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by charlespax Oct 30, 2009
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what thickness acrylic did you use? 4mm?

I used 5.5 mm, but you can use anything around that if you adjust where the timing pulley is along the shaft. Finding the best thickness is some research I have to do.

Do you have the SVG files? For some reason DXF files usually import / open WAAAY bigger than what was actually intended for me in Corel Draw. I would just be using inkscape however no cutting driver for inkscape...



When you import the DXF what are your units? It should be in mm, but if you import in inches, the image would appear 25.4 times larger.

Yah, I usually am using Inches. That would make sense though. How did you figure that one out? :)


I figured it out because I've done that before and you said "WAAAY bigger," which indicated it was something more than just a weird rendering issue.

I really like to hear any feedback you have if you make one. I'll be coming out with a kit for this soon. I hope to have it available by the end of November.

I sure will charles, However check this out.

You were spot on with the MM thing. However when I go to import one of the files I get this funkyness. It looks like instructions but over the top of parts I need to cut. Is this right?


CorelDraw does not always play nice; I've had the same issues. I've found that importing an SVG works without issue. Try the layout SVG I just uploaded. I've also had trouble with missing graphics when importing into CorelDraw. A work around is to use another application to create an SVG.

Also note that the dinos are not used in the Paxtruder. I chopped the heads off the Plastruder MK4 dinos and rubber banded everything together. This will be solved in some sort of beautiful way soon.

OK, so now that make a bit more sense. I thought I was doing something
wrong here. Or you provided the worst file in the world for a very cool
idea hhaha.. Anyhow thanks, hey toss me an email will ya?

it almost looks like I could salvage the old plastruder parts to make this... what is the best way to cut acrylic? Might not be as clean but I think I could get close to the design.

I've been using a laser cutter to cut my acrylic. I'll be coming out with Plastruder-to-Paxruder upgrade kit over the next few weeks. It's not very complex, so you should be able to make this with a saw and drill.

This is a great design. I love how compact and simple it is. Definately need to make one of these

This makes me want a laser cutter so bad!!! Nice job!

Thanks. I've put a lot of work into this and I'm pleased with the results.

I don't know what's causing the image to not render as a thumbnail, but you can find the original image at http://thingiverse_beta.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/94/e2/c4/b5/40/DSCN0001.JPGhttp://thingiverse_beta.s3.ama...

Fixed. I scaled the image to 1024x768 and uploaded that.

Charles, that is a very clean design, I love your idea of capturing the motor itself as a structural member.. this looks very promising.