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1d20 of Holding

by graphicsforge Jun 19, 2013
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Well somebody's got a sense of humor. And skills in design.

The pin keeps breaking when I try to push it into the lid. Printing PLA.

try reducing the percentage (size) of the pin by a few. like size it down to 99% or 98%. See if that helps

I don't know why I never thought of this before, but simply tuning the pin on its side/face, so it's laying down, made all the difference. The layers were now along the length instead of across it and everything worked smoothly.

But, thank you for the suggestion!

The bottom part printed fine for me, however the top now has had layer shift 3 times at the exact same point about 2/3's of the way up.
Which is a shame as I wanted to have the completed set :(

I started to print without looking at Slic3r first, and found that there are some issues. Layer 23 (0.4 mm layer height) makes a 2 mm extension straight out from all faces. Hopefully the screenshots from Slic3r are sufficient to show what I mean.


I'm using a Solidoodle4 and had to kill this print at layer 30 due to the error.

edit: Slicing on Surface Pro 2 resulted in the error, including in the gCode. Slicing on my 4-year-old windows 7 laptop produced no obervable error, but multiple "overlapping parts" errors occurred.

Ran the models through netfabb and all is fine!

Any suggestions on infill, perimeter and so ? I'm getting a 17 hour print for the base

I tried making one of these and this happened:

For some reason (and the model did NOT move at all during printing) it's printing with a bulging ring around part of it and another part completely misaligned. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Aww man, that sucks!

The misalignment is a fairly common thing that I get whenever my belt tension is wrong or something bumps against the extruder in any way. I've heard that wrong voltage can also cause this, but I don't have personal experience with that as I just bought a prefabricated printer.

The bulging ring is really weird =( My first instinct would be to look at the gcode to see what the machine is being told to do. http://gcode.ws/ is a superb tool for seeing if the slicer is trying to do something that I didn't expect.

It looks like your extruder hit a blob and the belt jumped.

Printed one of these. Took 8.5 hours to print and the lid curled up. Going to reprint just the lid with support once I figure that out.

It must be black....
One die to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them.

Weird... My lid came out too small to fit. =o\

yep it's 1.5% too small (4mm on mine) and needs to be done on a hot platform or the frame support will cool too fast and curl the edges up during the print

I'm assuming you mean 105% or 1.05 times too small. On my printer (Solidoodle 2) the OD of the lid was 81.4mm and the ID of the bottom was 85.9mm. Doing that math (85.9 / 81.4) results in 1.05528.

I'm going to reprint the top at 105% and see how that works. I figure it is easier to sand a little than to try to add material.

Ooh, good tip about the overhang_threshold! I printed the top with default support like a chump, and then had to spend an hour with a drimel.
I'm guessing that the filament diameter I used is way fatter than advertised =(
Mine wasn't a snug fit by any means, but the nubs still caught in the holes enough to stay closed when I flipped it upside down.

Do your notches not catch, or is the entire thing too small?
Odd, because as you can see, I needed a bit of sanding before mine would easily slide in and turn.

On mine, the lid was 4.5 mm too small compared to the ID of the base. When I printed the lid at 105%, it was a VERY tight fit so I hit it (and the inside of the base) with a little 320 grit sandpaper and it works great now. Made it as a present for my son.

hah! this is what mine did. I had to scale both down to 85% to print at all (replicator mini) and while they came out ASTOUNDING and the lid was precisely the right size externally the internal "cylinder" with the nubs was too small. spins and wiggles around freely! so no locking!

I want to scale it up but then the exterior (the faces) will be too large ??? (since they are exactly perfect right now)


I printed with 2 walls no infill and no support except for the lid and it came out VERY nice and plenty strong.

They turn freely. I'm going to try printing it again now that I have enclosed my printer for a more consistent temperature.

This container is to die for!

Congrats on the Feature!