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Fully posable Wardog Titanic Robot

by jdteixeira Nov 3, 2015
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Would scaling this print by 130% be too big? My brother gave me the measurements for a real fw titan head. Just wanted to know if that means the rest of the model would be to scale.

I'm not sure, I've only eyeballed the proportions, since I didn't have an original one at hand. It might be too big if you just scale it up like that. Try scaling the head only and see if it looks better

Awesome model, just need to finish the last pieces to start putting it together. Ive got all the weapon options covered ready to magnetize. great community supporting this model.

Nice model, only printed feet so far I think there smaller than original - had one last year but the details really nice. Do you have a file with all the parts assembled for easy modification?

I might, if I haven't lost it yet. It's a Rhino 5 model, can you open that?

Ooh never heard of it tbh, but if you come across it il give it a go. There's probably a pluggin for blender

Rhino is a NURBS modelling package for product design, but I can export it as OBJ

Sounds tricky..If obj's possible though that would be great, normally imports just fine.
I'm @ navras.dubstep@gmail.com

I doubt the size with the original Titan from FW. I think that model is slightly smaller than the original.

It might be different. I had no frame of reference for the scaling process. Just the overall height from FW. If you have access to a FW one, can you compare both and tell me the difference for me to update the printing instructions to reflect the scale difference?

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Hello. this is absolutely amazing! what would be the best way to get the other weapon arms?

Hello! Check the remixes, there are two other weapon variants made by other people

Hey thanks for sharing, on of the best models I have worked with. You did a great job easing the print :D I am now printing the main parts :D very happy with this model.

How did it turn out? Is it as good as Forge worlds models? I`m very interested in hearing about this.

Is very good, the print is excellent, is not a forge world model for that you have to put the 700USD in front. But it a great model and you can put as much detail as you want. I have printed two and am very happy with the results

i am almost done assembling this. its amazing so far

So... I recently bought a Solidoodle 3.... and this Titan is the first thing I decided to print.... it was hell just to get the legs going while trying to figure out how to use a 3d printer... but now its coming along very well. Its an awesome model. All i have left to print is the weapons and flat detail bits

I know this is asking a lot but is there any chance of a mars pattern version I guess it would be new head, a few armour pieces on the legs and a new top of the body ???

When I made this one, I thought about making the mars pattern one instead, but the fact that the body is rounder, would make it look worse printed, since a lot of the stepping would be more noticeable, but perhaps someday, who knows

can anyone tell me how much the model weighs

Mine weighs around 550g with abs and 20% infill 0.1 layer height

OK thank you for your info :)

Not really, no, since that's dependent of your settings. The more perimeters and the denser the infill, the heavier

I´ve printed one - great model - thx for sharing. Now it´s time for glueing and painting :-)

Don't go to that much trouble. Maybe like..Part 1 to Part 2. Thanks trying to make one for grandson.

Alright, I can do that. So here goes:

Gun assembly: Print 2x "arm_strut_1" and glue to each other. Print turbolaser_1 and turbolaser_2 and glue them to each other, bottom to bottom. Print 2x turbolaser_3 and 2x turbolaser_4 and glue them to the flat sides of turbolaser_1. The one with the cut corner goes in the back, where the corner is also cut. The other goes on the middle flat area. Print turbolaser_5 and glue it to the front of turbolaser_1. Glue the arm_strut_1 assembly to the round hole in turbolaser_1. That will link with the torso attachment point. Repeat the process for the other arm.

Body assembly: Print body_1 and body_2. Glue them together bottom to bottom. Glue body_3 to the rectangular indentation in the back of body_2. Print body_4 and body_5 and glue it to the inclined flat area in the back of body_2. Glue body_6 and body_7 to the space under body_1 near the front. Use the indentations to align the parts. The round hole should be facing down and further to the back of the part. This will then receive the gun assembly made earlier. Glue body_8 to the front, over the round hole, centered horizontally. Assemble only after the head to use it as a position reference.

Head: Glue head_1 and head_2 together, bottom to bottom. Try centering the parts as you glue. Glue head_3 to the flat top area. Glue head_4 to the front flat area. Glue head_5 to the flat area in the back of the head assembly. Try to keep it centered. Glue head_6 and head_7 to the sides of the head, on the flat area near the back. Glue the head to the round hole in the front of the body assembly. Glue body_8 in the body using the head as reference.

Groin: Glue groin_1 and groin_2 together. Glue groin_3 and groin_4 to the flat frontal areas of the groin assembly.

Lower leg: Glue lowerleg_1 and lowerleg_2 together. Glue lowerleg_3 to the small inclined flat area in the front of the lowerleg assembly. Repeat for the other leg.

Midleg: Glue midleg_1 and midleg_2 together. Glue midled_3 and midleg_4 to the sides of the midleg assembly, using the front area as a guide. It's supposed to align with the flat area opposite to the cog-like areas in the back. Repeat for the other leg.

Upperleg: Glue upperleg_1 and upperleg_2 together. Glue upperleg_3 and upperleg_4 to the sides of the upperleg assembly, aligning it with the flat area in the front. Glue the groinjoints to the upperleg assemblies Repeat for the other leg.

Leg connectors: Print 8x leg connectors and glue them to the round cog-like areas that connect the different leg parts.

Groinjoint: Pose the legs by using the cogs and the holes as guides and glue them in the pose you want. Glue them to the groin by using the ball and socket fitting.

Foot: Kinda self explanatory. Print and glue them to the spherical part of the lowerleg assembly. ONLY do this after posing the legs.

Marry the body assembly with the legs assembly. No need to glue there.

Hope it helps and sorry for the terrible english

Could you please post assembly instructions.

I can post some visual instructions but they might take a while to do, but it's rather simple.

This thing is amazing. Printing out on a Printrbot Simple Metal! Had to split one or two pieces up due to them being too big, but overall an amazing thing to print!

Printing as I type. This is an AMAZING model. I might do some work of the shin guards though.

I left them blank to allow for further detailing using plasticard. Let me know how it goes

This is such a good warhound! I'm printing one out now and will try and do a proper paint job on it and post a make.
Keep up the gods work.

What material are you using for this?
I have ABS but it has its problems.

I have abs - and heated bed, good result

I've printed in PLA due to it's low shrinkage. I guess ABS might curl on the corners of the larger pieces, but perhaps a heated bed, some ABS sludge and a large brim might help mitigate that problem

Have you managed to print/build it yet?

I did, actually, just have to take some photos. I'll post them on Thursday

This is, by far, the best printable warhound I have ever seen.

Thanks man! It was designed with ease of print in mind. It just has a lot of parts, but gladly not a single support is needed.


I second that!