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Beam Table

by AAAndyAn Oct 6, 2015
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Extremely low stability - not functional as a productive table in any way. It looks like the designer gave up on the idea of cross bars, but it shouldn't be too difficult to jerry rig something.

As it is though, the table is too unstable to even set a drink on or lean on the way the shown in the image, even with the legs spread out further, as I tried after insetting them was pretty bad.

Hello AAAndyAN!
i'll be glad to see some cross beams too!

and i'm sure you'll have a lot of othe people want to see that happens!

if you can do it we will be really happy!

Thanks !

ps: your contribution to this community is really appreciate :)

Dear AAAndyAN,

Just curious, did you make any progress on the table with the cross beams?
Looking for a nice desk for my little daughter. This would be perfect.
Any idea if I could use the original design? she will write, and do some drawing on the desk?
No heavy stuff yet ;-)

You said you used PLA, how has the table held up to use? Jw what kind of durability you are getting from PLA, may use to make another table for my work space. Looks good!

Hey Imgonagetu!

I've actually disassembled it and have been re-using the brackets for various other installations I need to stand on four legs. The current version isn't meant for work-use. I will be releasing an updated version in the next month or two featuring cross beams for real added support!

Until then

I would love to see cross beams in a similar style. After looking for a simple desk for the past couple months, this looks like a great solution. If the cross beams add enough support that the printer printing them could rest of top of the desk: perfection!

Oh snap! Ill look forward to that, I wasn't going to be doing too much heavy duty things but I will just hold off for the next one and give it a whirl. Looking forward to it! Will you also print that in PLA, or ABS?

Out of curiosity, what resolution did you print/would you recommend printing these at? I've got nothing but time on my hands, so I'll print at 0.1 if I have to, but Cura is giving me an estimate of 24 hours per bracket. 4-5 days is a pretty stiff wait for a table. Of course, I wouldn't want to risk it breaking at 0.3 either.

I print mine on my printer's lowest resolution and they are great! The surface detail looks crisper on a higher resolution print but I personally don't think the difference justifies how much longer it takes for a bracket to print. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Comments deleted.

I am sorry how does this get featured? there are lots of table parts.....and with no cross supports and no add on's it seems lacking imagination. i really do like the texture, that looks great. and i understand exploring new design programs, but u would think featured would be better than this, or at least original.(accents). you can tell that table is unstable. on top of that most dowel rods are warped. so long lengths do not help. i really would love to see this revamped to be more fun. so i can delete this comment and ad a super positive one. lol

needs feet
needs cross supports
needs more creativity on accents

It got featured because it had a spectacular photo ;)

Printing at the moment will get photos up ASAP have 1 left printed and another at 5 hours remaining

Cool idea. Adding 4 additional brackets mid way down the legs that linked the legs with another 4 beams would probably increase sturdiness and strength quite a bit. It would hold the legs together and reduce a lot of the moment on each leg bracket.

Just a suggestion for your instruction section. You are suggesting to use 2 inch (") by 4 inch ("). Not a very large table in my opinion. So you may want to switch that to feet ('). Its just bothering me is all. Same goes for the leg length.

Fixed- Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Happy printing,


yes or better use cm ;-)

Needs some geometry between the legs to stiffen it up some. Great idea though.

I love the design! What program did you use? Were the diamond shapes generated or designed one by one?

Thank you! I use two programs to create the geometry- Rhino and Solidworks. The diamond shapes were generated by Grasshopper, a visual-programming plug-in for Rhino.

Happy printing!


Thank you! I need to check out Rhino.

It looks just great! Which tool did you use for the nice schematics/parts-overview in the last picture ?
Best regards

Thank you!! I used Solidworks and Adobe Illustrator for the illustration :)

You show 36 screws, but I only count 24 holes in the brackets. Are the additional screws to hold the dowels in place?

I've updated the image and description with the correct number- although having some screws to secure the dowels isn't a bad idea. Happy printing!

Look great - Any infill recommendations? (I'm assuming high)

Thank you! I printed these with 15% infill in PLA and they were more than steady enough to support 50 lbs. That being said, the same way you wouldn't sit on a glass coffee table, this design is meant to support only objects that would normally sit on a desk or dining table. I haven't yet tested how infill affects supportable weight but I assume the higher the infill the more weight you will be able to support. Another thing to consider is higher infill could mean more warping depending on your printer.

Hope that is helpful, happy printing!

Make some feet for the legs to go with it, might help keep the table from sliding all over the place =)

I haven't had a problem with it sliding around but if this is a real concern, I recommend looking into "plasti-dip" and dipping your wooden dowels in that. 3D printed plastic feet wont have enough grip but the plasti-dip will. And it looks nice.

Thanks for your feedback, happy printing!

The feet could be printed in a flexible rubber-like filament such as Ninjaflex. You could make the feet match the look of your brackets and would give the table a more "finished" look to it. Cheers!