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Wanhao Duplicator i3 Z-Axis Alignment Posts

by zolan Nov 18, 2015
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Perhaps I'm missing something here, but, I would think you need to align either from the rods below the bed, or the bed, as the motors can be of differing heights. Main concern is making sure the bed is in parallel with the Z, and these supports, based on where placed, could and probably wouldn't actually help in alignment....

You are correct. On my Wanhao, my frame is quite level so it doesn't matter, but if you're is wonky then it certainly wouldn't work for you. As far as I know, I was one of the (or the) first to put up a design like this and then others have long since improved upon it. Feel free to search elsewhere for something that better fits your needs.

I designed this because people were recommending using a small block of wood the same way and this just seemed better and I think this was the first design I ever put on here.

Thank you for the idea. Two Jenga pieces worked just as well :)

Thanks for this, the Z axis on my Powerspec I3 Plus (Powered by Wanhao) was driving my crazy before this...

Glad it helped!! I used to have to use them prior to each print until I did this 'blueprint' of the printer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaroNfMVE4M I'm uncertain if the use of the word blueprint is correct in this case but that is what it is called in the video.

Anyway, there are a few tiny set screws that help keep the rods in alignment with each other. I can't even recall the last time I had to use my set of these. I strongly recommend taking some time to go through that video as it has made a drastic improvement in my print quality and my sanity.

Just an FYI, I followed the video instructions and hopefully, with your Alignment Posts, I'll be good for a while.

Thanks again!

Excellent! Happy Printing!

Actually, that's next on my list (last few days of my vacation). ;)

I just want to be sure I understand before I print. So Print the object laying down on its side, parallel with the y-axis?

Thank you very much for the design!

Print them standing up. I've heard using a raft is helpful for compensating for calibration problems. You essentially don't want to print one on the left and one on the right of the bed because if your Z axis is wonky it may make one slightly taller than the other.

I don't recall what I put in the instructions but they should have the same spot on the X axis and have different spots on the Y axis.

There is also a customizer version in the description that might work a little better for you. They are a bit shorter so you don't have to raise your Z axis as much to level it. Either of them work fine though.

I had been using my phone for this until I accidentally moved Z -10 in jog controls on S3D. Safe to say disposable plastic is a cheaper alternative to a cracked screen. Thanks for these.

Yikes!!! Glad to be of assistance.

I've been using your posts for months and just found out that one of my printers doesn't have the stepper blocks at the same height which then throws off the x-axis and the build plate ....
Instead it would be better to level it to the y-rods using something like this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1374915

Dual Z-axis alignment bars

Yeah, I noticed a while back that one of my motors was like 1.5mm higher than the other. I was too lazy to blueprint my printer and get everything aligned perfectly so I just give the shorter one a little twist backward. I almost never need to use the posts anymore though. After tightening everything up it almost never gets out of alignment anymore.

Printed these because in my excitement of unboxing and setting up I forgot to plug in the right hand stepper motor! I didnt realise until the left had moved up about 30mm....

These printed perfectly and I had fixed the issue in second!

Glad they helped!!

I have the duplicator i3 also, when you say you should be able to turn one leadscrew and the other turns also, do you mean for both up and down?. If I turn one in the down direction the other side will move in sync, if I try to raise Z by turning one, only that side moves up and the axis does not keep level.

Trying to confirm if I need to go through all the calibration steps as my prints look fine (to me). Thanks!

Hey, So mine seems to work the same as yours. Prior to following Jetguy's video when I would screw one either way, the other would not move. Now when I screw one down, the other moves but it doesn't move much when screwing up.

That part of the process, however, is just to help make it so you don't have to calibrate the Z axis nearly as often. Sounds like yours is fine.

Just use these every once in a while to make sure it is still aligned and you should be good to go.

Thanks - I appreciate taking the time to respond. I plan to print these tonight!
(Maybe one day I will be done printing things to fix/improve this printer and can get to the fun stuff ! )

lol yeah. Hell, I'm still finding small tweaks for my printer. For me, that is part of the fun of it all.

By the way, I have noticed one thing on my printer. The place that I rest the posts are not totally even. For some reason one is 0.5 mm higher than the other.

In the long run, it doesn't matter as the most important part is your bed being level with the x axis bar so these alignment posts get you close enough. I just thought it was odd.

When I level mine, I now give the right side a quarter twist to compensate as I was noticing I had to tighten the leveling screws more on the right than the left (which is how I came to realize they were separate different).

Anyway, that is just informational for anyone who happens to read this.

As has been said, great idea. But what if the frame itself isn't the same height on both sides?

Great point. I have a customized version here. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1241496

If you can figure out the precise difference, you could use it to build one at one height and one at the other height.

You can flip the settings around so that it only makes one post and doesn't make a holder.

Hope that works for you.

Z Axis Alignment Posts
by zolan

Another thought - why not move up the Z axis till near the top and measure against that? The top is one piece, so it's more likely to be straight, I'd think?

That would certainly work. I personally wouldn't do that because I'm horribly impatient and waiting for the head to go all the way up and then all the way back down might literally kill me. :D

Also I've recently found that getting the bar level is more of a grenade thing. If you get it close enough it should be fine. The extra important part is making sure the bed is level with the bar. It is just better practice having the axis as level as you can before leveling the bed.

I've gotten to the point that once I've used my posts to level the axis I raise the right one a quarter turn to offset the slight difference in height. It is not exact but my prints come out looking amazing anyway.


It looks like someone took the same idea and made it for a different i3 printer. So if this Wanhao one won't work for you it might. I'm planning on releasing a new version over the weekend that is totally configurable but in the mean time you can see the other one here. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1207696

prusa i3 Zonestar p802 z leveing tool

This is a great item thank you!

You are welcome!

I created a holder for these posts, but am out of PLA at the moment so it is not printed yet. In any case, here it is. Hope that you don't mind me posting it here in your comments. If so I'd be happy to remove it.

WanHao Duplicator i3 Z-Axis Alignment Post Holder

I have actually been considering making an openscad version so people can customize it and make it work for more than just the Duplicator i3 If you don't mind I will also make a holder for it based on your design.

Got for it!! If we all share, we will all benefit going forward! I am totally happy to inspire others and I hope to continue to be inspired.

We need more humans like you in the world.

Not at all. I kept meaning to make a holder as I have to hunt for mine each time... Thanks for doing it!

Thank you for this!!! When I saw it I felt so stupid for not thinking of it myself! I was going to try hanging a bubble level on hooks till I saw this. So simple and worked so perfectly!

Glad to hear it!

what a great idea. it will save a lot of time instead of using the calipers.

Totally. When it comes to brilliantly dumb ideas I'm your idiot! :D

This really helped me fix what turned out to be pretty large misalignment!

That makes me very happy. Thanks for sharing!

You are welcome.

For full disclosure, I came up with the idea based on a comment on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBEEquE68UM where someone named 'animateclay' recommended using a wooden block on one side, then the other instead of a ruler and your eyes.

When I got my 3D printer a few days ago mine were way off and I'm still not sure if that was a one-time situation or if they slowly get unaligned after time. I did notice that when I went to use my posts for the first time the alignment was off just slightly. I think that is just because, as that person's comment implies, just doing it by ruler and your eyes isn't very accurate.