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[Ver2] 360 Spherical Video Mount for GoPro Hero3/4

by RaymondHOPK Oct 7, 2015
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For why this cable and this connector?

How do you sync gopro? Remote gopro remote?

What software do you use to stich a 360 video for youtube?

Autopano Video Pro

This is crazy, why the heck don't you people just use a couple of servos to rotate a single camera every 5 seconds in timelapse mode?

Hi Raymond, I tried sending you a private message, I don't know if you saw it.

I was wondering if you or someone else on the site would be able to make a modified version of the v2 model that has the back port of the gopro fully accessible. that would mean also moving the screw hole a bit further away from the camera and thickening the leg of the camera support to accommodate this new screw placement.

let me know!


Hi Raymond. Thanks for making this great mount.
Could anyone suggest a bolt length for the ¼ inch Hex bold that connects the mount to a tripod/adaptor?

I have uploaded a remixed version of this with the orientation and the supports modelled in. I hope this helps people :)

where is it? i cannot find it.

If you click on this parts remixes you will find it :)

Found it. Thank you

Comments deleted.

Hi Raymond! Thank you for making this - it's fantastic and a great addition to Thingverse. Would you be willing to post the cad/sketchup file for V2? The only file I see is for V1. We'd like to make a few minor changes for our next print. Thanks!

General Feedback:
I just printed this rig (v2) and had to make physical changes (polishing and hot knife lol)
The section that holds the hero4 pushes the camera to a side, making it impossible to align the screws of the clips.
Also, when printed, the inside section of the clips are to tight, making it impossible to insert into the lenses.
I had to remove with hot knife the side section of the cage in order to align the screws of the cameras. Then, I had to polish the inside section of the clips in order not to damage my cameras.
Used PLA, 0.03mm

It is hard to make alignment file using PTGui for his setup because there is so little overlap in images

I didn't realize that I had to switch the aspect ratio to 4:3, which fixed this issue

Hi Raymond. Thank you very much for your sharing. I'm a beginner. The Mount Object needs to be placed in an inclined position. My simplified method is to rotate the object 45 degrees along the Z axis and 125 degrees along the Y axis. Would you like to share the correct rotation method? Thank you!

which plastic was used for the samples pics of v2?
looks nice

Hi Raymond. Thank you very much to share your design.

Hello, how do you use this Micro usb connection?

the holes for the camera holder don't line up with the holes on the mount for V2

yes holes or sides tap over =) do u solve it?

I redesigned the camera loop and moved the holes to match with the mount

Is this mount compatible with the YI Action Camera which is 1.65 x 0.83 x 2.37 inches?


Can you tell me what you used to make the gcode? How did you set the support?

I printed this (version 1) and my colleagues made a short film with it (in Dutch): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60YD_sI3Le4

Comments deleted.

Could you by chance upload the file with the supports included?

Hi, Love you work! this is the second one if printed and love the redesign of V2. Just wondering if you could explain how you are powering the cables exactly and the wiring setup for the usb ports? are you using a small usb hub on the inside? or have you just soldered your own wiring harness?

Hello, the DIY power cable is just 6 miniUSB cables soldered together to a small power connector, so you can easy to remove the cables after full charge the GoPros.

Hello! I am interested in this rig ,
Is the stitching any different from the other 'commercial' mounts like the Freedom360 and 360Heros?
Will there be any problem in post production due to the mount?

This will be my very first 360 Rig , and project so excuse my ignorance/anxiety.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts ,

Hello. This rig is stitch same as any commercial rig.

Hi! Awesome new design.
What is the cable for? Charging? Or downloading data? Could you link or name those cables and charger? Thanks

Hello, it is a DIY charging cable made by 6 original GoPro USB cables.

Hello, Great design RaymondHOPK!
I like the Micro USB connector, nice touch.

Can you or anyone print one and I can buy from you?


Thanks for this RaymondHOPK!

Have you considered making one that allows for mounting GoPro in their underwater housing? Similar to the F360 Explorer

Hi, could you upload the original files? I want to make a little bit bigger the hex hole for the head of the 1/4 bolt and also the ones for the nuts. Thanks

Just uploaded. Enjoy.

What is the third file for? I understand the main body and covers, but I'm not sure where to use the flatter object?

The third thing is use for replace the 6th Gopro to setup ‘4-around, 1-up’ configuration.
Same as this product: http://freedom360.us/shop/5x-adaptor/
More setup infomation: http://www.kolor.com/wiki-en/action/view/Autopano_Video_-_Template_Stitching_Study

Hello! Does anybody have a ptgui template for this mount?

Sorry, I didnt save any template/preset.

Do i need to do any resizing for this print? I'm using a MakerBot 5th Generation.

I used a 1/4-20 socket head cap screw to attach a 2" by .5" standoff for tripod mounting.


Printed but not sure what the large 3/8" hex is for. I'm having trouble finding the nylon lock nuts that fit into the printed holes.

Hey, I don't understand the purpose of the 3rd file? I'm not sure if I'm missing something but I can't work out the need for it.

Also, I ordered a 3/8" hex bolt but it seems far too small to fit into the array, could someone please post a link to the correct hex bolt for me to order? I'm based in the UK but it would just be great to get more information about this specific bolt. I can't manage to attach the array to a tripod at all.


I used a 1/4-20 socket head cap screw to attach a 2" by .5" standoff for tripod mounting.


perfect, thanks a lot!

Comments deleted.

Hola RaymondHOPK, excellent work, can you share an iges file? Instead of printing it I choose to machine it. Gracias!

Hello can you post the plantilla (preset )of autopano that you use for this support?
I was tring all f them from the website but they are not working.

Hey there - did you manage to get the preset? Also having trouble with stitching

Sorry, I didnt save any template/preset.

Excellent design. Very well done. With the right hardware (not pictured) you can run a threaded rod all the way through the middle. Looking forward to testing it out.

Hello friend, greetings from Mexico ...
Just print your base 6 GoPro Hero cameras ... I use 4 Black.
I bought Autopano Pro Video ... But I failed to make a video 360.
Could you help me please? If you like, you could pay for teaching.

Could you?

Hello Gibran.
Kolor already made some tutorial to let you learn how to use the softwares.


Great design! I was wondering how the pieces fit together, specifically the last file: is that the base? Also what screws did you use for fitting the piece together and for attaching to a tripod. Thanks!

It use a 3/8" hex bolt to attach the mount on any standard tripod adaptor/monopod, 18 M3x35mm socket screws and nylon insert lock nuts to hold the GoPros.

I finished this print with no supports, its had a little defects but acceptable.

also did you print with any supports?