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Transformer Tardis

by nonnef Jun 29, 2013
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How's this, a clearly better figure, only getting 300 likes, when a less thought out version got over 2k?

This figure is amazing

I like it. Although, Why is it a decepticon?

Any chance you can add the app, 3dhubs

where are the k9 files?

i like the likeness to soundwave. Do you think you could make an Xbox 360 transformer with a likeness to Optimus?

Do you have the K9 Files?

I was looking for them too

By any chance do you have the slt file for the alt head?

Afraid not. I lost all the files I had on my backup drive a few months ago. Those posted here are the only copies left.

which parts do mean in the instruction with "2 outer back support" the torso_backbrace_outer.stl?

you wrote in the instructions that there's a part that i'll have to print twice. you call it "outer back support", but there is no such STL-File ... which one do you mean?

Ah! Pretty sure it's Torso_backbrace_outer, yeah. I don't actually have these files anymore to be able to check, everything's been upgraded to Mark4, which has a different transformation.
Any other problems, let me know! =)

Dude- this is awesome. Just make it a Bad Wolf TARDIS and you won't have any problems.

The paint job really makes it pop. Nicely done.
Are these files updated or is the Instructable the latest files?
I'm printing this one this weekend.
Printing Transformers is the point of having a 3d printer.

Went through and made sure everything was the current version. I'll do a better job of keeping things in sync from here on out.
Look forward to seeing your print, you've done some great work! Let me know if you have any issues.

I seem to have gotten the files all mixed up between the different versions.
I'm working on sorting it out, and should have the current files uploaded on both sites this weekend. Was holding off till I finished the minion design in case I change anything else.
As it is, the Instructable files are newer simply because it's easier to upload a single zip of everything than figure out the individual files.

I wonder if I could model a David Tennant head for this one...

I'd also vote for the Tennant head on the Ellindsey one. Optimally one that fit under a removable Prime helmet.

Honestly? I think a Tennant head might look better on the more generic one Ellindsey posted.
With all of Soundwaves details on mine, it might look a bit off. =)

Now we just need a K9 cassette tape, or something.

How about a K9 Ravage? Cause that's already in the Mark2 design. ;)
Expect it in a few more days!

That would be awesome.

The Master's Tardis was a police box one time.

Yeah? Remember which Episode? I'd love to go back and watch it. Thanks. =)

Thanks! Just watched those episodes after you pointed me to them. Didn't realize it was when we lost Baker. =(