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Settlers of Catan (Complete Set)

by trevorclarke Oct 1, 2015
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Nice work, Trevor! I don't see any new designs from you ... are you still in this 'verse?

I think this is a more practical print than the huge magnetic sets, but i would want to print a frame around the tiles to keep them in place. We pretty much always play a combination of C&K with Seafarers, using the seafarers frame and layout as shown on the back of our Seafarers manual.

Rather than trying to design my own frame, and try to match your texture on the water tiles, i was hoping you had made (or found) a suitable frame set for this Complete Set?

Try these ones.


I found them a bit loose for my liking though, so you might want to scale them to 99% or even 98% to get a more snug fit.

Settlers of Catan Border
by JSR82

As I am almost done printing all tiles, I am now facing issues printing the 2:1 ports, in particular the material icons on the landing stage. For example, the wood is all scrambled up and the ore wagon is missing one side. I am using Cura for slicing and an Ender 3 for printing.Has anybody been able to print the 2:1 tiles o.k. on an Ender 3 and is willing to share the settings?

I have print my version ! I have made development cards to finish the game. You can find it here : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3886736

Catan development Cards

Does it fit the normal number pieces or do you have one that is each singular because my printer is not large enough to print all the numbers at the same time?

Finished mine pretty quickly. Absolutely love it. So does the family!

Hi, have you or anyone tried to make it smaller '??
If so shall I scale the tiles and pieces on the same percentage ?

Hi, thaks for the design ands this is my holder for 6 player terrain pieces:


Settlers of Catan Storage for 3d terrain pieces (6 players)
by anlosay

Any chance you could design an edge piece to hold the island together during gameplay? I'm imagining long pieces that would run along the zigzagging hex edges and connect together like puzzle pieces.

Can anybody tell me how many settlements, cities, and sections of road I should print for each team?

I found the answer but thought I should post it here for everybody's benefit.

5 settlements
4 cities
15 roads

Awesome set, I'm excited to print it all out. This game lends itself well to 3D printing without much in the way of tricky overhangs, etc.

There seems to be a strange hollow place in the Mt. St. Helens model near the base of the mountain on the side where the mountain top has collapsed. I'm guessing it's where you merged the model piece that had the mountain contours with whatever you have below for a rocky base? It creates a bit of weirdness there when I try to print it. Anybody else have this issue or have a workaround?

Same here. Anyone have a fixed version of it?

Thanks for the files! I noticed that there are some sheep getting busy on the sheep tiles. An interesting addition.

I can't believe I am almost finished printing this before I found that out

I'm I was wondering how many grams it took to make this project

depends on howw you make it

I have just started printing out this as it will be a great christmas present for my wife that loves this game, but we still dont own one. Hopefully I am done with it before christmas XD Just printed out the first part and it is a lovely detailed piece :) I just need to buy the proper colors now :D

Holy Crap! this is a marathon!!!! A previous post said it was a great way to learn how to use your printer and i have to agree. I have printed brick water wheat wood so far. got my cards and dice, currently printing dessert and egypt on the same plate. Really amazing work! There is a local board game shop that has a game night. I've never been to it, but once im done i think i'll bring my board in and be the envy of the nerds!

Has anyone else had problems with Roman roads-file? I think my problem is related to the file being .obj as normally all 3D-printed files I have made are .stl. I have been able to make all the other components even as they are .obj but Roman roads didnt load correctly.. How can i fix it?

Nevermind, I saw the reply just two posts down :D

all good! Hope the print goes well!
I designed the roman roads to be printed on their side. Should make it easier!

I'm currently in the middle of printing this and so far it looks awesome. Has anyone found any other expansion models that work well with this?

Hi Trevor, thanks for this brilliant set of Catan!! We play it all the time, and this is a fantastic! One problem I found is the Roamn road file is only 20kb in size and it does not print. You dont perhaps have another version?

did you try grabbing from: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1079138 ??
If that doesnt work, let me know. I've seen it work for others, but I could upload an .stl if needed!

Roman Player Set - Settlers of Catan

Thx Trevor, I ran it through an online converter program and it prints ok!


I am currently printing these tiles out and I noticed that although they sit together well, they tend to move and slip as you are doing things with them, adding walls, cities....

How do you get the pieces to stay where you place them on your table?

What do you print with? ABS or PLA?

I am using XYZ PLA.

I found a great way of making the tiles stay where you place them. Take a gaming playmat and flip it over to the rubber side and on the bottom of your tiles place quilter's slip 'n grip stickers. My tiles don't move much when placed now.

I use blue painters tape for PLA, no probs.

There is another design in thingiverse for magnetic base holders, if you like. (not my design, but i've seen it.) When we play, its not too difficult, since they shift only a little bit within the mass of tiles.

Hey, I was trying to print this out, and I finished all of the tiles, so I was starting on the character pieces. Eventually I got to Rome and was going to print out the roads for it, but they were messed up for me. I don't know if this is a problem for more people, or if I'm the only one having this problem. I was wondering if you knew how to fix this. Basically the problem is that I'm only getting a partial mesh along the the curved edges from the model. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Never mind, I managed to fix it. To anyone else who has this problem, go to the apps menu for the models, and use the app called MakePrintable, and select the bridge, then continue through until you get the option to download it (it will say that there isn't anything wrong with the model, just continue through it anyway). Download it, unzip it, and the problem was fixed, at least for me.

Thanks for alerting me!! Was the mesh messed up in your slicer? if so, which slicer are you using? I haven't seen any issues thus far, so it would be new to me!! Also, you could look into netfabb for mesh clean ups in the future. Apps is fairly new on this site, but probably a good idea as well.

Comments deleted.

okay!! well glad that worked out!! hopefully these issues dont continue for you.

Is there any way that I can print the little robber figure you have in the picture?

Hello melonballer!
I actually found that by searching for "mage" (from final fantasy). There are several versions, most are designed for other desktop games. I just found the one I liked ;)


So far I've printed all the water tiles, desert, sheep, wheat, Mt. St. Helens, and the Half Dome, but is there a better version of Mt. Hood anywhere? One that has a complete pad for the token?

This has been a great first project to learn how to use my printer.

Hi Geonovast! I used the mount hood from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:282451, ended up leaving the hill inside of where the token was used since it didnt slide too much. You could always edit in blender and remove that bit if you want. It took me a while to remove enough vectors before I could edit, since its got such detailed geometry!

Good luck!

Mt. Hood

I printed this set, really very nice!!! Thanks for designing.
I cannot insert a photo.....

Awesome!! It must feel great to be finished! You can upload a "make" if you want to share photos with everyone else.


Man, I definitely want to print a 3D set of Catan at some point, though I know it's gonna take a good while... -____- But, will be totally worth it once it's done. I was just curious, how come there's only 5 player sets and not 6? Kinda threw me off since while I could always print one of the sets twice, it would be awesome if there was a 6th one to go with the rest of them.

I guess I figured 5 so you could choose your favourite 4 ;) Maybe I should design 1 more?? haha.

This is awesome! I don't have access to a 3D printer. Is there a possibility of you printing the pieces and I could purchase them?

It is possible!
I have a 3Dhubs store.
You would have to wait a bit tho. I am on business travel for a while this month, and the print for this would take around 1 - 2 weeks for the whole board + pieces. It also would be a lot of money. :/
If you are interested however, you can PM me and we can chat more!

Hi, I just uploaded resource tokens and a sort of box to cover them. It surely can be improved but it works just fine:

Settlers of Catan resource tokens and box to cover

I added a link in the description, since this was so awesome.

Where do I get the cards for this game?

So I printed this thing but I've just realized that I can't find the cards anywhere online at a reasonable price. They're either foreign country only sales or at ridiculous prices ($100+ USD).

Do I really need to buy the whole game just to get my hands on the cards?

Hello iplop!
I have added a new link in the description for where I got my set of cards. It came out to be about $20 USD with shipping for me.

You can use this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1250077
to replace the resources, but you need to get the other cards. I printed them and put them on soft sleeves like:

Settlers of Catan resource tokens and box to cover

Many thanks for sharing, been working on making it. Thing I noticed was they must have changed the size of the number chips. For both settler games we have, the circular cuttouts/imprints are too small to fit the pieces.

For those having trouble printing these because of lack of STL files, the free version of netfabb can take the obj files and convert them to stl files.

Interesting!! I actually don't have a real board, so this is a good note.

For reference, the number chip sizes are 25mm circles. I'm going to take a stab at opening the blender files to modify them though i've never used blender before.

Congratulations! great design. I can't wait to print it.

I notice that you are using also the resource cards. Does anyone have thought about replacing them for some physical representation to be able to 3d print it as well? I think they would look great, altough there might be problems when the thief gets resources from a player, and storing them without other players knowing exactly what you have can be done with a little box.

Any thoughts on this?

Sounds neat!! I thought about this, only problem would be keeping the cards small enough in profile, and not able to be recognized from the other players. The box idea could work, I've seen a couple cool pirate style boxes on here. If you have something epic in mind, I would love to see!!

I am curious how you guys are handling the Longest Road and Largest Army tiles. They aren't included in the replacement cards I bought from the manufacturer. Is there printable options? I suppose I could just create my own with cardboard.

Bahaha, awesome! Trevorclarke for the 3 pointer!

Is there an eta on when the robber will be posted? I have all the land tiles printed and am working on the water tiles.

That is awesome!! Congrats!
I ended up running with this one for now: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:815477
However, it may be something I take on in the future to design.

Catan Robber
by stockto

Awesome! Thanks for your response. I only have one more player set to print tonight. Cant wait to use this.

So awesome! Make sure to post pictures! I know exactly how great it feels to get through the whole board!

Hmm, okay, so the number tokens are all one huge file, and they are to large to print on my little printer. I tried using Cura to seperate them, but it also seperated the dots and numbers off of the tokens as well... I tried using Tinkercad to break them up myself, but it only reads STL and SVG files, so I am at a loss here. Is there another free cad program that reads obj or blend files? Or is there a way to convert this to stl ?

Or failing that is someone willing to just bust it into 3 seperate smaller groupings for me? Let me know.

Oh!! sorry about that! I used blender (a free modeling app). That's the file ".blend" which you could edit the vertices/mesh to suit your printing needs. Hopefully that helps!

Just curious, anyone else who has printed this already, how do you store it? I could just toss in a carboard box I suppose, but am looking for creative ways to store it nicely.

I currently have them in a cardboard box. :( But I am working through a nice little tray system to help with the storage! I would also suggest buying a nice box once they are printed. Its such a nice set, would be sad to wreck it from improper storage.

I have a full sized game box from an expansion to Last Night on Earth, that I am not using as I have put all of those pieces in with the original box...and I am mentally chewing on how I could repurpose that game box for this. I am hoping to find maybe Catan box art, and print it off, and maybe carefully glue it over the existing box art. Then work on some foamcore ideas maybe to create something inside to hold the pieces.

Ah thats a great idea! If you complete and post those art pieces, I would love to see them! Just curious, you would prefer to use foamcore vs printing containers/holders?

I think I like the idea of foamcore, but would rather stick with printing if I can find something nice. I did track this down through JAWong:


Also btw, found this, as an alternate forest/wood tile, thought I might print of one of my tile as it, just to add variety:


Hex Tile Holders such as for JAWong 3D Catan Terrain Pieces
by neuport
Catan Jungle Hex
by Sustrik

Ah, the jungle. That one inspired me to make the aztec player pieces. Those hex tile holders look awesome, just want to design some that don't take so long to print, and have a more minimal footprint. I made one, and it was a little overkill. Have to get some time in for that.

OMG!!!! So much detail! Can't wait to print :):):):):)

Just curious what the size should be for each map tile. By default it has them printing standing up, and point to point is like 91 MM, and side to side is almost 80mm. That seems quite large, or am I way off with this? I am printing in Cura as well.

Thats the correct size! You shouldn't need to adjust the scale. For example, I was only able to print 4 at a time on my ultimaker 2.
You should rotate them to lay flat, none of them need supports. For these designs, I used blender, which has a strange orientation.

Awesome, thank you! Are they larger than the original game tiles then?

They should be close, however I have not done a size comparison. If you're planning on using the tiles in conjunction with the regular board tiles, I would double check with calipers. :)

I was able to print one of the water tiles by correcting it with one of the web based clean up tools.

I was wondering if you had located a set of border tiles where the interlocking parts actually fit together. there are a couple of Thingiverse but they require a lot of work to get them to fit together.

You certainly could! I followed the standard JAWong tiles with these designs. You could also try something like this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:505261 with magnets. You'd just need a lot of magnets!
I didn't do interlocking simply because I did not find a majority using one interlocking system.

3D Magnetic Catan Tiles

Trying to slice these with Slic3r. THere must be some issues with the obj files are Slic3r doesn't slic3r the deck on the water. Cura does but I have the settings for Slic3r pretty optimized for my printer.

Hi ijourneaux!
I actually had issues printing that as well. I used Cura, and sent to printer, however the print came out poorly since the mesh faces inside were conflicting. This design was built with tinkercad, and the meshes need to be cleaned up for the water ports.
If you are able to clean them up, i'll post here. Otherwise, I might take another pass at new tile designs in a few weeks.

Sorry about that! Happy printing!