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Cute Hug Me Ghost

by gCreate Oct 30, 2015
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Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

I printed the Ghost and it came out very well. Love the model.

I printed it at 150% and wanted to also print the witches hat the Athruz linked. The hat fit (as in the photo) when it was scaled to 75%. Just wanted to help anyone out that might want to print this combo, because the hat is far to big for the ghost otherwise!

Is the scaling 1:1 with the ghost?

IE, if I print the ghost at 150%, then I need to print the hat at the same 150%?

Well I don't think so, I did. 200% ghost and a 200% hat and the hat was huge lol. The hole on the hat and the ghost head do not scale equally. If you printed a 150% ghost I would estimate a 110% to 120% hat would be about right. My 200% hat covered the entire hear and rested on the arms lol.

Haha, good to know before I printed that!

Many thanks!

No problem , enjoy.

Could you update the link to the witch hat?
The link doesn't work anymore.

The model is no longer available.

phr0ze put a similar one up here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2604075

Hug Me Ghost with Witch Hat

the Microsoft Witch hat is available on Sketchfab for free:

Printed with glow-in-the-dark PLA and made a timelapse, figured I would share: https://youtu.be/-HXAlEPe6uc?t=70

Love the design!

Love the idea, but like others, one leg (random each time) always seems to fall down, and I'm using a well calibrated prusa. Raft, no raft, doesn't matter. I am going to try one more time at a much slower print speed to see how it goes.

What are you doing for print cooling and brim? I was having tons of problems with the corners of the legs curling up and the nozzle then breaking them loose. I upgraded from a split single cooler (Fabrikator Mini Cooler / Fan Shroud) to a dedicated dual 40mm print cooling rig (e3d All In One fan mount 40mm) which took care of the curling corners as far as my eyes could see. I made it a lot further into the print, but eventually one of the legs still popped off the bed. After that, I added a 10mm brim which basically gives each leg a lillypad, but one of the legs still popped off. It brought its brim with it, so I upped the brim to 15mm so the brims are all connected and that worked great. I'm past the hard part on a print right now and didn't see any close calls, so this setup should be repeatable.

Fabrikator Mini Cooler / Fan Shroud
by Bakak
e3d All In One fan mount 40mm
by Joe558

I had the same problem that you, but i put lack or hair spray on the bed and i put the velocity in 20mm/s and now is great

I'm gonna print this out tomorrow, but I really want the hat. Googled a little and found this: https://sketchfab.com/models/36c02ceb5710414b8d8eaa39f1bf49d9
Is this the same one?

Looks like it. Thanks for finding!

Model definitely needs repaired, even printing with a raft one of the legs falls every time.

A raft isn't the same as a brim. I would suggest a brim.

I had the same problem that you, but i put lack or hair spray on the bed and i put the velocity in 20mm/s and now is great

Agree, and some changes, I cant print it correctly, after 3-4 layers one of the "legs" fells down.

Has a 404 error when trying to reach which hat. Do you have a better link?

I put one up as a Remix.

Unfortunately it looks like Microsoft took down their 3d model. Not sure why.

Anyone have a working link for that witches hat?
I get a 404 off that link

I put one up as a Remix.

Hey, just collected your ghost for next halloween ... is the witch hat also available on thingiverse? Where?

Great to hear. The link to the hat is in the description. It's actually a model from Microsoft.

Thanks, read the link as the one to the remix'd model first. ... finally M$ came around with something usefull ... ;D

Great to hear. The link to the hat is in the description. It's actually a model from Microsoft.

any idea how big scaling would be needed to fit a tea light underneath for lighting like the happy tea light ghost?

For folks still wondering what scale for a (nice safe battery operated) tea light in 2017, go with 125% and he fits a tea light nicely and looks good with the Happy Tea Light Ghost and his friends at 100%.

Picture together: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:397206

Happy Tea Light Ghost
Happy Tea Light Ghost
by cilynx

Be careful with the heat! Tea lights are small, but they can generate good amounts of heat in their vertical column.

Yeah yeah...that's what I mean, the battery operated ones...same size just use a LED and CR2032 vs flame

I should have clarified...sorry

We agree. Be safe and just get a battery operated tea light.

will the hat fit if they are both printed at 100%?

i printed it at 50%, fit but could be a bit better at 55% scale i guess.

Are you scaling up the ghost by 50% more or the hat down to 50%?