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Pop Buddha

by tamraz Oct 25, 2015
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so i see you are able to mesh a different face onto the existing statue I want to put the face of maui from moana onto a goombas body how would one go about this?
ps if you would like the challenge that would be great too

Anyone else having issues with yoda's head falling off?

Tried the darth vader as well. Head does not seem to be well adhered, is it the design? Seems the back of the print on his "neck" was not even connected. My print settings are pretty well configured. So just curious if anyone else having this issue since it's a verified design.

do you have some ewok head on this bodyddha??

Anyone else have trouble with these? I've done Yoda and trying vader (supported one) and i have to print them so slow like 30mms or i get alot of layer shift. Yoda i fought with y axis shift and vader is x axis shifting on me. I'm slicing in cura 3.6 with an ender 3. I've printed larger things faster and not hit as many problems as these suckers give me.

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I printed the darth vader one with supports, I do have two gripes about it. First, the one with supports doesn't have his chest plate. Second, the supports are way too attached so that trying to remove them my buddha now has a third nipple and several scars. If I had known the one with supports were so poorly done I would have just generated my own.

I particularly like the Darth Vader bust. I have already produced a pipe from a Master Yoda Bust.

Any idea when the Trooper Buddha will be out?

Just printed this YODA BUDDHA model! Check out my time lapse video of the print:


Thanks tamraz for a great model!

!!!!! Everything's just LOL in this world !!!!!

@tamraz. Do you have a buddha with chewbbacca's head on it?

Do you have the model of Homer Buddha by KidRobot ?? I can't find this one

Bender needs supports?

my slicer crashes when i load this object, please help

A lot of these models have a gap/cavity where the head attaches to the body. This random gap causes print issues unless you patch it before printing.

no file for the stormtrooper?

Are there any Pop Jesus to print? Just so you know, so called laughing Buddha statue is not a statue of Buddha. It is a statue of famous Buddhist Monk. Buddha did not laugh.

Hi guys. On some prints my fans suddenly stop working. And then the filament gets soft to fast and it stops printing. Does anybody know why they stop. Pronting this buddha it stopped after maybe one hour. I'm printing with tevo tarantula.
Thank you in advance.

What do you suggest I use for layer height and infill on these, particularly Zoidberg? I have a Prusa i3 Mk2, so I can go as low as 0.05mm layer height. I'm using PLA.

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should I print it with support ps grate model

can i put my face on this??

can you post the trooper model for download

@tamraz Could you please make one with Homer Simpson's head? Thanks

@tamraz Could you please make one with Homer Simpson's head? Thanks

Think I could print the yoda with a 10m length of pla filament?

Think I could print the yoda with a 10m length of pla filament?

Buddha Darth Vader and Buddha Yoda printed out great on my MakerBot Replicator Mini with True Black PLA for Darth Vader and Glow in the Dark with Army Green PLA forbYoda. I saw some for sale on EBay, do I need permission to sell them?

I share this models. You can do everything what you want with it)

Do you have the storm trooper template? It isn't in the files.

Never mind. I read through the comments and saw it isn't available yet.

do sell these directly? I don't have a 3D printer:( and am definitely not tech savvy enough to use one anyway! My sister would die if I gave her these!

just press "order this printed" on the right side.

I would like to say that this is fucking fantastic! lol

Do you have the stormtrooper version?

Going to print Yoda on my printrbot tomorrow.
Cura says it will take about 12.5 hours with a layer height of 0.15mm - does this sound right?

Also, what type of support is required for Yoda?
I am assuming that I should use "Everywhere", is that correct?

.15 is kinda a thinner layer, ask yourself, "do I need this model to be very accurate?" you will greatly reduce time if you can bump that number up to maybe .35mm (approx 1/2 the time) but the limits of that number will be relative to your nozzle diameter.

YB don't need any support. If you switch off supports, u will save the time)

what printer did u use?

MakerBot Replicator 1 (Dual)

It's the ultimate remix, omg.

hey i cant seem to find the stl for the storm trooper buddha?
is it still up somewhere else?

Sorry, but this model is not available yet due to a copyright owner appeal..

What did you use to get them all smooth/shiney?

Use the acetone bath.

I cannot get the Darth to print correctly. When I slice in Simplify3D, the "wings" of the helmet do not render. Same goes for the model with supports. Anybody else had this issue?

I printed the yoda with my M3D came out great i'd have pics but i gave it away to someone who it loved it and cleaned all the supports off

Would you recommend painting some of these small printout with nail polish?

I did not try to do that... You can do it and share your results=)

the batman head felt down when printing, really difficult to finde very well welded budda remixes

The Darth Vader one is the coolest! I will love to have it on my mantelpiece. Let's get printing!

trooper seems to be missing from the files list. Any word on if/when it will be back?

The author of original model Trooper Helmet dont give permission to use his model in remixes. I can't share this model...
Im sorry, bro!

Intercambiable heads? nice
pd: i cant resize darth buddah, the helmet dissapear T.T

Hey, I love the series!

I did a Vader that turned out marvellous! I'll upload pics as soon as I'm finished painting it.

I would like some help or direction with getting my favorite Bender to print right.
I started with the Buda Bender but the face was a little messed up under the eyes.
Then I tried the Bender Separate but the head keeps rolling off the plate. I even laid down extra slurry to make it stick.
So now I actually have two bodies but no heads.
How can I just print the head?


I print Bender only separate one without any problem... Try to print with raft...

How long did bender take

It depends on yours slicer settings. It takes for me about 5 hours (0.2mm definition)

I did print with the raft on.
But three times in a row now it just gets about 1/4 to 1/3 through printing the head and the heads falls over then gets kicked around by the print heads.
The body prints fine.

I've re-checked and adjusted the print head to table height and made sure I have a good slurry for he printing to stick to.

I'd like to get just the head to print so I can stop wasting plastic.


You can use Netfabb for example, to separate 2 different meshes in 1 stl file.

I'm giving it a try.

I suspect there will still be an issue with the head getting knocked off the platform. It could be that I need to be just a micron higher on my print head height or move to a slower speed. If I could I would put stabilizing side supports into the print.
I'll let you know how it goes.


We really enjoyed the Buddha Bender, that we went ahead and printed another one of your models the Buddha Darth Vader. We also did another time-lapse of it here https://youtu.be/H1PSNZneRmw awesome models man.

Wheres the stormtrooper buddha???

There appears to be an issue with Batman. I tried printing it twice, and both times the neck had a giant hole in it.

The batman head he used was from a bad mesh, it's unprintable. I made a remake of another of the same mesh (not his) it originally came from a game mesh that was exported, balls to anyone who said they designed it. Mr Fab didn't give any credit for it sadly, and if you look - his is the same model but he tilted it to make it more print friendly. Sad, but hey that's what people do. Here is a link to the same model, which i remixed from mustang daves http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:307775

Batman Bust - clean re-build Hi-Res.
by Geoffro

Good design work, but the cover image buddha put the storm, but do not see it in the archives.

What design software did you use?

I have used MeshMixer in mainly.

Hey awesome model, I did a Time-Lapse video on me printing the Bender one with a Da Vinci Pro 1.0 check it out here: https://youtu.be/Cng8AKFzOHI

Thanks want to post my groot buddah?

It will be nice!

What did you use to polish the filament?

Use the acetone bath, Luke)

I would like to purchase the Yoda Buddha, how much would you sell if you made it and send it to me?

I think, 10$ will be enough + shipment cost. Where do you live?

What is the dimensions? Could you print a batch like 40? I am giving a presentation on 3D Printing to a group and I want to give out samples of a printed Yoda Buddha.

The dimensions are around 70x60x100 [XxYxZ]. To print 40 copies needed more time.)

I have till Febuary 24 to give the presentation.

I live in Southern Maryland

I will be in time! But I need make fast and expensive shipment (I live in Russia). If it's interesting for you, I can find out how much does it cost.

Ok sounds good.

I send you private message, please reply me if you interesting.

My boyfriend would love these! They're so comical!

aha) nice to see it! have fun!

yo, it miss the trooper in the files :( !

yep! the author of the model trooper helmet didn't give me permission to use his model...

No other source for the info?

Any chance you can Make this guy a Buddha?

Boris Sverdlik
by altais

can you tell me what is the method used to create these supports?
I think i could use it in some work i do.

This supports were generated in Meshmixer

The Batman STL also seems to be messed up. I can't see that in Simplify3D, but I printed it twice and both prints had a whole at the neck.

Hey, awesome models, but your Bender Buddha's STL is messed up around the neck and the eye frame, leaving empty spaces - https://www.dropbox.com/s/q43bsk2g26yxwoz/Screenshot%202015-12-17%2000.48.30.png?dl=0

Yep, looks like you are right! I have printed only
buddha_bender_separate.stl model. There was no problem...

I'm about to upload a version I did...added some text and cleaned up the mesh a bit and added a logo to the back. here's a sketchfab link, Buddha Fett, haven't printed it yet but I'm about to run it on the z18 so I'll have a rather large one soon. https://skfb.ly/JpOu

Comments deleted.

Nice model! You can add it to remixes!

Got it uploaded, thanks again!

I'm actually still working on it...decided I had to push it a lot further. Modeled Fett's Rifle and adding that in there and I'm replacing the base with something I'm working on. Even re did the logo on the back to look embroidered-ish. And I didn't know what remixes were till someone mentioned it today...I'll make sure to do that when It's done.

Cool!! Very very nice model!

Congratulations! Your model has been featured as one of the Top 3D Printed Christmas / Holiday Models this year. Search "Top Free 3D Printed Christmas Gift 2015 Printing Ninja" to see. (sorry thingiverse bans url addresses)

Hey, can you make one with le head of Tahm Kench (league of legends champion), laughing if possible
i just started 3D print and i haven't the skill to do it now :(
i didn't found a 3Dmodel on Tahm Kech too

Sorry, but I haven't this model too. You can try to grab this model from game directly. There is many programs. I have used 3D Ripper DX. For mixing models use Meshmixer. Simple programs, you can do it!

any chance you can post farnsworth with out supports?

Hi !
buddah_farnsworth.stl was loaded. Happy printing)

Did you print these in ABS then vap? What post processing did you do to get such a nice smooth shine? Looks awesome. Very funny.

Thank you) Yes, it was the ABS + acetone bath.

what is your method to do the acetone bath?

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