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Universal Spool Holder (2020 AND 1515 frame mount)

by AdrianW Oct 7, 2015
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Why not just print the M8 thread right in the top knob. It's long enough that it should be quite stable. I can help you do that if you like.

Thats a good Idea.

I am using Inventor Fusion (not 360) for mac. With that cad package I can't do threads. Do you think it would be printable?

How durable do you think it would be? If you want to try Go for it!!! I look forward to the model.

Would it be better to print the top and cut the threads with a tap?

I've printed 3/8 threads with great success for some cello clamps I designed. I use OpenSCAD to create the thread and Boolean it to a file in 123D Design. I have done tapping too, but I worry about damaging the plastic too much. I also run the tap through the printed thread just to clean it up but it works without it just the same. Just a little more oomph on the first time through.

Very cool,

Just let me know. :)

I have completed a version of the outer_side_holder that uses the M8 thread with 1.25 thread pitch. Now, how should I send it to you?

You could make a variant on thingiverse. Or e-mail Adrian.l.west@gmail.com

Another comment I have is that I think that the 5mm bolt would probably be better as a little bigger, maybe M6. The 5mm seems a little unstable. Although, that would mean larger bearings too. Also, a lock nut may be better for attaching to the base.

I would love to see a picture. It would help me understand what you are seeing. Unstable in what way?
The M5 was picked because it fit the common REP-RAP bearings.

Good luck

I'm thinking the top part shouldn't have the hex hole all the way through. How do you expect it to tighten up if the nut can come straight through it?

That is how it would look at first glance. However, That hole has a slight taper. It is large enough at the back end to push the nut in. The front end (pointy end) is very tight. If you pull the nut out that end you are tightening the holder too much. A light grip in the spool is all you need.

Hope that helps
I have a new redesigned ver coming soon This one has some tolerance problems on some printers.

Maybe so, all things being equal. I noticed it tapered. However, it still came through, even before I put it on the spool! Doesn't seem like a logical way to design it to me. Yes I had some other tolerance issues too. The mounting M5 screw in the BOM was too short. The M8 is too long unless the nut is almost all the way at the top unless using a bolt that is threaded further down.

Ok, thanks for the feed back on the part. I will get you one that has a lip.

I have built this on a number of occasions and mine allows get wedged in.

The M5 screw will work. Take the M5 nut, screw and bearings. Put the screw through one of the bearings and push into the housing. Put the bering on the other side of the housing. Then us the M5 nut and the screw to pull the bearings into place. The screw then can be used pull the m5 nut into the nut trap on the base.

The M8 screw is supposed to be long. Some spools are very wide and small.

I need a better construction doc. Im working one one for instructables.

Let me know what I can do to help.

Thanks. I'm just making comment as a courtesy/feedback. I'll be modifying the files as needed for my application. I'll probably add epoxy to hold the nut in the top piece so I don't have to print it again.


I wanted to apologize. I did not fully understand some of your comments. I recently was reviewing all my files. Im making a build instruction for the holder. When I saw the part number for the 8mm bold I realized that it is NOT the fully threaded type. I thought the length was the problem you where having. Any way. You wher kind and helpful with the feed back. I would have been mad as heck. Could I purchase the bolts from you that where incorrect? You don't need to ship them.

I appreciate the consideration but it isn't that big a deal. I didn't use the part numbers you had listed, but did reference the appearance and the sizes for my selection from the bins at my local hardware store. At any rate, I'm not going to make a stink over 65 cents. I apologize if my comments came across as though I was upset because I most certainly am not and was not. I generally speak up with the hope I can be helpful.

Ya you did not come across as angry. It was very helpful.

I think I have most of the issues you ran into fixed.

Good luck

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