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Skull (Voronoi style)

by toddschnack Oct 14, 2015
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Hi can you share your .gcode file ?

You should never print from a gcode file. Use a slicer, like Cura, to output gcode for your device.

I see the most forward support on the left cheekbone is not connected to the model on the bottom. Same goes for the center "tree" on the right cheekbone. Does this affect the outcome?

yeah, just canceled the print after I saw it starts to print certain items for the first time on the 3th layer... but I'm trying with .16. Going to try with a raft now I guess.

Awesome. Failed a few times with adhesion problems, but with a raft it works fine

i tried to print at 0.2mm all failed, resized model to 120%
Prusa i3 MK3,

Can you give me more detail? Where were the fails?

It normally gets unstuck from the bed and fails there. When that doesn't happen straight away then it gets unstuck within a few minutes of printing

Great job ! Thank you !

You are welcome! How did it print?

Can model, can the teeth be fixed so that that area is untouched and has a little more detail .?

Hi .. What are the best settings to use (creality cr-10 pla)

what sort of supports should be used for this skull I had a melt down on the left side of the bottom cheek thanks...

Hi there - sorry for the delay - I just print this "as is" without adding any more supports.

I thought this would be a great youtube video. I am going to print this and cast it with recycled pop cans

Hey spider, did you have any success with casting? My son built his own forge and does soda cans also. How do you cast from PLA is what i am wondering?

I've never tried it, but I think you can make an investment mold with plaster, and then melt the PLA out in an oven.

i tried to print at 0.1,0.2,0.3mm all failed
model resized to 287%
0 infill
0 support
when i try to use your factory files my computer crashed... lol
problem i have is when the 3rd layer it doesnt stick on my bed

Hi there - yeah it's a complex model. What printer are you using? Bed adhesion issues are generally due to leveling and/or bed surface problems (I use blue painter tape + hairspray on my Dremel 3D20).

Hey its fine now just decide to print it really slow at the first 10 layers and boom its ok now and using 0.1mm for the first 10 layers, later on 0.3mm for any layers after that

Hi Todd..
I have tried to print it and it's very nice..
But i think i can print it with less support.. Do you have the original voronoi version but w/o the supports?
Best regards

Hi there - sorry - I don't have the original!

Have to try it :)

But as far as i can see in Simplify3d, it will try to print in the middle of the air, like 3-4 layers above the plate without any support.

Hi there. I use Simplify3D and didn't have that issue. Are you using the .factory files I uploaded or are you just importing the .stl? Try the latter: download the .stl, open S3D, import the .stl, and "Drop Model to Table" (CTRL+T).

Hi there

Thanks for your reply, i'll try with your factory file, to see if it makes any difference :)
If that's no help, ill go for the other suggestion :)

Happy to help any way I can! It is possible I am misunderstanding the issue you're having. When you import the model, are you saying that S3D shows it literally "floating" (with no part touching the bed)? If that's the case (and if "Drop to Table" doesn't work), go to "Edit Process Settings" -> Advanced and confirm that neither of the option in Layer Modifications are enabled.

However, if you are just saying that there appear to be some components that print in midair, then:

  1. What is your nozzle diameter set at in S3D? Is it .4mm? If it is something larger, it's possible that S3D is removing details from the model that can't be printed at the resolution of your nozzle, leaving some parts "floating".
  2. Make sure you are printing at .1mm or .2mm layers. Anything higher than that may result in a new layer not having enough of a base (from the prior layer) to print (especially on the areas of the model with steeper angles - like near the top of the skull)

I printed it perfectly too. It's awesome. It would be really cool too if you did a "hear no evil" "see no evil" "speak no evil" version of this... but thanks for the current version it's amazing. Also really appreciate that you put the supports in.

Glad to hear - please post your make if you can!

Glad to hear - please post your make if you can!