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Antdroid, hexapod open source robot

by pando85 Oct 19, 2015
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Hi all,

what are the dimensions for each components ?

Can I use Sg90 instead?

very small...the construction is made for bigger servos

Hello there. I want to do the project. But I need help. Can you reach me?

I now have my antdroid walking. My next challenge is to turn it into a scorpion, so that it can locate and pick up small objects like table tennis ball

I want arduino and rasperry pi project file not have
Please help
Im student
Contact : onur.gs.59@hotmail.com thank you :)

What size servos are compatible with the model?

I have mg996 servos, wich are the same size as the futaba s3003.

Most standard servos should be fine 40mmx20mmx40mm, I recently tried a DS3218 which is more powerful and available from amazon

Hey, i love your Project! I wanna build it with my son, but i dont know how the electronic-parts are connected. Can you send me an more detailed plan how the electronics-parts right connected? I thank you very much. My Email is tingle.tangle.wolle@googlemail.com

Such a great project you have here..!!! I'm planning to make this one in few weeks and add the navigation function based on A* Algorithm, but i will put some payload above it. is it strong enough to carry 2Kg payload on the body? how much the max payload I can carry on? I'm gonna use ABS for the robot material.

Thank you :D

Dear Alexander and Javier,
Im organising a maker festival in Germany - the Make Munich. We like your android and would like to use a rendering of your model for our invitation poster for participants. Would that be ok for you? The GNU licence does not cover this topics, so we want to ask you directly. Please contact me via. info@make-munich.de
best regards

have the files for the been released for the antdroid board if so could some one point me in the direction of them and if not i would love to build it and test it

Hi kory1102,

You can visit https://github.com/antdroid-hexapod/antdroid-board. There you can find information about the board we developed


I made this droid but the servos don't seem strong enough to hold the weight?

Hi, dazmadder74

In the videos that we uploaded you can see that the hexapod is fully functional.


HI, Im facing a problem here, I am trying to get the dimension of each component and to use a different way to make this project, I'm using solidworks to view these stl files, but the size i got from your files were ridiculous, which I think maybe solidworks didn't manage to render out the actual size of this project, is it possible to acquire the dimension of all parts?

Hi, dragonkingzz

You could try to import the stl files in other design software like FreeCAD, which is free. However, we uploaded the part and product files for CATIA (same company than Solidworks), so you can dowload them and edit directly. For further details, please visit https://github.com/antdroid-hexapod/antdroid-hardware/tree/master/src


Is there a reason why the round hole in the femur is too large for the proposed 4x8x4 bearings?

The round hole is too large because the proposed bearings should be 4x10x4, my apologies for the inconvenience (I have updated the information in the wiki).

I use 494 bearing

Thanks for sharing this! It looks like a great project.

Any tips on printing the Tibia leg pieces? I followed some of the guidelines outlined in the wiki, but I've been having issues, especially with the raft and supports.


6mm brim did the trick for me with ABS plastic. If you are having too much problems you could try to divide the stl in two

very great project and nice work!
i m doing one , nearly ready , but i get some trouble with raspi2 and ubuntu arm
i think that it should be nice to have a place to talk about configuration

Hi, thanks for your comment.
I think we can use this place or https://github.com/antdroid-hexapod/antdroid/issues

thank you for posting this brilliant project!

im trying to get it to work sience december
spend 8 weeks every evening many hours and many weekends but i cant get it to work

my setup are raspberry pi 2 18 towerpro servos, a arduino mega and a little pcb for powering the servos.

i tried ubuntu arm, wheezy, jessie in combination with groovy and indigo.

finaly i can upload the firmware but cant get it to walk or move.

can i let the camera thing appart and build all without camera?

or can you please please contakt me g.sart84@gmail.com

I do have a couple of other questions:

1) I am confused as to what the AntDroid board is vs. the prototyping board. Do I need both, or one besides the RasPi?
2) I am having trouble sourcing 4x8x4 bearings, but have no trouble finding 4x8 bearings that are 3mm wide (4x8x3). Are those acceptable if I add a suitable washer to make up the difference?


1) Antdroid board is only a design that agroup some electronic devices (SBEC, USB converter, Arduino Mega shield, LiPo Alarm). Simplyfiying a lot the design, doing it cheaper for big amounts and adding some new functionalities (nothing special).
But it is not tested, neither manufactured. We only designed it.
We are using prototyping board or Arduino Mega Shield to attach all servos with the Arduino. It works pretty well and it's easy to build.

2) We didn't test it but I think that it's going to work well, we add bearings to the design becouse they are cheap and protect motors and plastic parts and probably increase efficiency. You can use 3mm or incluse you can use old femur design and build it without any bearing.

Sorry for answer so late, I saw your comments today :(

Ok, so from what you are saying, I can use a Mega with motor shield. There are 18 motors and most shields cover just a couple of motors. Is there a shield you recommend and how many (I presume I will be stacking a lot of shields)? Otherwise I will connect everything using a breadboard

I ordered the bearings and they are on the way.

BTW, if you are ok with it, I can be reached at samern@ix.netcom.com

Is there any reason not to use MG995 servos, at least for some servos (like the 'hips')? Or must they all be MG996Rs? My understanding is that the MG996R is an upgraded version of the MG995.

Yes, you can use another less powered servor for the hips. We choose MG996R for all becouse it was simpler in the design and easier to buy in big quantity. And the cost of MG996R is arround 4 euros...

Thanks. I ended up using the MG996Rs (they finally arrived) anyway. In the drawings for Coxa, I can tell you that those parts have holes that are dangerously close to the edge of the material and can't take a whole lot of lateral strain. I had to repair 2 of them (ABS or PLA) using Squadron putty. If at all possible, I would make the holes at least 2 hole diameters away from the edge. I realize that would enlarge Coxa by 6mm in 2 axes but the ability to drive a screw in there and have it stay in there would be improved. I am looking at thermoplastic inserts in some places as well. One more question. The documentation specifies the centered location of servos on the body. So let's say the servo turns through 180 degrees (0 to 180). Then I am turning the servo to 90 degrees and mounting on the body so that, say, the left front leg is 45 degrees to the left center leg. The left center leg is 90 degrees to the body with the servo centered. Is this correct? I ask because it seems I am centering by hand. Is it ok to do this because my hand positioning will be largely approximate.

About the holes: in our prototypes its looks a little bit ugly but it doesn't cause any mechanical problem. It's a little more difficult to thread screws in but nothing important.

About the calibration and center of the servos: yes, that is correct and you must center them buy hand, as first approach. Then you will need to calibrate all position of the servos by software.

Like to turn this into a quad copter and use it to pick up downed FPV quad racers

XD Cool feature!

How is there only one comment? This looks like a great project!

Thanks man! It's good to read comments like yours.

This is great work, very impressive. Would love to see you add some voice recognition / commanding.

Yeah, you could try to do something like this: http://www.pirobot.org/blog/0022/ . It could be great.