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PLA printed LM8UU bearing noise test!

by jspark Jun 12, 2013
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Hello, i want to print this to my anet a8 (the bar is 8mm), i need to change any parameter?

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2562323 i made the correct version. credit to oringal author

Correct 8*15*24 LM8UU spike version
by zjxlsti


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Same here! Wish I had read these comment before attempting to print. turned out to be 15.70m OD. Wont fit into my bearing holders.
I will need to find another as good to print. I don't have an 8mm drill bit either!!

I just printed 3 of these.

I scaled the x and y axis to 14,7mm, used a 8mm dril and a 8mm threaded rod to make them fit to the guides.

This is the first time my wanhao duplicator i3 plus has been so silent.

So a big thanks for this.

I was printed 5 of them before I realised THAT OUTER DIAMETER IS 16mm !!!
For what ???
Why make different size instead of original LM8???

Well , spent 2 hours printing 3 for my malyan m150 , wanhao copy , printed nice , took the smooth rail off to hone the inside , got that nice , then proceeded to dismantle the heat plate to access the bearings , took one off to test fit , looked a little tight so popped the bush in the freezer while I extracted the bearing from its housing , put the housing into some boiling water for 5 min , went to fit the bush , and.....nope 1-1.3mm too big , on the outside diameter.......now reassembling the printer minus bushes .....granted they were really smooth and silent once honed , just a shame they don't fit the bearing carrier

I've got to agree with Pivan, the size is completely off. According to Simplify3d, it is 15.7mm in diameter (should be 15mm) but length is 24mm as it should be. Not sure why the size is wrong but it's a little frustrating as I was hoping to use these in a build.

Remember that there are a couple(might be more) standards for theese bearings. There is the European version which is 15mm and the Japanese version which is 16, might be the other way around.

Do you instruction for print this bearing please ?


Hi very good design.
Would you be able to upload the following two type s bearings as well please?
LM6UU - Inner Diameter: 6mm ; Outer Diameter: 12mm ; Length: 19mm
LM12UU - Inner Diameter: 12mm ; Outer Diameter: 21mm ; Length: 30mm

Very good design and really "noisless" compared to a cheap LM8UU. Really tight IMHO, I had to work it internally with a M8 drill bit and then work it again until good and smooth fitting.
If you use it on the X ends/carriages take care of outer diameter (mine was 15.50 average after print, and LM8UU is 15.06).
Do not focus too much on the above reported "issues" because my prusa i3 is at its first prints and so it could be not perfectly calibrated.
I printed it with 0.35 nozzle and 0.2 layer height but the 1h16' spent is worth the result, the design is amazingly solid and survives even to heavy working with sandpaper.

I love this design. Simple is always better.

Thanks for you like it! :)

What printer do you have?
It looks cool.

It looks based off of a Prusa Mendel, or a regular Mendel, but with a lot more printed parts.

Where can I get my hands on the stls for that?

Hi, evamvid. Thanks for like it. It's a my compact size RepRap. I'm still designing and it's not finished. You can find on my things.

You should go ahead and make a page on the reprap wiki for it and a github, and update it as you go.

Your printer looks very kid friendly....it will be a good way to get kids started with 3d printing.

Could I make a page on reprap wiki? I didn't know that. Thanks for good information. I will try to make a page on the reprap wiki and github. Thanks!

You just have to make accounts on both those sites to do that.

That's what a wiki is! :)

Thanks evamvid! I will try.

What's your printer called?

The design work is not finished yet. But I'd like to call my printer "RepRap Kidz". What do you think about this?

What about Kid Mendel? that uses the mendel name.

is there a wiki page up yet?

if not, i'll create one, just as a placeholder until the design is more complete.

Really nice! I like the name "Kid Mendel"! I've try to make a wiki page, but it's not easy to me. If you make the page for Kid Mendel, it would be appreciate. Thanks evamvid!

No problem...I'll do it if I get a chance tomorrow...(its kinda late here in the states right now)

Thanks evamvid! :)

I made the page....working on it right now...

can you get a good pic and put it on photobucket or flickr, so I can put it on the wiki page?

I have my blog http://www.tesla-korea.com/jsparkhttp://www.tesla-korea.com/jsp... (korean language), but there are no more photos than uploaded on this thingiverse. I have to go ahead with the construction of Kid Mendel in order to make more photos and files.


Check it out!

It's obviously still under construction...

Wow!! It's Really Nice! Thanks evamvid! I have to hurry up for finishing the design work! lol

Would ABS be sufficient? I understand it will need to be replaced every week or so due to the oils? What if I were to use gun grease? Please respond im freaking out this is amazing.

I didn't test yet with ABS. But in case of the PLA which is more harder than ABS on the condition of room temperature, someone experienced it has no problems within 6 months. Please refer the reply of following link. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:18219http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Toothed Linear Bearing
by KR2

Do you have a SCAD file for this? I'd like to be able to print different sizes of bearings, and my own printer uses 1/4" stock (since metric stock is hard to find around here). I'm intrigued by the way the slanted teeth make that much of a difference.

I'm sorry. I don't know how to design with OpenSCAD. But, If you let me know the dimensions of ID, OD, H that you want, I would make for you and upload it here.

If you get a 1/4" version working could you share? I have the same