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Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Case

by jzkmath Oct 13, 2015
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Hola buenos días, que pantalla de 7" has usado? puedes poner el link de compra? muchas gracias

Hello good morning, what screen of 7 have you used? Can you put the purchase link? Thank you

Holes for the display is off.

Nice work on this and the upgrades. I would recommend a version of this where the pi mainboard were rotated 90 degrees to this orientation and to the left or right. This would free up some space on the other side to fit a small powerbank and the sd card would be accessible from the other side as well as the hdmi slot on the third side.

That's definitely a good idea! I'm reacher happy to see that there are designs out for the pi touchscreen now, because I actually designed this when there were absolutely no designs for the touchscreen.
I'm glad you like my design!

So many inaccuracies.... oh my god. Why do you have such a good design but don't have the screws align or even have the correct spacing for the USB and Ethernet port bay? I had to remove the upper lip on the port bay with my Dremel to gain an additional 1mm to fit the RPi. Also, the twisting of the ribbon cable... was there no way to design this out?

Good design, but some significant practical issues prevent this from being a great case

I'm sorry, but this was literally my first CAD project and I was only a sophomore in high school when I designed it. I have no interest in updating the design, so if someone wants to remix it than great. I simply just don't have the time or interest to fix it with college and work.
The only reason I designed this was because there were absolutely no cases for the touch screen.

Understandable. The errors are very small and could be updated without too much hassle. I will try to do this soon when I have the time and upload a remix.

Still, one of the most visually impressive case designs I have seen. Good job on doing this as a sophomore in high school.

Good luck in your courses

Hi jzkmath thank you for the good job. Is it possible to have a plate whitout any sign on it and more thick? Thank you so much

Built three pieces. Need to go to the store to buy some 3mm x 4mm long screws to attach the frame to the screen. I had to use supports, even though supposedly no supports are needed. I had to flip the frame over. In order to get the RPi 2 to fit into the slot, I had to trim the pins that hold the USB and Ethernet ports onto the board. Now it slides in nicely.

How long should the 3mm screws be that hold the plate through the frame to the bottom?

Another problem with this design is that the holes in the plate and the bottom are the same diameter as the holes in the frame. That means that when you tighten the screws, you're pulling on the entire thing, and can't close up the gap. The holes in the plate and bottom should be larger, so that tightening the screws only pulls the frame up to the bottom and plate.

M3-.50 x 6 screws work great to hold the frame onto the display. Unfortunately, while the front of the bezel is spot-on perfect, the holes in the back are all off, by as much as a diameter. I had to drill them out.

This is a really idea and thanks for putting this out its the only other design I could find that supported the pi 2 and the 7" display! Also nice idea about putting the pi off to the side to make room for the access ports. Happy 3d printing!!

Thanks! Actually, I am quite surprised that nobody has come up with another case design. That was actually the reason I designed the case in the first place! Quite frankly, I should update the design so that it works better, but that is easier said than done!

Heads up!!

The bottom size is: X=194.95,Y=111.76

The other two pieces the parts are X=194, Y=110.

Be sure to resize the bottom to match the other two pieces if you want to successfully get things to line up !!!

Might I make a suggestion: you can, if you want to use a battery by printing the part labeled 'Bottom' from thing 1040389. Print 2 or 3 of these and you can extend the size of the case to suit.

That is an excellent idea! I would do that, but then you would need to make the battery permanent, and I want the USB battery to be separate so I can use it for other things as well.

I have been using these panel mount USB jacks so that I can run a cable from the device to the wall of the enclosures I have been playing with. In the case of this, maybe I can make a modification that splits the back in 2 with a snap on or slide on door for battery access with the power/USB cable coiled inside.

That would work quite well also! Unfortunately, my battery is very large, most of the length of the whole setup. The only problem
I see with the battery is that is would probably move around in the enclosure.

I have used double sided tape, the sort that is more gel than tape from Home Depot. That stuff holds really well. Yesterday, I printed the part BOTTOM.STL and find the holes do not line up on the RasPi 7" screen. They are all consistently off by the same amount. You might consider a revisit of that part. I would suggest you grab this item for hole alignment: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1021025

Raspberry Pi 7 in LCD Touch Screen Stand

How so? Are they too far out or in as far as holes are concerned?

It appears that the holes you have are a little further out than they need to be. I superimposed the stand, which I know is correct because there's a photo in TinkerCAD to confirm my findings, and then made new holes and so a converted segment. When I printed BOTTOM.STL, the 'inner' holes did not line up with the screen, which is why I did this. If you like, I can send you the STL to park on top of yours and see how it works. I sent the STL to Shapeways because the part warps on my printer too much to be useful. I also made the holes 5mm wide so I have have some wiggle. I can print it tonight to confirm the dimensions and post a ReMix, but figured you might want to try it out yourself first. If you want the STL, send me an email address.

I fixed it according to the official display documentation. I just hope that I can still use the one that is coming in the mail because 3D prints are not cheap!
If not, I will have to see if our printer can do it without screwing up

Don't worry dude, if you need it, I will print it for you!