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GRAMiPhone - iPhone 6 Gramophone Horn

by brycelowe Nov 5, 2015
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This fits the iphone X perfectly printed at 105%, although you cannot reach a small portion of the screen.

What are the X Y Z dimensions for all three pieces in cm

How do I edit this? Can you make one for a iphone 6+

How do I edit this? Can you make one for a iphone 6+

Will a version be made for plus models?

Will there be a iPhone 7 version? Best Kaki

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 are the same dimensions. Just print it like this.

Thanks for this. I hacked the STL file and made a cradle to suit my Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Because I didnt have the actual CAD files, it was not the best job, but it does work correctly. If you can share the CAD files (I use Solidworks), that would be a huge help to refining this version. The base was also too large for my print deck as I only have a old UP Plus printer. And the horn is too tall too, so I still am yet to modify that so its shorter.
Picture of the base: http://s33.postimg.org/hn5l18ytr/20160523_094408.jpg

I have the same phone ! I need the new base files ! I have to print three of these !

You want the hacked one I made the image I posted you mean? I haven't printed a smaller trumpet yet, so you could use the one from the Author. Happy to share my hacked one if you want. I haven't had a chance to improve it with the STEP files yet, but this works fine and doesn't look all that bad :)

Remixed / Hacked for Galaxy S6 Edge Plus:

GRAMsungS6EdgePlus - Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 6 Gramophone Horn
by WanaGo

I uploaded step files. Will that work for you?

How about one of these for my tablet, a motorola xoom. Granted it would need twin gramaphones.

that would be pretty awesome. I don't have a xoom or the dimensions for it unfortunately.

I 3D printed this bad boy and made a full video on printing and testing it. I think it's an amazing design! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZo0a7ev3IU

Thanks man. Your video is awesome.

does it fit iphone5s? regards

this one does not but I believe there is a version that someone remixed to fit the iPhone 5 which is the same as the 5s dimensionally.

iphone5 version design :) Thanks to Bryce Lowe

Iphone5-Iphone SE - Gramiphone

The reason it has poor bass response is because phone speakers literally don't reproduce those sounds. Their frequency response is so bad in the bass that amplifying the sound basically can't fix the problem. However, if you found a way to dampen the treble while amplifying the overall sound, that would help, if only a little bit. It wouldn't be as loud but it could be more even.

would putting a bit of light foam material in the horn do the job?

I really have to make one for my galaxy s6 :-P

I'm having trouble scaling the horn piece down, to fit in a 6x6 capacity printer, the horn's lopsided position is just difficult to work with on the apps I'm using.

shall try this. Very cool idea

That's really cool! Does it amplify a lot?

It makes a quite noticeable difference. It's the loudest when the horn is facing you. Although there is not much bass amplification.

Would you be willing to publish the original cad (step,obj,etc.) files? I'd like to modify this to work with my Galaxy Note 4.

No problem. Please share the modified version.

Sure will! I'll post it as a remix.

Looks great!
I printed the stand on my Mamba3D, but it turned out to tight to fit my iPhone.
Probably would have to scale up a little to make it fit.
Slic3r only computed support between the two legs. The back support of the phone which angels away
went a little wiry at the backside and so does the bottom of the bottom of the holder.
Did you have that to and if so, how did you fix it?

best regards,

Hi Ewald. It took a while to get around to it but I've made some changes that might make printing easier for you. Take a look.

@beamzer It turned out tight for my iPhone 6 too but I can just squeeze it in without ripping the screen protector off. Even though I added liberal clearance in the cad file. I can upload a version with more phone clearance and I'll also try to make the base require less support. The sound tube will probably always require support. I printed with xyzWare and it used support between the two legs but no support up the back face. That angle is 60degrees from horizontal which should print OK without support. One thing to check is that your layer height is not too small with respect to your nozzle diameter. EX a 0.4mm nozzle printing a 0.1mm layer can squish the material out too much for walls that angle out. My nozzle is 0.4mm and I printed with a 0.3mm layer height.
Hope this helps, and I'll post the new base soon.

Have you shared this? Would love a version for my iPhone 6! :-)

this looks really cool and I'm pretty sure it would work.
I'm in band and we use our horns to do the same thing, but that's a bit awkward.