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Tardis Transformer V2

by Ellindsey Jul 6, 2013
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This looks incredible. About to start printing as a gift for one of my best friends.

I'm still printing but I already love it so much. I cant say much right now, but how those pieces are designed is so flawless. they print without supports and look amazing. I really look forward to assembling it. I love puzzles.

Wow, this looks AMAZING! My 10yo son is going to enjoy this for a LONG time. Thank you for your contribution!

how nice your robot is,
I thought you might be interested in my project, it's a lamp printer.
what do you say?
thanks bye

How long did it take you to print all of the pieces?

What's the smallest scale I can print this?

Is there any chance you could make a printing plate that compiles the many files into groups? If you could do that, it would be much less tedious to print (at least for me anyways). This looks great and I would love to make this for a friend of mine who loves Doctor Who and Transformers.

This is very smart. Great job!

Any chance we can get a good assembly video? Will make life much easier :)

dude, this is awesome. Everyone I have shown this too didn't realise what a 3d printer could do.

I know i'm late to the T.A.R.D.I.S. Party by like..... a few years, but do you think you could make the Sonic Screwdriver into a transforming Mini-con? I really like the way the gun looks, and i'm curious.....

A sonic screw driver target master? nice idea, I like it!

I don't think 3D printers can print nearly small enough parts for that. I have the Tardis Transformer, and even its transformation is somewhat difficult. Such a small model would be nearly impossible without higher precision parts.

how tall is it put together

I bought one from Ellindsey, so I can tell you is about 8 1/2 inches tall in robot mode and about 4 1/2 inches tall in Tardis mode.

i finished printing it about a month ago lol

well good thing i just got blue
also i got a friend who is a transformers fan and a doctor who fan
i have also never really printed toys on my printer but i just couldnt resist printing this

am I missing something I dont see the separated plates in the files...

does this print well with pla?

All the ones I've made have been in PLA. It can be a little tricky to get the pins to snap into place, depending on how flexible your plastic is, but it can be done.

I'm having a hard time printing the lower left leg. I thought it was my printer but then I noticed in layer view, there was a gap just over halfway up the print causing it to break at that point after printing. is it a corrupt file or just a slicing issue? I'm using mattercontrol for my Rostock Max. Thanks.

I haven't had a problem slicing the parts in Cura. I did create the files in AutoCAD, which is a terrible 3D drawing program that sometimes makes corrupted STL files, so it's possible that there's a problem with the file that Cura is able to handle anyway.

I'm having a really hard time time printing the small details. When I tried to print the antenna, the highest part just became a blobby mess.

I upgraded my firmware to sailfish and installed a cooling fan for the filament. I even got clever and put a couple of extra things in the prints so that the printer head wouldn't spend all of it's time on the same spot on the part.

I finally got it good enough so that the antenna will print acceptably in shape.

It's still nowhere close to good enough to print the head pivot link.

How are people printing these tiny details?

try slowing down your print speed when it gets to that point or print another object in the same file

Hey i really like that print out that blue color just looks so much like the tardis so do you know the color code or maybe where i can get it?

I use the Dark Blue 1.75mm PLA from Inventables, it's their part number 25473-01.

Thank you so much! :)

im trying to make this pop up on 3d view but its just a big yellow blob and lagging really bad any help?

Is there any way that you could make one of these for my nephew? Transforms and Doctor Who are two of his favorite things and this would blow his mind. I wish I had a 3D printer so that I could do it myself.

Is there anyway you could make me one of these and a date one? I saw then and really wanted to buy one and I don't have the money for a 3d printer

Certainly, although it will take a few weeks as I have none on hand and a backlog of work to do with the printer at the moment. Email me at ellindsey@gmail.com and we'll work out the details.

I finally have a 3d printer and this is way high on my list of things I want to print. I should have enough black filament of the sample bit that came with the printer for calibration and small jobs to do the black pieces, and I will hopefully order my first filament in blue, even though it won't be matt smith tardis blue. I am just blown away by this design and work every time I see it.

Hi, it's my first time here, and I don't have access to a 3D printer. This thing is awesome and perfect for a gift I'd like to give. How would I go about having one printed and delivered? Thanks!

I can print one and sens it to you, although it'll take a few weeks as I have a backlog of work to do with the printer at the moment. Email me at ellindsey@gmail.com and we'll work something out.

I know Doctor who, i love it!

I must be missing something, but I can't find the files that have all the pieces plated? Did they get removed. Not a huge deal, just looking for convenience.
Thanks for the coolest model, and your sequel the Dalek transformer. My daughter will be so happy.

I'm having a hard time finding a good navy colored filament for this. What did you use?

Dark Blue PLA from Inventibles.

Awesome job made one for my lab and one for my cousin now everybody wants one lol. Making myself a glow in the dark blue one now

how long does this take to print on average?

I can make one of these in about 14 hours of total print time. It could probably be done faster, but I'm running with settings tuned more for detail quality and print reliability than speed.

I am having issues printing the feet. The connection joint starts printing separate from the rest of the foot. About 20% into the print, before the two parts are joined, the connection joint separates from the print bed. I have tried printing with a raft, but that doesn't help. Any suggestions?

The feet can be tricky to print, they're made from two parts with a harsh overhang between and the small bit breaks free easily. I usually deal with this by making sure I have really good adhesion to the bed. I have added a version of the left and right foot that has supporting material added under that part. You'll have to cut the added material away after printing, but it should help you get a successful print.

im having no issues with the feet i dont even have a brim or raft

Clever design! I had a go at printing myself. Lots of failed prints of left/right foot and hipplate - the outer edge of hole collapsed. I was going to try adding a thin 1 or 2 wall support inside the drill hole so that it keeps shape. Hopefully will easily drill it out while cleaning the parts.

Hmm, everything is assembled, although the locking tabs on one shoulder broke (firing up the printer now to reprint replacements for the entire shoulder).

Trying it out in total, nearly all the joints are extremely loose for me, making it a challenge to get the figure to stand, let alone pose. Does anyone have tips for adjusting the joints after the fact, rather than printing out new pins? (tape? glue? sanding?)

Also, for silly reasons, I'm waiting a few days before posting pictures and other goodies.

Thanks again for the awesome design!

Great design!

The only recommend I have for helping people get started (as I'm doing right now), is to create an "all_white_parts.stl" and "all_red_parts,stl", even though best I can tell, they'd just be copies of the abdomen and bowtie. :)

This thing is awesome. It would be great, however, if the parts were marked by color. The all_$color_parts.stl files are great, but the all_blue_parts.stl is a bit too big for the Replicator platform. Relatively, though, these are just nitpicks -- thanks.

Done, since I was re-uploading all the parts anyway I renamed them. Also split the blue parts into two trays.

Why is this not called Optimus Time?!

Because the T-shirt artwork that inspired it was labeled Tardis Prime. If I ever get around to doing the time-travelling Delorean transformer I'll call that one Optimus Time.

please make soon

I'm printing 2 more copies and have noticed that when the model is in Tardis form the leg pins make it so it doesn't quite stay together at the bottom. I think I'm going to pull out my heat gun and slightly twist the upper leg pins so it will look a little better closed.

Here's a photo of the problem I'm talking about http://thingiverse-production.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/5d/8d/d6/77/2a/100_6576.JPGhttp://thingiverse-production....

I'm partway through printing/assembly, and I'm seeing the same problem. However, I'm quite certain that it's because "midback" is colliding with the feet, pushing them sideways and thus creating the gap. I'm going to try tacking some chunks out of the feet with a flush-cutter to see if it fixes the problem.

Yep, there was a slight interference issue. I've just uploaded new files which correct it.

I've seen that on a few of the earlier ones I printed out, but it seemed to go away when I moved to a 0.35mm nozzle and tightened up the mechanics of my printer. I'm not completely sure what causes it or why it only appears sometimes. I am working on a set of minor changes and tweaks to the design and will try a slight adjustment to the angle of the socket in the leg piece to see if that helps.

I printed out the abdomen in two different colors of plastic. The white plastic shows no sign of separation, however the transparent always seems to show some separation. It may just be an anomaly with the plastic I've been using. At any rate the most recent one I printed out is nearly perfect.

i have had trouble with transparent too but not on this print just in general

i dont have a 3d printer nor have i made this but it looks amazing (hopefully getting my printer soon :D) and have you considered ball joints for connecting the arms and legs like they do on lego bionicals if you know what i mean it may give a smoother movement and be allot more flexible in the way it moves. thanks for uploading this it will be the first thing i print :D

Ball joints are tricky. I haven't yet managed to make ball joints that allow easy movement yet hold their position against gravity. The shoulder joints on this are already ball joints, but if I used ball joints for the hips I'd just end up with a model that wouldn't be able to stand upright on its own. I decided it was better to have a model that could stand even if it meant the legs were less flexible.

you should make megatron + dalek= dalektron the dalekcons

I've considered a Dalek transformer. Maybe if I get some time and inspiration at some point I will.

Just finished printing and assembling this, and it's 50 shades of awesome! I scaled it up by 50%, and there's very little friction in the joints.

I printed arms and the fist and it's not an easy slide in like you mentioned. I didn't change the sizes either but it cracked when i tried to forcefully slide it in. i printed the all the white series and individually printing each blue piece because the blue set wouldn't fit. Could that be the reason?

I'm seeing something very similar, but I'm now downloading the thinner hands to see if they work out.

Hmm, would it be too wasteful to include the thinner hands in the all_grey_parts model?

I don't know if printing the pieces individually versus in batches is going to make a difference. I did make a minor change to the arm insert geometry to make the pieces not slide quite as easily, they still fit in on my printed parts but depending on your printer it might be too tight. I can upload the slightly looser version again if the current one isn't working.

yea i printed the way it was originally and the arm still doesn't fit easily but its not cracking yet...

i'm currently reprinting the forearm again to see maybe it was the position i printed it in but even then the crack on the forearm shows it wouldn't slide.if you can upload a looser version that would be great.

it could be that in batch printing its cools too much or too little therfore squishing the bottom layers

great work in deed but being a Doctor Who fan I feel i should be offended by this sacrilegious depiction of the Tardis! LOL just kidding ;)

I thought I should tell you that you forgot to put the mid back on the list of parts for the torso

You're right. Sorry about that, it's corrected now.

a tight fit huh? if only it could be bigger on the inside...

ur a genius! hands down the coolest thing I've seen on thingiverse so far

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Loved your original, love your revised version. You are an inspiration! I'm thinking this is THE coolest Thing of 2013!

Thanks! Starting to wish my coolest thing ever didn't belong to a well-guarded intellectual property though.

Sorry to say, I will be very surprised if you don't receive at least one threatening letter when all is said and done.

This is off the scale. Everything about this is awesome.

Thank you. Again, I can't take complete credit as the idea did come from Jason Casteel's original artwork.

"This was actually a much harder design than the original - it's a lot harder to design a durable toy than something that just has to look right."

YOU SAID A MOUTHFUL! It astounds me how many people upload files to Thingiverse that cannot possibly be printed. This is GREAT work!

Thanks. Easy printing and assembly and being robust enough to be a toy were main goals for the redesign. I've got it down to where I can make one of these a day, if I set the printer up running a full plate before I leave for work. Got a backlog of people who want them already.

SO glad I didn't tackle the old one over this long weekend.
How many of the same colored pieces could be plated together?

In theory, you can fit all of the blue parts on a single 200x200mm plate if you arrange them carefully. That's an all-day print on most machines. You can easily plate all the black parts together, and all of the grey parts together. There's only one white part in this version (the abdomen) and one tiny red part (the bowtie), so that's five plates, one in each color. I haven't tried printing all the blue parts at once, but I have run plates of the grey and black.

Could it be scaled down? What's the limiting parts here?

Also, might I recommend in the future if parts are meant to be specific colors to add the color to the name of the STLs.

I wonder if I could model a Matt Smith head for him. Next is K9 that transforms to Tom Baker.

Making a Matt Smith head is beyond my modeling skills, but a transforming K9 accessory (that turns into a sonic screwdriver or something?) would be cool.

Limiting factor is going to come down to the physical strength of the plastic used in the pins, and the ability of the printer to reproduce fine detailing on the head and windows and other parts. This is about the smallest my printer can make it while keeping it all-plastic. I tried making a half-scale model first, but it wasn't coming out well so I had to go for this two-thirds scale. If you were willing to use metal pins and screws in the joints and either didn't mind the loss of detail or had a 0.35mm nozzle head you might be able to go smaller. (I have a 0.5mm J-head on my printer, but I have ordered a 0.35mm replacement and will do some experiments with smaller parts when it comes in)

featured again! Well done!!!

Just did the head parts... I already see this is an excellent design. I would hope you consider doing more work like this and SELLING the plans and files! I WOULD BUY!

Thanks! I'm going to continue with designs like this, already got a few more ideas, purely as a way to get more practice with 3D design and to establish a portfolio. I don't intend to sell plans as such, but I may be setting up a Shapeways shop soon.

Awesome, this is the first commercial quality toy I have seen on thingiverse! Congrats this has raised the bar on thingiverse.

Thanks! I'm not sure I'd call it commercial quality, it's still pretty crude compared to actual commercial Transformers. Designing toys is hard, a lot harder than I expected. But I think it came out pretty well.

I told my son that I would print this when you redesigned it. He asked me everyday last week during his visit if you'd redesigned it. Now I'm going to print it out and surprise the heck out of him on his next visit!

Cool, let me know how it comes out.

I'm about 60% done at this point but will definitely post a photo when it's complete.

As awesome as this is, I wish I had better modelling skills, this demands a Matt Smith looking robot head. I wonder if I could come up with something in sculptris.

Heh, I wish my own modeling skills were better too. Creating a recognizable human face is still beyond me.

Yeah, so far I can make geometric shapes, creepy looking clay blob people, and lame poser figures. But I'm getting better.

Okay, this goes on the list of amazing things that I have to print out once I'm able to get access to my printer again! (currently waylayed by injury)

Been looking forward to this :D!!!!!

and just in time for my 3D printer to arrive :D should be getting it next week and this will be one of my first prints :D
one of my all time favorite designs on Thingiverse!

I like the redesign well done :D!