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UBO - The Universal Bottle Opener (v1)

by In3Designs Oct 30, 2015
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I am trying to reach you regarding this project. How could I contact you?
Thank you,

I sent you an email :)

Where the hell can you get 1kg of filament for 17$ from?

amazon you can get 1kg for $14.99

je l'ai imprimé : bonne impression 3d cela fonctionne bien j'en suis super content trés pratique utile est multi fonction bravo au concepteur on a attend d'autres !!!!!!merci

Why do I need support?

For the overhangs inside the clamp.

Cool design. Have you had any trouble opening certain bottle caps with this? I've only tested it out with the largest diameter, but I was having trouble opening a previously unopened bottle -- previously opened bottles worked fine. My first impression is that taller teeth might grip better because the contact area would be larger.

Anyway, I really like this idea. Good job creating something unique and functional!

Thank you! I haven't had any trouble on any bottles except low end water bottles with thin plastic.

Thanks again!

  • Travis

I've only had trouble with Vitamin Water brand bottles. Other than that, it's working great! I made several for family members already.

Very good, I really like your design and I find it very functional. I congratulate you.
I would like to ask you something ...
Could you use the same design to make another one with a slightly larger diameter for jars of jelly and so on?
A greeting.
Thank you.

Sorry for the late reply.

I will consider making a separate version for jars. The current design would not be ideal for jars.

Thank you!

  • Travis

Muy buenas, me gusta mucho tu diseño y me parece muy funcional. Te felicito.
Me gustaría pedirte algo...
¿Podrías utilizando el mismo diseño hacer otro con el diámetro algo mas grande para los botes de mermelada y demás?
Un saludo.

Nicely done.
My mother suffers from arthritis and the after effects of Carpal tunnel, I'm going to make one of these for her.
Good Design.

Sorry for the late reply.

I'm glad that you like the design! I hope that your mother was able to find use of UBO!

Thank you!

  • Travis

Strange; the model looks like this when I open in it Repetier-Host: https://i.gyazo.com/bb2e81ae08ee3bccf227348bb5abce2a.png
It sliced just as badly as it looked: https://i.gyazo.com/ce67894fd890e48af5e794fd48da4a21.png

thanks a lot for a model!
first I've failed to print it with Slic3r, it suddenly stopped after the half of handle,
printed it successfully with Cura.

I might just muck with this a bit! I've got this little tool from walmart.. it has a soda-can-tab-wide angled end, and then before that end, a little tab has been cut from the metal and bent upwards almost 90 degrees. It's exactly a third of the width of the end angle, with the top hooked towards the angle end. This smaller tab is bent out on the same side as the inner curve for the end angle. You put the big end angle down onto the soda tab, and then hook that smaller hook under the end of the tab. THen just hold the can while lifting the tool off... totally pops the can open! All you need to do is fold the soda tab back down and drink. This tool of yours, the soda pop end can easily be redesigned for that! Then it would make ALL those fluid containers drop dead easy to open!

amazing havent printed it yet but soon

Side note: I don't know what kinda crazy cheap filament you're using, but $17 is about 1/2 what I pay for filament :)

Walmart sells it online. Some brands have free shipping or free pickup at your nearest Walmart.

I buy it in bulk off of ebay. From my test the pla I buy is stronger than the ones I bought from robo 3d. No issues with it at all :)

This almost seems designed with an inherent weakness for the bottle opener. Here's what happened after I used the bottle opener about 6 times:


Cracked right at that spot

Are you using 100% infil and high quality PLA? I have used it many times with no issues.

You know, it's possible I didn't print w/ 100% infill, like a dumbass :)

lmao, don't mean to laugh, but that reply was funny as hell!

Yes, it doesn't take much more material/time to print at 100% for this design. Highly recommended :)

Have not analyzed to model for the errors/problems others have mentioned but just wanted to say thanks for doing something like this. I am myself diagnosed with severe arthritis and will lose more and more dexterity over time. This is the reason I myself got into 3d printing and design, to develop and make simple tools to make what most take for granted accessible again.

Glad you like it! As for the errors, I have done my best to correct/lessen them. I am not a professional designer. As long as you are not using Slic3r you should be okay to print. I ran the .stl through mesh lab in order to lessen the polygons, and ran an auto repair on netfabb. I hope this has helped some of the issues. Thanks for your comment!

Model does not appear to be manifold or correct normals, and has problems slicing with Slic3r.

I am not sure why Slic3r is having problems rendering the model. I have tested it in several other slicers with no errors. Also, any attempts to repair the model have had no effect. If I find a way to fix this problem I will upload the repaired model.

The model has a massive amount of redundant polygons probably why, modo can't find any errors in the model but there are also really weird sections of polygons being cut through by curves, the hole is split inside doubling it's faces and some parts inside have absolutely massive amounts of polygons, one flat surface inside the hole is 60 polygons all at the same angle, could be 1, etc etc. Total of 49070 polygons, it needs about 5000 I'd guess to have the same shape it does currently.


I mean just look at it, so many redundant polygons everywhere, what did you make this with?

Well done, In3Designs. This is very thoughtful of you and also practical for many people.

Thank you for the nice comment! I'm glad you like it and find it useful!

Very Nice Work, that is badass good invention:)

Great design! Fantastic thing to print as a giveaway for friends. Thanks!

does it require supports?

I would recommend using support to get a better quality print. The teeth may not print correctly without it.

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