

25 up till now, we had huge differences using different PLA, in some the orbitals spinned perfectly, with other brands of filament (same slicer and settings) it got stuck. I'm afraid we won't have time to print many more but maybe we will go for a complete periodic table sooner or later.

All elements arranged like on the periodic table, that would be awesome!

cool, im trying to do a ball and socket design for a cheap robot limb. I wonder if I could make this work as a robot limb. looks cool.

Anyone using Repetier-Host 0.90c? I cannot slice the .stl because two of the rings have normals that are 'not oriented'. Link to the .stl from customizer: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:122903http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Molybdenum Gimbal
by smock13

I sliced your stl with Repetier-Host 0.85 and 0.90c and it worked without problems. Does the 'not oriented-message appears during the import and checking or during the slicing?

Now That's what I'm talking about!

Dude, this is so AWESOME!!!

Awesome. Thanks for making extending this. They look great.

Thanks! It was your Gold Atom that inspired me to do this customizable version!

Very neat - can't wait to print one.

A couple of minor typos
"Si":Sulfur Si(16) should be "S"
"Tu":Tungsten Tu(74) should be "W"

Thank you, AuntDaisy. You are right!
I modified the script and it should be correkt now.

A beautiful model and neat OpenSCAD coding. Thanks.
My Silicon atom is just waiting for a few friends to bond with...