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Portal Gun

by Intentional3D Oct 29, 2015
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Well, I built it... but something in the circuit or the code, or both, doesn't work. The Arduino IDE won't verify it bug-free and I feel I should use some little sketches to test each LED piece by piece. I should also ask why the parts design indicates using the inductive charger, and some users have included it, but the Bill of Materials omits it?

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For some reason the posts for the Alphanumeric LED screen didn't line up properly so I had to use some hot glue to affix it. everything else seemed to fit OK.

Any schematics? Cause I am confused of how to wire the things


The GitHub has the pinout description https://github.com/pomeroyb/PortalGun. I used an Arduino Pro Mini and it worked exactly as it should.

Amazing proyect, thanks a lot!

Done it. Ordered the wrong display by accident but after reprogramming, still got it to work.

I have also noticed that the red led screen doesn't fit in the hole very well in one dimension it isn't wide enough or is this intentional?

What is the best orientation for printing the body if the printer can handle the size in any direction?
I am thinking standing on end with the handle facing up.


I edited the model so that the body sat flat on the bottom and printed the handle separately. I glued them together and it turned out well. I think this would give a much better result. I don't have the files available but it was easy using SketchUp.

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Bravo, I've had a great halloween being Rick thanks to this. One optimization I've done was to make a 'solid' bulb model so it can be printed with zero infill and zero bottom thickness. This gives a single-wall shell perfect for a transparent PLA that looks GREAT with a 'crystal' of LEDs suspended in the middle.

Here's my arduino code as well: https://gist.github.com/t413/6463677f4828409934d34309b4ce84ba

Im trying to make a working one with lights and everything but i'm running into one problem I would appreciate it if you could take a look at it. I have all the components however when I go to upload to the pro trinket I get this

Sketch uses 1374 bytes (4%) of program storage space. Maximum is 28672 bytes.
Global Variables use 150 bytes of dynamic memory.

When I use portalgun finalized basic functionality I get
Sketch uses 6782 bytes (23%) of program storage space. Maximum is 28672 bytes.
Global Variables use 240 bytes of dynamic memory.

this is how I have the code set up

Hi Intentional3D. I have little experience with 3D printing and coding. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to build a working portal gun with all electronics etc. for me? I am in Australia. If this is doable, what would be the cost (tight budget )? Awesome design

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Good model there, mate!

But you should put more infos into it, like at what settings someone should print the bulb.

Am i right i f i say 0% infill and 2 walls?

Whats up with the gaps on the sides? It just looks bad.

on the rotary encoder, which one is the pin for "button"? i think the three sided pin is A (left), GROUND (middle), B (right). two sided pin is ___?
either one for button?
can someone please confirm?

On the two pin side, one is the button from the trinket and the other connects to ground. It doesn’t matter which is which. Pressing the button completes the circuit from the trinket to ground

looking at the two pin side positive is right side and negative is left side.

thanks for the file, just sent a small donation.

Cool! It would be relatively easy to make it work as a tv remote.


Capital idea! Maybe dial the channel and push the button to select it. I am putting it on my list.

if i ordered this printed, would it be fully functional, with lights and everything?

We can't 3d print electronics dude

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Im confused on the function of the led screen, is it to color the led numbers?

I made one, and it doesn't work ! In current form, its nothing better than a mediocre flashlight.... maybe im missing some components? or diagram? Perhaps Uranium 235? ill check Aliexpress !

Is there any chance anyone could create a tutorial video for assembly? Or even provide a picture of the inside wiring. Either would be very helpful. Thanks!

What filament should I use to print this?

PLA is always a safe and easy bet. It is nontoxic, and doesn't create toxic fumes like ABS does. PLA is also inexpensive. The clear green filament they recommend is a PLA as well.

Hello, i was wondering if you're making the electronic version do you still have to print out the LED holders, knob, and the printed LED screen.

-Thank you

Do you think the end of a green bubble wand (as seen on "Indy Mogul") would work for the plasma tube? I'm planning to print mine at a smaller size, and I not sure if it would work... I'm also not planning on doing any electronics, and I can only print in a singular colour.

How do you wire up the rotor knob to the encoder and trinket board

how do you get the 150 ohm resinators? Probably a dumb question, but I don't know

if you could make a tutorial video on assembling that would be awesome

i know that would be so helpful

Are there any images of the interior set-up and wiring? If not, would you be able to provide any pics? Thanks!!

Did you ever find/receive any pictures? If so, I would highly appreciate the help. Thanks!

Any chance you could reslice this with the handle separate from the main body? As it is right now it's just barely too big to print the body in my i3 Duplicator, which has a pretty large-(ish) print bed.

I just had a go a splitting the object into two pieces, I haven't had a chance at printing it yet though but I have a Dup i3 as well so needed to be done :) Check the remixes or here is a link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1766226

Portal Gun Body Remix - Under 200mm
by Peazuz

I only wish that the handle was screwed on instead of one piece with the body because then it can be made on smaller printers with ease.

I just had a go a splitting the object into two pieces, I haven't had a chance at printing it yet though but I have a Dup i3 with a 200mm bed so needed to be done :) Check the remixes or here is a link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1766226

Portal Gun Body Remix - Under 200mm
by Peazuz

how did you print the body? I have a 10in build area. can we get a picture of the electronics inside?

Hello I have no way of even printing this let alone putting it all together, how much would it cost for you to commission this for me? i like in the uk but would need it before the 15th March

i also have a question. They're are 2 dome pieces, one taller and thinner. while the other is shorter and fatter. why is there 2? and the first idem that needs to be 3d printed (the cylinder with the notch at the bottom) whats that for?

So can anyone do the 3D printing part for me? I've bought all the parts and had no idea it needed to be 3D printed.

I have PayPal. Just name your price. Contact me at Zarra Productions@Gmail.com

We can. Where are you located?

how much would it cost to get all 3d things printed and shipped?

Portland Oregon with zipcode of 97225

This is one of the best models I've seen. kudos on using the rotary encoder!!!

Unfortunately, the main body is too big to print in one piece on my flashforge creator pro.
I'll have to find a way to split up the .stl files.

Could you upload the original files please? I would like to tweak this design a little bit

I made a adafruit wish list with most of the relevant parts: