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3D Catan Pieces Variation

by jamesjmtaylor Nov 15, 2015
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I love these pieces, but I printed the two mountain Hexes and when I came to check on them I saw that Helens had printed correctly, but Rainier was hollow between the base and the mountain. I went back and saw that it actually showed up that way in the preview. There were also a couple spots where I could see into the hollow part from the outside in the preview. I use Simplify3D with .1mm layer height and 30% infill. I've attached some photos of the one I printed. The mountain and the base both printed fine, but the junction between them seemed to be the problem. even at 100% infill on my slicer it showed this gap.

I'm also seeing the same problem beneath the tent on the two sheep tiles. The tent actually floats above the the tile in the preview.

I don't know if someone asked already, but did I miss the desert tile? I'm so excited to print myself a set. Also, water tiles?

I was overall very impressed with your design. Although I received only one wheat field type so that was a bit of a let-down, but all of the tiles were very detailed and my family loves it!

Comments deleted.

I'm looking at printing the forest tile with the stream running through it and there seem to be some strange artifacts (at least in the file, haven't actually printed it yet). There are a number of round balls along either side of the stream that I think aren't meant to be there(?). I don't see them in the photo of the print you created.

For example, at the upstream end of the stream, there are two freestanding pine trees on one bank of the river. When you look at the model, those pine trees are embedded into big balls but I can see in your photo that they didn't actually print (at least for you).

Anybody else seeing this? Should I just print it and see what actually comes out? It's kind of a long print for me though so I'm reluctant to just give it a go if it's a waste of time/filament.


No reply yet from jamesjmtaylor unfortunately - he may be away currently as his previous reply was pretty quick. In looking at photos of other makes, I see that many people also have those strange extra balls blobbed on to some of their trees along the stream. So clearly the uploaded file has this issue, but I can see in the photos of the original that they are not there.

Very nice! I like the idea of having some variations in the tiles. I'm partway through printing the standard set and I'm going to incorporate these into it. I like the painting you've done too - gives me ideas for how to paint mine. I wouldn't have thought of having autumn foliage for some of the forest tiles.

For the brick tiles - while it seems more realistic to just have the red color in the excavation area and the rest of the tile green, do you find it becomes hard to distinguish it from the sheep tiles during gameplay? I'm torn whether I want to paint mine like yours or if I would leave it mostly red and just paint the little bushes.

Thanks for the compliment! I haven't had issues distinguishing the clay tiles from the sheep tiles, but if you do find that you have trouble you can always just paint over the green with red afterwards.

do these exist with a thicker base? mine are curling up.

Did any one have trouble with their tiles warping? I've printed a dozen and most of them have warped after spray painting them.

I might try adding a 5mm hex base underneath.

did you do this? i have the same problem and really need a thicker base.

I scrapped what I had and printed the magnetic version #1238980. I have most printed, but haven't painted them yet

Much appreciated. My friends are going to love playing on this new board. Great work sir!

These looks great. Getting ready to print a set myself. I just got the 5-6 expansion. What are you doing for the boarder pieces? The expansion comes with a couple little extension pieces.

I just use the port tiles and extensions that came with the original game and it's 5-6 player expansion. They fit pretty well with these tiles actually. There are several examples of printed port tiles on thingiverse if you want to go all-in on printed pieces though.

How do you get such intricate color? Do you 3d print it like that or do you paint it on after. Probably a really dumb question but I'm a novice. Thanks! Also what software do you use to make these pieces? I mainly use inventor but it seems like it doesn't have enough detailed 3d features to make these, especially the forests.

Thanks for the compliment! They're hand painted. I use Blender, which is free (if a little complex), as my 3d modeling software.

Thanks for replying so quickly. I will definitely start learning blender asap. One more thing, what kind of paint did you use for it? I mean is it acrylic or something else, because some paints don't do too well with plastic.

I used acrylic paint on PLA plastic after using flat-black spray paint as a base coat. I'm not sure how it'd do on ABS plastic, but I think you'd be fine.

Cool. Thanks again for your help!

Had some issues with the models in S3d as it would only start infill at layer 10 had to run models through repair.

Nice models thanks for making them. I was too lazy to paint them all but I did do some filament switching mid-print with neat affect. I featured it in my latest episode of my 3d printing journal, you can check out my prints if you want. https://youtu.be/bZoel9alcLc

Awesome video series man, thanks for featuring my work! Nice idea on the multi-layer prints, the forest stream turned out especially well.

I am printing these out on my MP Mini and it's sure a commitment to get through them all! What a great set! Your painted versions really sell them.

Thanks! Hope you enjoy many years gaming with them!

Fantastic pieces! I have them all printed out except the desert tile.
I didn't see the desert tile on the files. Is it there or did you just use a different tile for it?

You can get the desert tile from JAWongs original hexes at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:26979. I tried to create a remixed desert piece from his desert tile, but the palm trees that I made for an oasis were just too flimsy.

3D Catan Terrain Pieces
by JAWong

Fantastic pieces! I have them all printed out except the desert tile.
I didn't see the desert tile on the files. Is it there or did you just use a different tile for it?

Love the look of this, especially the rainier piece. Sadly can't make it print. I use Simplify3D to slice and even before print i can see in the preview the bottom part being hollow. Any idea what is going wrong here?

Thank you for the great work

Have you scaled it to a smaller size perhaps? Sometimes when the minimum layer height exceeds the calculated thickness of a surface the slicer chooses to ignore that piece. I'd also recommend trying the program Slic3r. That's what I used to slice my models for printing and they came out fine.

Hi James,
thank you for the quick reply. I didn't scale the model and from the first few layers printed I can see the size is fine.
As I use a dual extruder Flashforge printer, I need a little bit of time to setup slic3r. I will comment here when I have tried it

Beautiful work, man. I doubt my printer can match the quality and res of yours, but I am so looking forward to playing with these.

Thanks! To be honest my 3d printer is pretty rustic, so I'm sure your prints will come out fine. Post some pictures once you're done!

They're in the oven right now! Mt St Helens looks good, Wheat looks good, but had a problem with Rainier not printing infill between the base of the moutain and the hexagon platform - I can send screenshots of the slicing if you're curious. Bridging worked ok on that.. but the moutain easily broke off when tweaked by hand. Have you seen any problems with it?

By the way, the sheep couple is hilarious! Well played, sir.

What slicer are you using? Layer height? Infill %? I used slic3r with a .3mm layer height at 20% infill which resulted in some pretty sturdy pieces. Any additional information that you could provide would be helpful for troubleshooting.

I am crazy about these! My husband printed me the original set and I embellished them, but I'm loving these variations... Will definitely be making some for our custom board. :)

Glad you like them! Enjoy!

AWESOME !!! - I love Catan

Im trying to find someone with the files for the frame set, i need something that can be printed on a 8x8ish bed please help

I saw the comments below - I would also love to order a set from you, if you are willing to print them for me!! I would of course pay you for each piece and for shipping. Once your printer is up and working, that is!

Sounds good man! I'll let you know when I've got it back up. Shouldn't be much longer now.

What did you use to paint these? I've never painted a printed part before, but these look so gorgeous I might have to try it.

I just used acrylic modeling paints. I bought mine at Walmart, but you can also get them at Hobby Lobby or any other arts and crafts store.

Thanks! (I'm in Australia so neither of those store names mean anything to me, but I know what to look for now)

how many tiles do you need to print for a 3-4 player board?

How much weight is each 3d printed thing or total weight of them all together

In grams preferably

23 grams for the biggest of the hexes and 17 grams for the smallest. Average them out and multiply them by the total number of tiles and you get about 600 grams total weight.

I don't have access to a 3D printer. Would you be willing to print a set and I would pay for them and paint them myself?

Unfortunately my printer is currently out of commission. I'm expanding the potential build volume, installing a heated bed for ABS prints, and integrating a new printrboard (all recent Christmas presents!). On top of all that my day job has gotten rather hectic recently with an upcoming deadline looming. What you could do is upload the files to a 3d printing company like Shapeways (www.shapeways.com) and pay them to print them. I uploaded the mount Rainier tile out of curiosity and it came out to $24.68. Alternatively if you would remind me in a month or so I would be willing to do them for $3.00 a piece, plus shipping.

OK. I would wait a month. I would be requesting the base + 5-6 expansion = 30 tiles X $3 = $90. I would do that for $100 just for your willingness and effort. Would that be something you would be interested in?

Sounds good! I'll let you know how it goes periodically. We'll work out the details once I've got them all printed.

Ok. Let me know when your printer is up, but don't start printing yet. I might change the amount of hexes needed. Thanks!

Great tiles.
I have downloaded, sliced and printed the Catan tiles in PLA on my XYZprinting Da Vinci Junior.
These prints are used to produce silicone molds
After that I use these molds to make casts in PU.
Work in progress: all files printed, 5 molds ready, 10 casts made

Awesome! From the pictures that you've posted they look like they're coming out quite nicely! I wish you the best of luck.

How much time and money would you estimate did this cost? Did you print this yourself or have a company do it for you?

I printed them myself. Each piece took about 90 minutes to print and involved no more than $0.20 in plastic. Normally I set each piece to print just before I went to bed or just before I went to work and it would be done by the time I got back. After I printed them I would apply a base coat in spray paint and then hand paint them with acrylic modeling paints. That averaged about 20-30 minutes per piece. Overall that means that all the pieces together took about $6 in plastic, 45 hours in print time, and 15 hours of labor in painting.

Great information...do you know how many grams it is per hex, the printer that is in my town charges by grams

I had to do a little math since Repetier Host only provides mm of filament required, so forgive me if I'm off.

There are .002982 grams per mm of filament.
The print requires 7,820 mm (that's for the mountain tiles, other tiles will require less).
Multiply the two and you get about 23 grams for the biggest of the hexes.

The original tiles ended up using 19-22 grams for me, that works out to $0.30/tile using the cheap $15/kg Inland-brand filament from Microcenter.

GREAT idea. Very nice models and beautiful paint job!

These are amazing! I look forward to printing my own set soon.

Thank you! It is a lot of work printing them out and painting them, but its definitely worth it.