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Scalar - 3D printer Gaz/Smoke detector Kit housing

by 3DModularSystems Oct 31, 2015
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Do you know if this has been added to the main branch of Marlin yet?

I'd consider using your fork , but I need to use a fork with mods for my printer. I really like this system, I had already bought a few MQ2 sensors to do the same thing.

Thanks for the great work!

I tried to merge once on the dev branch of marlin but they changed too many things on the config systems and i cant find a way to build.
I'mve updated my branch using the 1.1.0Rc3 branch however, and will give it another try later on for the dev branch.
As marlin is in RC mode i think this new feature can only be added on the dev branch.
But until they fix or clarify how to build the dev code and create a config file i'm only losing my time trying to figure out was is not working.

Maybe you can provide some help on this matter?

I wish I could help you, I tried to look at all the differences between your fork and the main Marlin RC branch.


with 5,119 additions and 3,585 deletions, I don't really have any idea where to start. What are the main files you've changed?

I've been poking around Marlin some since I'm trying to get auto-bed leveling to work, I'm a lot closer, but still not there yet. I've been told the G29 stuff is quirky, but well documented, but I haven't really seen the well documented part yet, but that may be because I haven't read the last 50 pages of a 104 page forum thread and haven't read basically all 72 pages of another thread. I haven't made time for that yet. I wish it was all in a wiki I could find somewhere, since the documentation, at least for the documented quirks of G29, hasn't shown up in any search engine I've used.

I hope it's not the same for the parts of Marlin you've delved into. It's probably pretty likely that because there's so many forks, it's easy for important features like this to get lost in the noise.

If you could list the files you needed to modify in the past, and what you did, and the files you suspect need modifying in 1.1.0 RC3, that may help.

Hello Rollinns!
I just figured out how to build marlin dev branch so hopefully i'll be able to make a pull request very soon with this feature.

Hello Rollinns!
Indeed my fork is a mess, it's an old fork and when marlin reorganised their internal branches they broke the ability on my side to merge/sunc their changes.

So in order to keep my own tags and branches i took the files from their 1.1.0RC3 and applied my changes again.

I'm reading again the marlin 1.1.0RC3 decicated page:

they say:
"Future development takes place in the MarlinDev repository."
"Do not propose added features"

meaning i have to propose this feature on the dev branch which i can't figure out how to build. I'll give it another try at the end of the month.

I can create a full article on our website on what changes i made,
I mainly added all my changes inside 2 files:
Gaz_Detector.cpp and Gaz_Detector.h
I added some settings inside configuration.h
I also added some strings inside language.h

To make things work i had to use my module mainly inside temperature.cpp

on my branch you can check the 2 commits:
40916480704639fd916a9539ec9294c779408a0a (05/06/2015)
6f8b3600ca6e255ffd14e1bc509a3e4e76bca079 (01/07/2016)
Most of my changes are there.

Do you need some more info?

Can you tell me if the integration of this smoke detector is already added to the new Marlin?
I'm unable to find any references of this in de configuration.h file. Could you be so kind as to explain it a bit more on how to configure the configuration.h file?

With kind regards,


I just saw that the firmware URL is wrong, i'm updating it....
here is the link:


Ok, now it makes sense ;)
This version does have the added bonus of the MQ2 sensor!! Yippie
Looking forward to seeing this added to the official branch, because v1.1 is just out :D

With kind regards,


We should be able to post some video before that to show people how it's working.

As our current branch of marlin is around 6 month old i need to take some time to report the changes on the dev branch.
I hope to do that this week.
I can post an update on this thing once done.