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Robo 3D R1 Double 40 mm fan setup - hexagon hot end

by 3DNG Sep 27, 2015
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Anyone provide me online links to the exact hardware used to screw this together?

Awesome... Printing this tomorrow!!!

Just finished installing this thing! The only issue I had was my (2) Fans needed to have a chamfer on the top in order to fit snug. If you were to adjust the shrouds to extend the fans 2mm away from the extruder, then there would be no issues with this design. I am also only using (2) 10mm deep fans instead of the 20mm, so that may cause an issue with the 20mm fans (not sure). I will post pictures in the "I Made One" Section shortly and show the chamfer as well.

Got everything installed / wired, however now my extruder doesn't reach 210! Too much air I assume....now what?

I would suggest you take a good look at the Robo 3D forums, since much of what you want to know is already answered there. First off, I assume you are not trying to bring your temperature up with the fans on. If your temperature fluctuates a lot I could point you at 2 possibilities: A) Your thermistor is not seated properly and is giving you a bad reading. B) Your resistance is not properly attached and not heating accordingly. Please note that all this is experimental and nothing is certain and things change between machines. I would suggest doing a ton of research before attempting any upgrades, the Robo 3D forum is always my goto place for this.

Don't heat up your machine before making sure that the thermistor/resistance/heat block are all properly assembled and attached, fail to do so may burn out something beacuse you are getting an unaccurate heat reading and temperature could be way up.

Also bear in mind that since the airflow is going to be stronger, you will need to change your temperature settings and give them 5-10° more to account for the improved cooling. The Robo 3D R1 will not print if the temperature goes under 180°

I was attempting to pre-heat with fans on. What plug do I connect new fans to (which spot on board)? I tapped into the fan underneath the unit to power the two new fans. I searched high and low on the robo forums and found nothing.

This is on the Robo 3D forum.

Seriously though, do your research before you wreck your machine.

Printing these now for my R1+, is there any special way of wiring or just tap into the board where the stock fan gets its power. Also, I'm not really clear on how to 'mount the mount'. Do I need to remove the carriage and hot end or it just first over everything that is already there? Lastly, did you use pan-head screws / countersunk / etc?

Seems that if I need to loosen the front bolt to swing the retaining arm out of the way, I'll have to partially disassemble this. I might see if I can mod it to allow access to this.

Aside from that nit, this works well. First print after I installed it aborted because the printer head cooled to quickly. Simply a matter of changing settings, but shows how well this works at generally cooling.

Thanks for this... it has made major improvements for my PLA prints. Crisp edges and clean lines. Thank you for the contribution.

Glad it helped, it would be cool If you upload your print in the "I Made One" section. Completely optional mate. Happy Printing!

Does this bring the fans in close enough to clear the Robo cover to get the full height?

Yes it does with 40x10 and 40x20 mm fans. Can't tell on other sizes though.

I'm thinking of adding a 40x40x28 fan, think that will work alright?

Here's what I'm looking at, it's a bit loud.


Those fans will most likely fit. I have these ones installed: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000QEAXDO?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00

They work really really well and arent all that noisy.

Thanks for the quick reply! I see you use 1/8 (#5) screws, but how long does each kind of screw need to be?

And if I'm seeing this right, I have to replace part of the X carriage if I want to use two fans? Just remove the two screws currently holding it on and pull it off. I'm on the R1+ but I don't think it matters much.

I think I used 1/8" x 1 1/4" coarse threaded screws. you will need to bore out the holes in the fans just a bit, use a 1/8 drill bit and get it throu the holes 2-3 times. this is so the screw doesnt thread to the fan which makes problems when trying to screw it to the shroud

Was that for both the 40mm fans and the hexagon fan or did you use the stock screws for the hexagon fan?

Stock screws for the hex fan.

Fit my new Robo3D R1 +Plus perfectly. I am adding an "I Made One" for pics and details. Thanks Darkzeid!

Great design. Many of the other designs didnt fit... This one fits perfectly. Thank you so much!!! 5 stars. I will post a timelapse of the print soon.

Cool! thanks man.

What's strange is I purchased my Robo3d around the same same time (August 2015) and the height was never a problem for me. I wonder why there's a discrepancy in the nozzle height? Did you buy the R1+ or just the regular R1?

Its the stock R1 im assuming, I have extensively looked into it and to be honest I found the build quality was rather sketchy, shtty tape here, loose screw there... etc or could it be just my model? Ordered it through Amazon, could it be an old one that sat on the shelf for too long? on top of that it took a month to get on to my country so...
Too many variables, so I figured that making a custom design was the best option, it works nicely now. The bottom of the shrouds are 2-3 mm above the heat bed/print/part all the time so its given me more peace of mind.

Thanks for asking!

I'd be willing to bet it's an older one that's been sitting in a warehouse for a while. I pre-ordered the R1+ straight from Robo3d because it has a number of upgrades, and I wanted the newest iteration of the printer.

I really your the design, and might try it out, one thing I noticed is that the rear fan shroud with the larger opening seems to have a lot better air flow then the one in the front. I noticed that it looks like you went with 10mm fans instead of 20mm, any reason for that?

Yeah, that might be it, maybe its an older Robo R1.
Im am using 10 mm thick fans because those were the ones I had at the moment. I ordered 20 mm ones but they haven't arrived, they should work, no problem. I will update this post with pictures when I get the fans installed, in case you are wondering I ordered a pair of these: http://www.amazon.com/Top-Motor-Bearing-40x40x20mm-DF124020BH/dp/B000QEAXDO/ref=sr_1_41?m=A2F13KK758WMXQ&s=merchant-items&ie=UTF8&qid=1443394051&sr=1-41
So if quality saw a major improvement with the 10's, the 20's should really do the trick.

40 downloads and just 1 like... come on!
Please tell me how it fits your machine, like, comment, collect.