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by PrintThatThing Oct 27, 2015
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I've been printing the helmet and had some issues. There are gaps between the edges and the main plate of the helmet as well as the bottom edge is peeling off. Any suggestions? I tried repairing it in netfab and will try printing the new file, but any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't know much about 3d modeling to do anything with the geometries. We have a Prusa mk3 that usually prints beautifully.

Thanks I'll repair the helmet this week. I need to look over all the files and re upload. Ive learned some new tricks in blender 2.8

That would be great! I can do some great things with our printer and its settings, but anything with the model is well above my skillset. One of my friends tried to show me how to use blender by showing me how to make a simple cup and all he got from me was a deer in headlights look. lol. This is a fantastic concept! My cats will hate it! :)

I'm running it through Microsofts "3d Tools" to see what it decides. i'll post an update when it's done.

welp... 99% of the files are literally the ugliest prints in the world due to the terribly made walls on this :/ , sick idea, poor execution , if you're planning on printing this, make sure you have a lot of extra filament and extra time to try and repair the ridiculous amount of errors in the models

( Only being sucha dick because I've seen this called out many times in the comments, and the response is " your printer is broken " , no ... Your files are broken, you can see it WAYYY before you print )

Thanks for the comment. Ive seen many people print this with no problems. Sorry for your frustrations. Ive learned some new tricks over the years. Ill look at the designs and see if I can thickin the walls.

No problem, here's what about 1/2 the files seem to do in every slicer I've tried with all the different line settings, always sees spaces between edges / random holes in walls, I don't even think it's a wall thickness issue now that I've printed the collar, as it has thinner walls than what Im showing in this picture. But more likely to be corrupt files... Which slicer did you use?

Thanks for the photo, yes ive seen that with Simplify3D but i used makerbot software when i made this design years ago. Ill see if i can repair the files in Blender 2.8 and repost this week.

That would be awesome! I'll try the makerbot software in the meantime! :D

In Prusaslicer, try ticking "ensure vertical shells thickness", "detect thin walls", and "detect bridging parimeters"

I have that settinvg checked off as close as I can in Simplify 3D... "allow single extrusion walls & infill ( will allow to print 1 layer wide walls ) but doesn't seem to fix it; the immediate issue is that even the 3D preview in S3D shows the gaps in the model regardless of settings, so it will always print them, Still looking forwars to @PrintThatThing's update, would LOVE to make my little Jinx some battle ready armor :D

Which pins are used to connect the tail spikes?

Awesome Awesome design ! I notice that the first 3 plates have accompanying connectors but the plates 4 & 5 do not. Which connectors should be printed for these? Thank you.

The chest piece (p1), the shoulder piece (p2) and p3 all use the same connectors (1). P3 and p4 use connector 2, p4 and p5 use connector 3.

Can't seem to get the pegs to print, the walls are way too thin on the outer peg, any tips?

I don't think my cats would appreciate this fine piece of art ;-)

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Someone is selling your files online for profit.


Thanks! Thats actually my other company. Really appreciate your notification though. Ive had many people trying tp sell my work in other countries. You rock!

Did it say dog armor anywhere?


@$$hole using your pictures to sell your printed design. Ruining the 3D printing community as well as deceiving customers

downloaded and printed all the parts. can't assemble it though, I couldn't find the model of the cat. Could you please provide the cat as well? Pretty pointless without the cat.
Awesome job though!

what are bobos messurements by any chance....my cats on the leaner side and bobo and him look similar but I just wanna make sure before printing the whole thing and it not fitting

I know I may sound stupid but which peg goes to which armor part?

Do you have the pattern for the helmet as well?

Really cewl model. Thank you so much for sharing. U R Awesome.

which files do i need to print? do i need to print multiples of any?

my granddaughter wow sounds cool do you think it could fit dogs if you scale it

Are all parts necessary? Also, does it fit on small dogs. I'm talking beagle\ terrier mixes

Hello, thank you for these awesome prints.

I'm having trouble printing it (I had printed the first few pieces once before, a couple weeks ago with no problem but now that I'm reprinting them I have issues). Now, on Chestplate 1 it is trying to add supports? I think to spots in mid-air for some reason and it messes up the whole print. Wasting lots of filament because it's just pushing out filament at random spots and I've redone the print 6 times with different settings. Going from Cura to slic3r with Chestplate1 seemed to solve the problem. (Slic3r auto-repairs the STL file and it says that it had many errors.)

Now on Armor2, even Slic3r cannot fix it, looking at the file layer by layer shows just a benchy-looking shape with some supports... (Slic3r says it has 63,964 errors.)

Are the files corrupted? Why are they not working for me?

(Anet a8, newest Cura and Slic3r versions, printing 60mm/sec, 200 degree F PLA, 15% infill, full supports, raft, etc.)

Thank you for your help.

Edit: I ended up using a site to repair the STL and got it working! All the other parts print perfectly as well, especially on slic3r.

try re calibrating your printer bed....I know when mine gets bumped it goes out of calibration and prints mess up

Thanks for the input, however the problem I was having was due to a faulty file and not the printer calibration... Many pieces print well but a few do not. As you can see at the end of my post, running these files through an STL repair service fixed my problem.

ah I missed that Im sorry I skim comments many times not fully read

Is this one size fits all thing... i want to try printing this. I have 2 cats. 1 chubby and 1 fluffy lol

I know it’s cat armor, but the chest plate is just too awesome.

At PrintThatThing I actually have 2 cats and they told me they would love some armor is there any way I could get some armor for them

Does this work for small doggos?

I hope so, my lil pupper is getting some soon

There are a lot of files in here. Just wondering if every single one of them needs to be printed? Do you have a print list for a complete set?

I tried to slice the helmet on a scale of 60%, but holes appeared. The details are very thin.

I normally use Slic3r, but I was having the same problems. Try to see if your printer is compatible with any of the Cura versions. I used Cura and it worked perfectly. I still agree that a lot of the details are far too thin. Many of them ended up printing at 1 layer thick.

Gona use it to punish my cat.tho it will take decade to print......but then he will look like god damned night fury, and i will call him Ridic the night fury bringer of sleep and destroyer of balls...for thous who wonder why balls try imagening 7kg cat landing on your man pride.

this is the best comment ive ever seen on this website

This is SO awesome!!!! I've printed all parts + the helmet EXCEPT for Armor_2_shoulder_fixed.stl. Slic3r is having a hard time with that piece. It just prints the skirt, raft and supports for the spikes. none of the outer shell prints at all. Everything else was fine with Walls = 4 fill=15%, supports, rafts, low res.

Anyone else having this issue? know how to resolve? or have the G-code for a properly sliced piece?

can you send the link of the helmet I cant find it

I also had the same problem with Slic3r Prusa Edition. I used Cura and it worked perfectly. Hope this helps!

I'll look at the files and update. Thanks for letting.me know

Awesome! thank you!!!! Everything else printed beautifully. outstanding work!!!!

I tried some other stuff. no joy. Rotated on the platter, scaled up and down, tried to print with rafts only and no support. Slic3r just cannot slice this thing. I have everything printed except this one piece. Do I need to try a different slicer? which one? If I switch slicers I'll have to use a different repeiter host. has anyone printed this on a Solidoodle Press (I know it's discontinued). Short of that, can I pay someone to print it for me? I'd love to have the complete armor. It just doesn't work without Armor_2_shoulder_fixed. Thanks for any help!!!!!

Comments deleted.

I also had the same problem with Slic3r Prusa Edition. I used Cura and it worked perfectly. It is also free! Make sure it is compatible with your printer. Cura g-code crashed my printer, so I had to re-calibrate the printer and it then worked perfectly. Hope this helps!

The armor is built for Bobo who measures from shoulder blades to beginning of his tail at roughly 11.5-inches. Hope this helps. It should scale up nicely

Cool, thanks! Red armor on a black & tan shiba inu will look completely bad-ass :-)

Heck Yeahhhh! I'd love to see photos. :-)

Anyone have problems with Helmet_1? Even fixed its printing with holes. I try ABD and PLA. The same result.

I'm having a lot of trouble printing this.. The first piece messes up every time when printing the left leg around the hole (while looking from the skull) and the second piece messes up at the corners where it comes together at the bottom.. I've had to restart several times. any advice??

i printed the chest armor fine with a prusa/prusa sic3r, but the shoulder piece is a nightmare. Slic3r wont even read the walls because they are so thin and cura sees part of the walls near the front spikes as holes...

Anyone got an average build time and what material works best?

I would need human armor if I was going to attempt to put that on my cat.

love it... its exactly what i bought a 3d printer for lol.. only one thing.. im bad at CAD programs and have tried a few to no avail.. any easy way to size up and down this to customize for bigger and smaller pets??
edit: Nvm I think scale in cura will work =]

Is it compatible with a hamster?

I just wish this wouldn't take so long to print! My cat Simba would look amazing in it!

Anyone have suggestions on how to print so that it wouldn't need so many supports??

I just finished mine but i can't seem to figure out how to share it

never mind I got it

That is so cool but my cat would never wear that ;)

i must say this armor is challenging for me to print on my small prusa i3 printer. so i might release an eco version of this model with smaller parts you have to glue together.
J Wall. what do you think? i will give you the credit that you deserve from this awesome model! but for the small printer owner like my self. it would be a great help for others to print aswell! :)

Did you ever end up doing this remix? It would be an awesome resource even on larger printers, because than we can scale up to med-large dogs.

Remixing as we speak. :-)

Hey APC! Thanks for the love! Thinking about getting one of those printers as well. Yes, feel free to remix the cat armor however you need to and add attribution. Only don't sell the armor as your own. See license details below:

CAT ARMOR by PrintThatThing is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license.

Thanks for commenting and remixing! #HappyPrinting

oh i don't take money for it :D planing to give it away for Christmas present :D

Does it cost a lot of money in filament?

Planing to print this is Prima select Gold pla. I Will post pictures!

nice, but i think my cat won't love it. do you'r cat Opposed to the armor? i will be happy if you gonna answer me, Thank you!

Can you please add a list of how many of the print parts i wil need?

Thanks for the love William!

Just out of curiosity, did anybody scale this build at all, or does the default 100% seem to fit most cats?

Their performs are given the thing never to provide an idealistic watch but to identify where lighting along with the natural environment are important. ..i like it so much

Thanks for the love! :-) :-) :-)

Hi! The cat armor is so cool! I am new to this, and my library has a Makerbot 3D printer available, so I'd like to print this armor for my cat. I am worried if my cat is too big for this design. He is 15-16 lbs, about 14 in. from shoulder to base of tail (he wears medium sized dog costumes). I saw one of your earlier comments mentioned your cat being 9 inches from shoulder to tail base, so I am assuming lighter and skinnier than mine. How wide is the armor? I think the Makerbot printer might allow me to resize a little larger, so should I do that, or print an extra middle segment or 2? Any advice would be great. Thank you!

Comments deleted.

I downloaded this thing and tried to print it, but every time i tried to print the chest/shoulder plates i got a notification saying it was off platform and wouldn't let me print. Any help? (using Dremel3D)

How does the front chest plate attach to the shoulder plate? I see the pegs, but they don't line up properly and I see no way to get them to stay there. Not really wanting to glue in place.. Thanks for creating this by the way!

Hey! Like your profil pic! The pegs should just hold it up. Im out of town at the moment so.im.not near the cat armor to look closer at it. It should just rest on those pegs. Feel free to modify the design any way youd like to work best for you! Hope this helps. Ill try to get back to you with more once I get back home.

Found this by Google auto search.
This dressing animals up sort of thing feels wrong to me.
Do what you want, but if you want to defile cat-kind
with this junk at least know this
•the cat will get snagged in thorny brush
•The armor will negate any tail-based special ability
•it affords no protection against bunny-kicks or spellcasters

Thank you for this amazing design! My cat used to laze around the house and do nothing all day! Now that he has his own set of Cat Armor, he's been reinvigorated! I'm going to sic him on the rottweiler down the street right now! Thanks Cat Armor!

Hahahaha! You are very welcome! Be careful. ;D

I have printed the chest piece twice now and it seems that the ends of it (where the holes are) are really thin.
When pulling off the supports I used to print it, it cracked.

This also makes me concerned as to the durability of this part.

Is there any way you can make the walls slightly thicker?

I had the same problem. Had to switch to a .3mm nozzle for it to even print anything on the shoulder piece ends. Tried in Simplify 3D and Mattercontrol and walls would just be nonexistent in those parts on the ends, near the spot for the pegs. Wish there was a way to post pics of what I mean.

This was with Cura and 20% infill.

I sliced it with Slic3r and added a modifier to change the problematic parts to 100% infill and that seemed to make it better.

Yes! Thanks Tom. Will do.

When I downloaded this thing I downloaded 18 STL files, however, 3 of these STL files are blank. I am missing the three posterior body plates, which I believe are the blank ones. Is there any way you can email those to me? Or fix it on the website?

https://gumroad.com/ptt you can download a zip of the files here for free

you should update the thingiverse prints

I don't understand which files to download. Clicking the "Download this thing" button gave me three blank .stl files. So... which ones should I be downloading? Are there some that you print multiples of?

https://gumroad.com/ptt you can download a zip of the files here for free

Hey J Wall, I was going to start printing this for my miniature dachshund but upon loading these flies I discovered that they are too large for my print bed. I was wondering if you could possibly make a version of the armor that has the main armor pieces split in two. It would be great because my build platform would then be able to fit the pieces. I would love to see her run around the house in this. Please consider.

Hey! That would be great! Please feel free to adjust, cut, scale, or edit the files to fit your printer accordingly. I used a MakerBot Replicator 5th Gen.

Do you have a list of how many of each part needs to be printed to complete the project?

I only have the photos you can use for reference.

Cars... not sure. Cats... not sure... either

How big of a print area would you need for this? It looks so cool I just hope I'm able to print it!

large-ish. like 5-6inches

Could you make dog armor???

Do you know if you could make an option that does not have the spikes? I would love to have this for my cat but I don't want her to scratch anyone with the armor simply by brushing against them.

Hey! Feel free to change the model anyway you need to fit your furry friend's needs!

When my cat saw this thing on my computer the cat try to kill me !!!

HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for showing your cat. Doesn't sound like they want to wear it :D

Pondering taking this and adapting it for the bunny.

Hahaha! Would LOVE to see a photo of that if you do.

Well, it will take me a bit to be in a position to try, but if I pull it off, or anything close, I'll post a pic. Other than sizing, I wouldn't think there'd be too much adjustment required...and maybe shorten the tail a bit.

What would i need besides 3d printed parts to make this?

a cool cat! Maybe some brass fasteners.

Do you have any suggestions for brass fasteners? The pegs and stuff are difficult to print

That is very cool cat armor! I hope to print it some day. would you mind telling me what program you used to design it?

Hey Pattridge! Thanks for the love! I hope you print it one day! Would love to see photos if you do! I modeled the design in Cinema4D

My cat is strangely small - most likely due to her heart murmur, she's just stopped growing. Would the armor probably still fit her?
Also, what is the total printing time?

Possibly! :D It's roughly 4-6 hours per large part on low resolution. Plus the time for the smaller pieces.

All hail "SpartaPuss" - slayer of a thousand mice!!!

How many grams of material does this set up take?

665g (1.5lb) of PLA

That's awesome sauce.

Thanks for the props!

I have a question regarding the orientation of the parts. For example, if ARMOR_0_CHESTPLATE_fixed is rotated so the back rests on the bed, there is less support material and much shortened printing time. Is there some advantage to printing the files in their current orientation?

Hey Miles1999, Feel free to turn the pieces however you like. The file's default orientation is not necessarily the best printing orientation. I'll update the files for what I had best luck with soon! Thanks for checking out and commenting!

My cat actually got in a battle with me, and I forgot to put on my 3D printed Minecraft diamond armor. (The cat won!)

Comments deleted.

Do you think this would fit a small pug? Awesome build!

I think so! My friend put it on her dog the other night at a 3D Printing Meeting. Check it out here: http://go3dprinting.tumblr.com/post/133735427621/b3dge-by-emilysuelaird-brenda-looked-fierce

Hi! I hope there's still some time for helmet designs! Here are some sketches of my design ideas. I'm not a 3D modeller, but I hope these are workable/wearable or at least provide some inspiration!


"The Oni" takes your existing armor design and adds a stylised Japanese demon helmet to make your kitteh look badass! The nose-piece could possibly be detachable.

Who needs the eye of the tiger when your kitteh can have the "Eye of the Scorpion"! The purrfect addition to a scorpion tail is a scorpion helmet with rounded scorpion eyes so kitteh won't hurt himself/herself while cleaning. Defensive and safety conscious!

Lastly, is the "Battle Kitteh of the Universe"! Loosely based on a famous fantasy cat from the '80s, this helmet will transform your kitteh faster than you can say, "By the Power of Catfood!"

Enjoy! :3

Hey Craig! Bobo and I designed your helmet!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ENleqsk9UA

Thanks so much for the inspiration! Blown away with your designs. Please message me a mailing address you'd like me to send the entire Cat Armor and Helmet to you. You rock!


WAAAA! So awesome! :D Thanks so much, Jwall! Love that video! I'm really happy that you picked the "Battle Kitteh of the Universe" version. That was my favourite too (sorry that Bobo didn't like wearing it! lol ;) )! I've sent you a message with my address. I'm going to be grinning all night and telling all my friends to watch your awesome video!

Craig / Sunstreaker

YES! That looks incredible! Thanks so much for the submission! WOW! :D

You're welcome, man. Thanks for coming up with such a great idea in the first place! It inspired me to draw some cat helmets, so I hope my drawings will inspire someone else as well. :3

al tratar de imprimirlo en escala %73. las paredes de la armadura quedan tan delgadas que el cura no los imprime
es una gran armadura y protegerá a mi gato del gato de mi vecino, podrias modificar las paredes para que sean por lo menos 1mm mas gruesas?

Hey! Thanks for the notes. Yes, I will adjust the wall thickness on all pieces as soon as possible. Still a work in progress! :D

I almost want to get a cat to put that on it.

Ok, this is a very good job, but I like to know what you took to put this on your cat?
I think it's not a very good idea ... if I do the same for you in a style that may not please you you'd be willing to wear it?
I find the idea a little "limited" ... borderless.
this is MY opinion ... ^^

That's a good opinion. Thanks for commenting.

Being leader of the Cattopia located in Sector 77, I believe my warriors will love this new armor design. We look forward to coming to your planet for the rapture on December 8, 2098. See you soon ;)


Looking forward too! Meow!

Comments deleted.

my cat is huge i dont think he would fit in it

just need a bigger printer. ;P

Comments deleted.

when skynet becomes self aware this will be their soldier of choice to eliminate the human parasite.

Um I have a idea for a helmet.

I think it should be very cool to see the cat armor helmet to be based on the ""dark helm"" from a show called" my little pony" the user of this helmet is "nightmare moon" (puny) and also by eon ( my pony character and I do have him but I only have the dark helm on my eon and Bianca trophy and faintly on my eg human eon, you want to check it out) if you think that may or may not be a good idea I whould really appreciate it if you tell me your opinion.

Thanks, Eonbrony.

Also I am posting this on a iPad at 11:33PM so I can't post the links to eon and Bianca trophy or eg human eon until I get access to a computer. One more thing. If you are interested in this idea and just want to get the dark helm I will gladly get it for you and it really works great (would) with the design of the cat armor you made

it is now 9:58 am and I have the eon files

I deleted the eon files and replaced it with the dark helm to make it more relevant.

this is the dark helm

That's AWESOME! Really dig how you designed the hat! Props & Respect!

I would really like it if you use it. :) add it to this thing. or something


Comments deleted.

Does it protect against cat burglars?

of course it does! :D

My Mini Kossel kit didn't come with a cat. Damn.

By the power of Grayskull! This is pretty cool. :)

you mean sunbutt :3

WELL DONE super cool idea! could you please upload a basic helmet model that we can edit? since for me is difficult to estimate dimensions of the cat's head.thanks

I don't have one yet. We're asking for people to collaborate and we'll 3D design, print, and gift the armor to the selected designer. Thanks for the support Everik99

Well done! Your photos are as great as the design.

Thanks for the support rh3d!

I would suggest taking a look at He-man's Battlecat armor. That helmet even has spikes similar to your awesome armor.

Noted! Love the idea!

This is great! My cat normally gets a little spooked when I ride her into battle but with the armor I should have no problem! Also, with the spiked tail she's sure to take out a couple of lesser goblins while I focus on the larger orcs.

Hahahaha! :D :D :D

Thanks for the love. Much more fun to come!

Totally cool! I want to modify it to fit my bearded dragon!

please share the desing for my dragon too!! :P

Great work!! Meow my cat can look like a total bad ass!

Hahahaha! Meow you're talking!

Dananananaananananana! :D Thanks for the suggestion JoshuaJ. Love batman!

Thats not a cat, its a dragon.

It is a very nice idea Bobo looks like a Klingon cat in the video..
Qapla !

Thanks for the love, Bobo's The Dude!

This is too awesome for words.

It looks Majestic! I don't own a cat but 2 dogs, however this certainly does look like something I would put on my cat if I had one! great job

Dog armor could be cool too! Haha! Thanks for the support

I'm so gonna do it for with my printer coming in

Awesome! Which printer did ya get! Congrats is a very fun and addictive hobby! Haha

Hey there buddy. I'm sure it will be fun. Not too sure about the model of the printer as its custom made from Singapore by my buddy. Pretty good in my opinion. Every spare parts can be even printed to replace.

I have quite a few things in front of this to print but is definitely in the queue, sadly business before play :(

I completely understand. Haha! Thanks for adding it to the list ;)

Awesome job!

May I ask how big/old your cat is? I was wondering if the armor will suit my 6kg year old kitten.

Can I suggest the gladiator mask for completing the cat's armor? or maybe !!!I'm BATCAT!!! kind of mask.


Thanks for the love danielfox! My cat is 1.5 years old, about 9 inches from shoulders to the base of his tail. Love the idea for masks! Really appreciate the suggestions. Send me a photo if you print this for a kitten.. PLEASE! :D

that is awesome.. I have to make some

Awesome! Would love to see a photo of you do. Let me know if you have any printing questions. :)

I was going to say Battle Cat too:-) This is great. Bobo is a beautiful and very co-operative kitty

Haha! Yeah, didn't even realize the battle cat resemblance, but so happy it does. I watched He-man like crazy when I was a kid! Gotta love the subconscious. Haha. Thanks for the love on Bobo, I agree, he's one cool sexy cat.

Comments deleted.

Gorgeous !! Really cool design and envy your awsome bodyguard !! XD

Haha! Thanks berryball !

Too Cool, great imagination.

Thanks for the kind words wallybe!

He's really Battle Cat from He-Man; lol.

BAHAHAHAHAHA! I didn't even see that resemblance! Hahaha! I loved He-Man growing up! Thanks for the funny comment onebitpixel.

hahahahaahahaa dude awesome

Thanks for the laughter & love mclambglass!