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Wip: Tiny articulated bot

by bq3D Nov 17, 2015
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I tried two times to print it but both of the times the head felt down while printing. Sooooo bad :-(

10%infill is too less for an articulated model in my opinion. The head popped right off when breaking off internal supports, even when I tried being extremely gentle. I believe 20% should be much better and prevent model breakage.
Also the tolerance for hands is too much and they do not remain attached to arms. I'm printing on CR-10S which usually spits out perfect prints.
Not bashing here, the model is great. Just needs a bit more infill and an alternate version with tighter tolerances(shabbier printers might still need the current tolerance values).

Neat little bot. My kids love them (I printed 2). Printed the extra support model perfectly at .2 mm layer height, 4 walls, 3 top and bottom and 10% infill on my Ender 3 with MicroSwiss hotend using Amolen color-changing PLA. They don't stand up very solidly and it was frankly terrifying to crack the neck joint loose but, as my kids say, "They're SO CUUUTE!"

Please post a link with the separated head, bc the head messed up

Comments deleted.

a Blender file, thank you :)

great model but why do none of their hands stay on?

Ugh I just noticed that. Right arm connection to the joint didn’t print correctly so it is detached. Everything else (so far, as it is not yet done printing) seems okay.

Just have to say wow, and thanks! Did not think could print an articulated object in a single piece, but holy cow it works. Granted, the joints are loose as others have said, but come on people, that fact that you can do this at all is blowing my mind.

I saw this robot and i think i want to make it!
Around how big would it print 100% scale?
Also, does anyone know how long it would take at that size?
Thank you!

Cute design, but I've tried printing twice and the head keeps getting knocked off before the print is done. Any tips?

Great little model and really interesting to watch the print process to see how the joints and pieces are built. Thanks for creating and sharing.

An adorable model! I've printed it a few times and the main problem I still haven't gotten around is this:
the legs are ALWAYS too difficult to free and end up snapping, even at higher infill (head is tough too, but more forgiving of force).
Any tips? I frequently have trouble with bottom layers being fused, so any pointers might solve some of my other tough prints. Thanks.

There are to files that can be printed, but I was wondering what is the difference between the two?

  1. wiprobotito.stl
  2. wip_moresupports.stl

I've tried a first print and it came out perfect. However, I have used 100% infill and the bot can only maintain a sitting position. I think this is my mistake with the 100% infill as it had two side effects it seems:

  • Bot is too heavy, it won't stand on its feet.
  • Arms are not holding in position when let's say you lift them in the air or some other positions.

I will attempt the file #2 (wip_more_supports) and follow the 10% infill this time, to see the difference.

P.S. This is really cool design, well done. I like that even the hands are articulated! Impressive.

I looked at the layer view on Cura and didn't see any difference between the two files.

Hi LordJosmar,

This can be due to several resons. We would love to help you if you send us some pictures of the problem to the e-mail soporte3d@bq.com

BQ team

My first attempt at making this resulted in both hands falling off, one arm falling off while the other is misshapen near the body, and the top half of the head is a complete mess. I did it without supports since it said it didn't matter if it had any. I'm going to try it again when I have more time with supports to see if that helps. Both feet, legs, and the body turned out fine. Did feel like the leg and arm joints are too loose to get them to stand up or pose how they are in the pictures. Not sure if supports will help or hinder, but I will find out.

The only downside is that when it was done, the hands would fall off. Any solution for this?

No idea. I throw his hands out tho. I couldn't get them to stay in place. I thought about glueing them in tho

This is great, and it printed nicely. The only downside is that the top of the arms and legs are so thin that they break easily.

What i did is make it larger to make the arms stronger

Tried to make.printer keeps on hitting head and breaking it, any tips?

I am having a problem of the printer hitting the head then making it collapse any tips??

This may or may not be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Has anyone made any hats for this thing, I want to set up a few with different accessories.

And does anyone know the smallest this can go? I want to make a tiny army if I can.


I have a remix suggestion for you. In the fashion of this bot, you should remake the Baby Groot by StealthViper. I'm sure people would go crazy for it.


Baby Groot

That sound awesome, now all I need in either wood filament or brown filament.

I will also put the following into the made section. But not everyone is reading there.
1st try:
w/o raft the "jaw" didn't work, because the support moved. Therefore I think it needs at least to be printed with brim. Hands felt off
Settings: ANET A8, 80mm/s, 95% flowrate, .2 layer, 10% infill

2nd try:
w/ raft the support worked as intended. Hands felt off, legs are very loose, head support only broke after I used a screwdriver at its "jaw" and pulled it to the top of the head. (Yes, the robot said it hurts ;) Anyway it wanted to move its head... It's not sure about what I should do with its lost hands)
Settings: ANET A8, 80mm/s, 96% flowrate, .2 layer, 10% infill, raft

3rd try is still printing. I changed the flowrate back to 100% now. Usually I have problems with fused parts, that's why I lower the flowrate to somewhat between 95%-98%. Also I made some changes to the raft, as it was difficult to remove. But that's not an issue of this model :)

The hands of the 3rd try are in place and don't fall off.

about printing the robot

I just started printing the robot I am so excited

Please answer! Do the heads move?

Yes, he head moves. When you print it, you have to turn the head to the side. Then the head is enabled to move.

SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE these little robots!!!!They are so adorable!!!!I I picked it to be printed.Its going to be 3d printed in a machine.They said it would be done in a couple of days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this robot!!!!!!!!!

this thing is pretty neat looking, i might give it a go, i am just starting out learning all of this and am super excited!

You said that 10 times

Hey,that is the same with me!Though I have some expeireance because I code games

this thing is pretty neat looking, i might give it a go, i am just starting out learning all of this and am super excited!

Comments deleted.

this thing is pretty neat looking, i might give it a go, i am just starting out learning all of this and am super excited!

this thing is pretty neat looking, i might give it a go, i am just starting out learning all of this and am super excited!

this thing is pretty neat looking, i might give it a go, i am just starting out learning all of this and am super excited!

this thing is pretty neat looking, i might give it a go, i am just starting out learning all of this and am super excited!

this thing is pretty neat looking, i might give it a go, i am just starting out learning all of this and am super excited!

this thing is pretty neat looking, i might give it a go, i am just starting out learning all of this and am super excited!

this thing is pretty neat looking, i might give it a go, i am just starting out learning all of this and am super excited!

this thing is pretty neat looking, i might give it a go, i am just starting out learning all of this and am super excited!

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You know you said that 5 times

Printed it last night on my Prusa i3 with 15% infill at .1 Resolution, turned out great! All the pieces move without fall off. I used a raft to help the hands stay in place, other than that there were no problems, and its super fun to play with.

Comments deleted.

the robot is cute but the head is messed up which effected the arms which caused them to snap :(

Comments deleted.

Me encanta este robot es tan lindo, pero la cabeza es un poco desordenado

Comments deleted.

how do you make it move?:(

The cutest! Printed no problem on my Qidi Tech X-one, I used it as a test to put it through its paces since I just got the thing. Just a couple of little flaws in the face, but all the articulations worked just fine and no problems with the little hands, fingers etc. I did print the one with the extra chin support just to be sure.

OMG that is extremely cute!

The design is very cute but we couldn't print it. Every time, the head fell.

I have printed this thing at 100% scale and at 60%. All the joints are so lose and dangly. The 60% scaled down and 10% infill is too fragile and the head broke off. The hands also fall off very easily. It seems like this is another very poorly designed item not specifically designed to be printed.

Check your settings, I printed this model with the same scales you did and the joints came out fine.

Sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The robot looks very cute but while the printer making the middle layer of the head,two side of the out part layer will tilt upward because of the weight of the front of it's head.It makes every time when the nozzle go to that spot,it put that spot downward but oppositely upward the front of it's head so the support under it's face and it's head separate.In that time it's head and the middle part haven't link together yet so that when the spot between the support and it's head broke out,it's head fall down and the whole things was fail.
Can you fix this problem otherwise i must look at it and prune it's over things produced to make sure the spot of it won't get over height and make it's head fall down again,thx~

When I made it multiple parts broke off including the head and an arm

Great! This little robot is very nice! Use a cooling fan. Calibration of your bed is vital. I used PLA on top of the blue masking tape with a layer of hairspray. After printing I pried it off the tape and use a small screw driver to wiggle the appendages, this "broke" them loose and they was able to move. I then pried under the head as well and it then moved as intended and does not come off. Very very nice design! I will add pictures later.

This model will really test your printers ability to do pointed overhangs without curling. Will have to try it again in the future once I get my printer tuned a bit more, and maybe add a cooling fan.

I use a makerbot 5th generation, what settings should i use for printing this??

Comments deleted.

e intentado imprimirlo en varias ocasiones ytodas ellas cuando llego a la cebeza esta se desmonta del cuerpo porque se le parte el soporte alguna sujerencia?
pla esun
capa 0.2
extrusor 210
cama 70
vel 50

What a great design!! Not only I love the way it looks, but also I find really ingenous how the joints are designed so that the robot is articulated straight out of the printer bed. With the intention to provide constructive comments, I had some rouble printing it associated to warping, mainly as it prints the chin, beacuse as it approaches the back of the head is prints very thin tips with high overhangs. I understand that it would not work with the support option with Cura, so I would suggest that you checkout the supports that you can add with meshmixer, I thing they could help during the print process.

Me encanta el robot! Me parece superingeniosa la manera de implementar las articulaciones!

I, too, had trouble printing with regard to warping. As it started on the chin, the lack of support allowed the PLA filament to warp upward, and then the extruder head simply knocked the head off...so sad. Fortunately, the rest of the body and limbs printed well enough that I think I can design/print a separate head and just glue it on.

hi i am new to 3d printing. and i came across this thing and thought it would be a good idea for me to print. so i printed this as my 4th print at 10% infill with .1mm layers at 75% scale. it turned out quite nicely the head section went perfect there is just some cleanup to do. this was a great cute little print and i plan to print a few more.

i only have one question. do the hands move? just curious

Comments deleted.

I am printing this off at full scale on a RepRap Prusa i3 with Hatchbox white ABS filament. The first time i printed this it "finished" but the face had fallen off and it was spaghetti, that was at 35% infill. I tried again with 50% infill and the face fell off and i caught it before it finished and stopped it. Anybody else have this issue or have any solutions??? This'd be really neat to fully print and have print correctly!!!

I am now going to try rotating it onto it's back and putting supports to the board.

How did it go? I'm having the same problem with 10% infil, 0.2 layers in PLA as bqLabs suggests. The head section begins to curl up at around 30mm /73% into the print and eventually gets knocked off by my hot end despite running my cooling fan at full speed. I may have a third go and slow the print speed at this stage.


How do you make it stand up

I have tried four times to print this, but every time the head gets knocked off. The edges of the head start to curl up, and eventually they are hit by the extruder and the head comes off. It prints up to about the top of the eyes before this happens. I have tried raising the temperature slightly because I read that low temps can cause curling, but that did not fix the issue. Has anyone else had this problem?

Yes - see my question to Captain_Zeta above. Glad is isn't just me but there are so many 'makes' of this thing that there MUST be a solution to this problem.


I think I found a solution for this. I scaled it down to like 60%, and I have printed it twice without any issues. Maybe this would work for you?

Thank you.That seems to have done the trick along with slowing things down to 50% of my normal print speed once the print got to the 70% done point. (I also put two on the print bed in order to give an extra bit of cooling time although I did have my cooling fan switched on).
My pair of 60% sized Wips are still being printed but, (fingers crossed), I think that I have gone past the problem point. I may well try another full sized print but at a much slower print speed although I am not too keen on the potential to waste yet more filament.

Thank you for your input,


Post Print Edit
Ho humm! I found the limbs/articulated parts were too fragile to break away and move at this size so I am going to have another go at 100% but slower print speed. (The legs, arms and hands worked well on the three quarters printed things which I produced yesterday!).

1st Attempt: The edges started to curl up at the front of the feed during the printing of the first few layers so I had to stop the print. I turned up the temperature slightly, and slowed down the travel speed. Fingers crossed for my second attempt. :-)

2nd Attempt: I replaced the painters tape that I'm printing on, plus the above adjustments. The back of the legs on the first few layers began to curl up anyway, so I stopped the print again. I'm fairly new at this, so I'm not sure why this is happening or how to correct it.

3rd Attempt: It was about 65% completed when the head portion fell over. Before that, every time the extruder tip moved over the head portion it would rock forward and back from the pressure of the extruder laying down a bead of plastic. The head portion was pivoting on the support piece under the chin. The whole head section seemed like it was loose from the start. The rocking forward and back motion weakened the chin support piece and pulled it up off the build plate. Not sure what adjustments to make for attempt number 4.

Did you make any further progress as I have the same issue.


Alan, I finally had a successful print...I think. I'm not sure if the head is supposed to fully detach from the body, but min has. So it looks like it's finished correctly, but I suspect it's not, actually. I finally just moved on to other prints. Such a cute print, but very problematic for me.

Hmmm! What were your final adjustments as you were not sure what to use for attempt number 4.
Thank you for the response.


Mi novia dice que como puede transmitir tanta ternura un trozo de plástico. xD Creo que nunca le regalé algo que le gustara tanto jajajaja.

Jaja. Es genial!!! Me alegra mucho que le haya gustado : D

If i scale this up to my max build which is like 2.10 in cura, would I need to add supports for the heat? i'm wondering if they'll break away properly.

I think you add more supporters is not required. you can choose the file : wip_moresupports.stl
it is possible that this strong to break, but I think you can get : ) please tell us about it

Love this, one of the best things I've printed. I especially like the fact it's articulated straight from the bed. I just need a black marker to make his eyes stand out. The only issue I had was on the first print, I carelessly detached the hands when I took it off the bed (but that's more than likely just me being particularly rough and impatient taking it off). Second print worked fine, when I was more careful with prying it off the bed.

Glad you like it! Don't forget to post some Made it photos


I've tried to print this multiple times, but for some reason it keeps failing halfway through the head. The back of the head peels upwards slightly before it can completely wrap around the back, and then my printer gets miscalibrated and makes the rest of the head look like spaghetti. Is there any way to prevent this? I am using a Wanhao Duplicator i3 with a heated bed.

Pics: http://i.imgur.com/s6UZW8G.jpg , http://i.imgur.com/n4KLV6g.jpg

I'm using the same printer to print this, using Repetier slicing with the cura engine. Doesn't throw up any issues for me. I think I'm using default settings too.

50mm print speed,
10% infill

thx i will definently try that! first time i printed, the eyes messed the whole thing up, they curled and the extruder got stuck wich caused the whole print to fall over.

What Material and what Slicer with what options are you using (infill, speed, temp, etc)?

Tried once with PLA from PolyMakr, and once with PolyWood from PolyMakr. I'm using Cura with these settings: http://i.imgur.com/VGhLG19.png (Used 210 degrees for the PolyWood, per the packaging's instructions)

My wife loves him. First try on my da Vinci Jr. Proof of concept was perfect. Took a couple of moments to pry this or that and once all the pieces were free he worked liked a champ. She loves to hold his head, shake him, then slowly lower him to see what pose he will take. Great fun. Thank you so much for your hard work. Oops... Printed in PLA with no changes at all to default settings. Worked Great! Thanks again.

iammyb, did you use a raft for this print on your Jr, or did you just use tape and some glue?

I wanted one of these so bad I ended up going through two failures (poor printer configuration on my behalf, not a design problem) and my third try was successful. My wife loves it! Now I'm jealous that she has one and I don't so I will be printing another one for myself. :D

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks. This is an amazing design!!!

For anyone else who might have similar problems to me, my two major problems were; my temperature being too low which eventually caused a layer to separate from another layer and chaos ensued. my printer was set slightly too fast so it was getting sloppy and running into the print which due to the aforementioned layer adhesion problem would cause the layers to split and it would turn into a big mess.

First print went well. Trying to make it stand up on its own is a bit hard to do. It likes to just sit down...

Great design, though the hands fell off :-( I ended up printing replacement hands at 105% and they snapped in firmly and stay connected. It could be my machine, but it was an easy fix. Printed in PLA on a Maker Bot R2, .3mm layers with 15% infill.

Mr_Tim34, Hi I have the same problem: the hands won't fit in place and fall off. I'd like to scale up just the hands like you did but don't see a way to separate them from the .STL files. Can you let me know how you were able to do that or somehow provide me with just the hands as both of my prints of this cool design are essentially useless without them, Thanks!

Nevermind dude - figured it out using Netfabb Basic

BTW- on a Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen and Replicator 2, using a scale up of 103% for the hands within makerware works best.

what a cute robot! Thx share it!

Printed in PLA with the recomended parameters. No problems at all.
Hands come out easily. Maybe a little more big holding pins are needed ?

PD.: Congrats Sonia, .... again :D

Thank you for your words. I'll be happy to see small print wip :)

Nice design. I am afraid inner supports under head didn't work for me well (very weak spot tends to tore away inside, print is lost). I will try it one more time. (Simplify3D, Printrbot Simple Metal, 0.2mm layers, 15% infill.)

No way, my 2nd attempt also failed: inner supports (intended for later abruption) torn during printing. I intercede for a revision, if I am not not alone. ;)

I uploaded a file with more neck support: "wip_more_support.stl"
Anyway, I recommend to print the original file "robotito.stl"

I hope you get print : )

The chin support doesn't quite reach the platform (0.2mm too short). As a workaround, @tomulinek, you can cut off the bottom 0.2mm and it should work.

I updated files and have rectified the 0.2mm. Thank you for notify it

Thank you for sharing. Another amazing model.

Thank you for a quick response, I will try it. My 3ys old girl loves printed robots. ;) EDIT: Did not work for me (low temp PLA) – it tore away on the plate under internal suports.

Absolutely awesome. Will be printing on my Witbox this weekend

Very cool I have to print this tonight!

Clever print in place design. My compliments to Sonia.