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FPV RACER 190mm (beta)

by Florentf31 Nov 9, 2015
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The DFX file dose not look right at all. Has anyone fixed t?

How heavy is this wonderful looking design ?
( 100g or below would be great )

Hey guys,

The link for the motors seems to be dead. Can someone please explain to me (a total noob) what kind of motor is required and the best place to get them from? I am based in Australia.

Thanks for the help.

how and where did you mount the PDB? The frame is too low to stack it with the FC and i don't see any other mounting provisions. Just some hotglue?!

The PDB is placed with hotglue yes on the front of FC and under the camera support.

Thanks a lot! Then I can proceed now, had the final bits in the mail today :)

I have 3 fpv racers, all carbon fiber, and while they are indeed very tough and light, they do have their drawbacks. Your design is not only very attractive and well thought out, it also appears to be wonderful when it comes to customization and modification. Excellent work, I'm quite impressed.

It looks like the Chinese have ripped off your design

Yes it seems...
No problem , it´s a free design based on sigan210 model.

can you share the CAD files in other formats?

igs step..

Thanks a lot ¡

I want to remix your racer in a reinforced version. Because i breake it all the time;)
Could you upload a stp or similar file?

Great design btw

Hi, I only habe skp file if you want... (MP me)

Thats fine

Can work with that:)

Files added (under thing files) ;)


will upload my remix in a few days:)

How about to fit 5 inch props?

You need the 210 version

Yes i know .maybe you know where to get 210size frame ?or how to make yours bigger a little bit?thanks in advance


This is to cover the FPV camera (adjusted on top of the cam)

Thanks Florentf31

Comments deleted.

Hello mate do you have stp file for the motor mount only ? thanks

I've SKP files but no STP , are you right ?

Yes I just need the dimension of the motor mount if you can provide them would be great.

22mm between motors holes on each direction

Hey, Great design, but can u tell me the hardware (Screws, nuts, bolts) U used to assemble. I have it all printed in XT and the parts are in the mail

All is with M3 screw and Nuts

can you upload or send me step file or solidworks/scad/openCad file
I want to change the arms because i want to use 2204-2300kv motors.

Thank u

FPV-Racer 190 22xx Motors for 200mm bed

Having the same problems with Slic3r. Getting a lot of close loop errors and looks unfinished.
May I have the files that you sent to Martin?


This needs a 250 sized remix

Hello Flo,
super ton Racer 190
peut être le prochain pour moi
et Bravo

merci, je suis pas a ton niveau côté design ;)

What's the approximate cost of all the required parts? What's the advantage of printing this off vs. purchasing assembled?

The adventage is only a cheapest frame, and the fun of the object.

The cost of electronic parts is decribed in the thing details (links)

I thought so - it does sound like fun! Thanks.

Comments deleted.

Hi Florentf31

This looks really good!!

But I'm having problems with it in Slic3r. The files look broken/not finished.

Which program have you used for printing?



I've printed it with simplify3D with no issue.
Please send me your mail I'll help you ;)

Thanks. I can send you some screendumps.


Mail sent ;)
You could erase yoour adress

can I use 2204 2300KV with this frame?

No only 1806, 2204 fit on the 210 version

is 210 version is available for the print?

Excellent upload

Do you have any links or sizes for the hardware required for assembly of the quad

1806 - 2300 kv like DYS ou rctimer are ok
16A DYS BLheli are ok
props 4050 with 4s seams to be a good choice.

I'm going to mount this hardare on mine, I'll tell you if all is ok soon.

Just finished printing this as really like the design.
Its going to take a bit of work to finish as the fit is so close and my printer is not the most accurate.
Also going to be squeeze getting everything to fit inside but I like a challenge!
I'll pop some pics up when its finished.
Thanks for your work, you've done a great job.

Waiting with anticipation of the final product! looks REALLY good mate! Specs on all the electronic components would be pretty handy too so I know what to buy to get it flying. Great work.

You can use any 1806 motors. ESC's depend on what kind of power your motors need. I am going to give this a try with the following:

Emax PM1806-2300Kv

some kind of 18 amp esc (you could use 12amp, but ive burned a few of those out with excessive use of full throttle :-D) I'm using some FVT littlebee's left over from a previous quad that lost a fight with a tree.

Naze 32 acro version for me, but you can also use a cc3d.

Any 36mm should do.

To get flying you will also need a receiver (type depends on your radio, I'm using a frsky d4r-II with my tarannis), and a battery. I recommend Fatshark / immersion RC FPV gear. You should be able to get all of these parts from hobbyking. Happy building!

Comments deleted.

Great looking little frame! A hair too big for my build platform unfortunately. Do you have a 180mm version?

Witch printer do you use ??

Wanhao Duplicator i3

Yes same issue for me doesn't fit on the build platform. I want to build a 180 so I have gone for another design, printing the frame is good if only the parts would arrive.

it fits the wanhao i3 (I'm printing this as we speak) just make sure you don't print a skirt with it, with the skirt it doesn't fit (using Cura)

If you have issues with .stl...you can repair the .stl with repair tool https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net/....it works.

Has anyone been successful in printing this? I'm attempting to print the bottom plate only (no sides) and NetFabb shows errors that are unable to be repaired and Slic3r is unable to slice the model properly.

I have printed this frame, I have a HIC Top Printer running Repitier Host and Cura slicer.

Was able to get all of the pieces to print in Repetier by using Cura. Waiting on my PDB and 1806 motors to arrive.

I have exactly the same problems. Any ideas to solve this ?

I have yet to figure out how to resolve this. I have the same issue with other parts of this as well. I know that there are sometimes issues with STL files exported from Sketchup if the faces are reversed (gray instead of white when viewing in Sketchup). Not sure if importing the STL back into Sketchup will help resolve this or if it is necessary to have the designer's SKP file.

Almost done printing, a few hours left

How were you able to get the file to be printable?

Didn't have any problems loading it in simplify3d

Well that sucks. :) Don't really want to pay $150 to be able to open this. I could buy two of the actual frames for that. Anyone interested in posting a remix of the parts that will open in Repetier?

At the moment in repetier, slic3r only manage the Race190_top, Spacer and bottom are giving some errors:
For example:
22:26:12.070 : Slic3r Unable to close this loop having 5 points

i'll try with others slic3r type softwares..

ok as it happens, FYI Curaengine manage to produce a gcode, but slic3r not...

I'll have to finally have a look at other slicers than Slic3r :) Duh... Why not ? ;)

see you !

I've been thinking about giving Cura a try as well. Might be a good reason to do so.

Hi, I use only simplify3D.

can you make a 180 please

Not yet, sorry.

Keep it up, i like it very much! Ignore that trolls please and make it complete :)
This would be a nice replacement for my ZMR250. Is is to mainstream ;)

Nice quad, regardless of what some of these Trolls say. Have you the bottom section finished? I love the sandwiched type look and therefore the bottom plate is needed for this. This is thingiverse! Your all sharing/modding/designing stuff... get over it and give this guy a break. I want to see more of these type designs.

Why do you say they are trolling? Do you ever see the link people provided where design came from? I understand the need to make one cheaper but with sacrificial strenght but atleast you always give the credit to the original designer which florentf31 just added on the description. If you want to see more type of this design then you should support the original designer who spend lot of time design, testing building it.

Tell that to China who clones anything and everything... dude its the world we live in, get over it! Many of the things on here come from original designs. Many people modify them to suit their needs (sometimes because the original designer does not listen to exactly what people would like, or maybe they simply have not got round to it yet). Maybe he should have gave credit yes, however these things are never going to be anything as good as an original. To be fair as good as it looks it don't really compare to an original made from the correctly suited materials.
Rather than criticize the guy in public why not message him instead to give him a little advice?

Just because China steals everything does not make it right. Why not walk into your local mom and pop store in your neighborhood and put your hand in their cash register? "China does it... it's the world we live in..." The idea of 3d printing is rapid prototyping and realization of your designs from computer to a tangible product. Not to copy and steal other peoples hard work. Do it yourself. Realize your own Ideas. "MAKE" not "COPY".

It was an example dude, i did not say whether it was right or wrong! Its simply a fact, and nothing that you or i can do about that. I think if you do some homework you will probably find that many of the racing quad designs do not have an actual patent.
We do not need a lecture on what 3d printers are for. I'm simply pointing out that the way some people have gone on here is out of order. I'm a little puzzled as to why you take the moral high ground here? For someone that has nothing listed at all in his profile i think you d not have any ground to stand on at all ;-)
Anyways back to my point... why do people feel the need to have a go at this guy in public? Surely a message would have been a better way to do things.

I just adding new parts with exploded parts (top/spacer/bot)

Yeh man, now were talking. Wish id not started this second top plate print now haha

If you haven't noticed yet, francischie is the original designer of the frame of which this is based on.

Yes I know that Francis is the original designer.

@ Made2Fade :
Thank's to your support ;-)

It's true there is no patent on multirotor exept on the Inspire of DJI.

Florentf31, Your welcome to keep it here you already acknowledge where is the original design came from your on description. Its a free world so you can do whatever you want and by just acknowledging its based on my frame is more than enough, heck you might be doing me a favor too. Frame is not patentable even if does it will cost me more.

If the frame has no patent then technically Florent31 is not doing anything wrong. That was my main point really. Don't take me wrong though francischie, i can imagine how some designers will feel. They put in the hard work and it looks like someone else is stealing it. The way i would think about it is that 'hey my design is so good that everyone wants it'. Its credit to you really, although as previously pointed out this credit should maybe have been given in the description. I just think a message would have been the best way of doing that. Especially since not everyone thinks about doing this. Most of the time thats not deliberately either - ask me how i know :-)
Good luck to both of you. Florentf31 keep up the good work! I have just printed one and i'm thinking about modifying the top plate myself in order to use it as a bottom plate :-)

I just adding new exploded parts

Leave this guy alone
We need more frames like this
I love it

They are true, but there is no patent on quad frame....

At least give credit to the original sigan frame. What a rip off.

Yes you're right !
I'll add the credit in the description :-)

There you go. I dont mind someone copying frame with the same design as long they acknowledge where they copy it from.

This is theft. You should take this down. It's not that hard to design a miniquad don't be so lazy, start from scratch.

please? where are your designs???? what do you share?
only on thingiverse to download for free?

The goal is to print this frame in 3D at low cost, but if there is a problem I could take back this of thingiverse.

keep it, andy's jut a boring troll
designed nothing shared nothing , just here to download things he never created! and call you lazy!??
who's lazy, uhh? :)

AndyShen is the maker of ShenDrones. http://www.shendrones.com/.

He spend time designing, testing and buiding quad frames.

One of his popular frame is Tweaker. You do know that some people need to make income for there effort and time.

this is a sharing plateform what do you expect then ?

Yes I know ShenDrones.

I design this quad only with a picture of the Sigan 180.
No dimensions or draw, all made with this pic : https://www.google.se/search?q=sigan180&es_sm=122&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAWoVChMI9a7U8dCIyQIVSIgsCh1sXgY6&biw=1920&bih=955#imgrc=L9PckKElRjkVXM%3A

@Florentf31, my response is for jaaklab.

Not even a good copy...
I guess developing your own ideas is just to tough.


same for you darlin'
where are your designs???? what do you share?
only on thingiverse to download things you did not create for free, like dany?
stop harassing him , and work your autocad a bit!

The goal is to print this frame in 3D at low cost, but if there is a problem I could take back this of thingiverse

does your 3d printed skirt fit the actual Sigan? I do wish the designer of the Sigan would release the skirt to be modified. If this fits that would be amazing

No my quad is 190mm the Sigan is 180mm

You should atleast have mentioned its not your original design and copy it from someone.


The forum where I decided to copy the designe for 3d makers talk about the original frame and all is mentionned. Sorry for the mistake.

Is this a clone of the Sigan? www.sigandrone.com

Yes totaly based on this design, but printable. And a little bigger (190mm)

Comments deleted.

The goal is to print this frame in 3D at low cost, but if there is a problem I could take back this of thingiverse

what motor is it suitable for?

1306 - 3100kv or 1806 - 2300kv

Nice project !!
i was looking around for a 180 frame and i found it ! thank you !
Can you do a top middle and bottom separate version ? (3 pieces frame) for easier bicolor printing and also easy access too ! :D

suggestion : what do you think about a RIVUS frame style canopy ? just saying ...

why don't you just order the frame he tried to copy and support the designer who did all the work and testing?


We have ordered some frame.
ut as allready mentionned : The goal is to print this frame in 3D at low cost but if there is a problem.

I could take back this of thingiverse

The first (photo) is in 3 parts, but it's not enough solid to fly with it, the 1 part botton plate add rigidity.

This looks really good, I am looking for a small frame for a quad build about this size, very keen to see what you do here.
Weight is critical with these things, I can do the calculations and come up with a suitable motor/ESC/Prop/battery combo.
I really like the look of this, I prefer to have replaceable arms however I am sure you are aware that would mean lots of bolts, extra weight and loss of vital internal component space. I have found that crashing a 3D printed quad busts the frame anyway so an all in one design like this is optimum. I see minimum bolts hold it together, good thing easier to pull apart and fix.
Consider a readily available type flight controller like a Nase32 or CC3D about 35mm square pcb (M3 holes that are 30.5mm apart) that needs to be centre mounted, allow it to be orientated so the USB port is accessible from either left or right hand side.
ESC's like the DYS SN20 series would be perfect in something like this.
Great job keen to make one.

Comments deleted.

why don't you just order the frame he tried to copy and support the designer who did all the work and testing?


Solid for a 3d print but, the spacer only will arrive for the carbon/3d version

Looks fantastic ! Will follow too !
An 250 sized Modell would be also great. ;)

why don't you just order the frame he tried to copy and support the designer who did all the work and testing? The original comes in 180mm , 210, and 250. You can find them here...


Yes original, is realy great things, good quality !

Nice project.
I will follow your thing.