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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Totem mpcnc corner rethink 25.4mm and 23.45mm

by technomastermind Nov 1, 2015
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I like the design and I want to print these!
But do they fit for the actual MPCNC 525?
Thank you very much!

this look sturdier than the originals! I'm a little ticked I wasted the plastic, I'm using these! Thanks!

Hi hbaker7729

Pleased you like this design,I appreciate your feedback.

Hi, thanks for sharing your design and improvements. Is the foot part required or will this work just fine with the regular mpcnc feet (which I already have printed)? Doesn't look like it from the STLs but maybe I'm missing something.

Hi siddharta

The mpcnc foot that gets bolted down to the table will work just fine.

Thanks for your feedback ,-)

Hi technomastermind!!

First of all thanks for the mod.

I´ve 25.4mm stainless steel tubes and works perfect with this printed totem.

Do you have the rest of the CNC parts for 25.4mm tubes to complete the router???

I need to print all the bearing mount parts adapted to 25.4mm tubes because the MPCNC international edition it´s for 25mm and don´t fit!!!

Thanks a lot again and have a nice day!!!!

Fantastic,i am really pleased you like the design.

I was intending to remake the whole MPCNC,i have had a good think on possible improvements that could be made.

To be honest the rest of the mpcnc is functionally sound,unless you were to do away with the tubes altogether and use another method for the linear motion.
Although allted did a great job with designing the MPCNC.
The corner blocks stood out with there over complicated design,after i made one (and it broke whilst tightening the bolts) i decided that there was a far simpler and stronger approach.

Take a look at my other designs for other possible ideas.

Thanks ever so much for your feedback and suport,have an awesome day,)

All right! There is no problem with your design, is perfect! The question is how you print the rest of the mpcnc for 15,4mm tubes!?
Best regards!

i´ve the same problem, 25.4 tubes here!, how you print the rest of the pieces?? any clue?
thanks in advance!
great work!


The design will cater for the 25.4mm tubes.

With 3d printing not being an exact science,all plastics and machines are different.
I would sugest If you do have any issues first print all the pieces to make a complete corner block assembly and then clamp them down lightly with the four corner bolts without the tubes in place.
You can then use a 25mm blacksmiths drill to ream out the tube mating sarfaces.
Like these ones, eBay item number 262393435426
That's what I did personally.

Thanks ever so much for your feedback.

Hi Mwinschel

These are what you need,eBay item number 221579213804
You will need to glue them in place and bend the legs over / or cut them short so they fit snugly to the block supports.

Thanks for your feedback.

Would someone be kind enough to put a photo or link to the limit switch that these were designed around (and how many to use). Getting ready to buy electronics but a little lost on what to get. Was thinking something like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/RAMPS-1-4-3D-PRINTER-CONTROLLER-Kit-w-Mega-2560-LCD-smart-controller-5x-A4988-/321977486681?hash=item4af75a8d59:g:tTMAAOSwJb9WsY-~ but wanted to make sure that was the correct limit switch style. Dont see how they would work.

Love this. This is the next logical step. Wish I'd seen this before printing all 4 corners :/ haha

Thanks klowsen

Really pleased you like the design,looking forward to your build pics.

Hi, nice remixe, but could you make a IE version for 25mm conduit ?

Thanks HicWic

The 25.4 mm version will work with 25mm conduit.
If there is any movement of the tube during assembly you can simply do a few raps of adhesive tape around the tube prior to tightening up.
I ordered 25mm tube for my mackine,but the tube ended uo measuring 25.3mm,that's why i have made the Totem corner support 25.4mm standard.

Hope this answers your question.
Thanks for your feedback and support.

OK thx, i will give it a try.

What infill parameter do you use for each part ?

I will keep you in touch with my make, once it's ready. I have several hours of printing facing me.

Thanks HicWic
I always use 100% infill for my printed parts,i like them solid so i don't need to worry about issues during rework operations.
60/70% should be fine though.

looking forward to your build pics.


I printed severals part, and a question had came into my mind when i saw the top switch guide :

how do you wire the switch ? does it require a hole to let wire pass through ? or am i missing something ?


Thanks HicWic

The switch holding bracket is deeper than the switch,so the easiest way to the route the cable is by making a small cutout on the
back of the switch holder were it meets the corner block,a small needle file should do the job.
Trim the legs of the limit switch and solder on some thin cable.
You can hot melt glue the limit switch in place if there is any movement.

I do intend to make the limit switch holder built inside the top of the corner block,in a future revision.

hope this helps

hi again,

we have some progress in our attemp to make a mpcnc. This saw me that in your design, some endstop switch are useless. On each axle, one side is working pretty nicely, but in the other side, the Z carriage, where there is middle end stop, hit the conduit before reaching the switchs. Can you see what i mean or i'm missing something ?

in addition, the belt tensioneer are too weak, they break in the middle if there are too much constraint. i thing it would a better idea to adapt something like this : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1128468

Your design is very robust, and when everything is in place, it seens pretty unbreakable.


MPCNC Belt tension
by Droneme

Thanks ever so much for your feedback HicWic.

The end-stops are only intended for use one switch per axis,put a switch on the axis that makes contact with the corner block first.
Your are correct in stating that the belt tension brackets are a little on the flimsy side.
After reprinting them,now i have my printer back up and running ,<)yey.i fully concur with your findings.
I shall rethink the tension bracket and create you a much stronger design.

Perhaps you could make a spacer to fill the gap where switch support are not needed ?

basicly the same piece as switch holder but without the switch holder :)

Thanks again for your feedback HicWic.

I have added a spacer shim to the downloads section.
This will fill the space so that only one switch per axis is used.

thx for your quick support.

my friend have designed a new belt holder based on the design i linked previoucely. I'm going to print it and keep you in touch if it's better.

on my side, i've started to print the second batch of totem foot with all the improvement. We, me and a friend, are building two mpcnc printer, one for each of us. The one of my friend is fully printed, but we must redo belt support and clamp for a better result.

Hi hicwic

I am redoing the totem belt tension clip,i am going to make it a lot stronger.
keep a look out on my uploads for an update.

Thanks for your support and feedback.

Comments deleted.

Mind giving details on what size/length hardware is needed?

You will require 4 X m5 bolts @ 95mm in length,or 100mm will be fine.
I intend to tweak the design to enable the use of m6 bolts,as m6 bolts are easier to obtain in longer lengths.

Thanks for your feedback.

Much better idea !!! I ended up printing the previous version but they all broke into chunks, clean them up and still the 4 bolts hold it alot better then the previous design !! Excellent Work love it :) Thank you

Truly pleased you like it.
It made sense for me to make all the files easer to print,and like you have stated it all holds together with just the four bolts.

More remakes coming soon,thanks ever so much for your feedback.


There it always room for improvement,the only perfect design is nature.
I'm working on the roller clamps at the moment.
Should have something up soon,

Thinking of designing an sls printer modification,would need high temp material for the parts though,)

All the credit goes to allted for his inspiring design.

It is great to see ideas grow and mature.