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Space Shuttle on launch pad

by ModelStation Jul 21, 2011
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What are the dimensions of the parts?

how do you connect the parts

I'm looking to print the launch platform only for a 1/144 airfix kit. To save me working it out, has anyone tried this? What should the stl be scaled to?

did you ever work out the scale for the pad because i was looking to do the same thing

The single booster file shows holes on the bottom of the pieces in the stl file, but when I go to print the holes disappear. Any ideas? Can you repost the boosters with the holes?

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Is it possible to get shuttle fuel tank as separate files? After 25 hours the tip of the fuel tank did not turnout right. I would like to avoid to redo it all !

Thanks for the model! I used it for my son's 5th grade presentation on NASA. We printed it in white PLA, and used colored sharpies to 'paint' the detail on the shuttle and boosters. I did use spray paint for the fuel tank. We had some wooden skewers in the kitchen that were perfect size for the holes to join the parts with super glue.

It looks great, and once assembled the model will stand vertically without the pad.

Scale it to 0.6 the original model size to use 1.75 mm printer filament for connectors.

dag gummit i'm gonna have to print my own 3mm pins :(

Yep, when this thing was designed, 3mm filament was the norm. :-)

yup. back in 2011 i wouldn't have guessed thingiverse was a thing ;)

A higher STL resolution would be nice. The facets are easily visible even on the printed part

The resolution of the STLs are exactly the same as the original model.

Okay... I believe you... but the original only shows "404: Page Not Found"

thanks you very much RotoScan for this good and beautiful desingn

I know you've said in a previous comment to go and download the mesh addon for autodesk... but could you upload the inventor files for these? I really just want to break up the fuel tanks into their own prints and the tips into their own prints

This was made in SketchUp, not Inventor. You can use Netfab Basic for free and break up the parts as you like - then export to stl.

netfab basic no longer exists :/

The aft section of the boosters (both the "single" and the double file), and the aft section of the Orbiter, still have bad/non-manifold polygons. Slic3r cannot slice this properly at all, so I created a new revision in Blender that corrects everything I had trouble with. That new Thing can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1657779

Space Shuttle STS
Comments deleted.

I have been able to print all parts except for the launch pad. I am using Cura and printing on a TAZ 5. Any help or advice is appreciated.

Try downloading the pad again (PadNew.stl). The original file was 80MB! I don't know why. When I re-exported today the file was just over 500k but after running it through netfabb it jumped to over 40MB. I didn't notice the huge file size when first uploading it.

The fix was to export as an obj - which was only 67KB. Running it though netfabb raised it to 460KB, much better. The number of triangles remained the same.

Hi, the launchpad file might be broken, I can't get it to even load in cura or in netfabb. Can you re-upload it, maybe with less triangles and smaller? Tnx

Try downloading the pad again (PadNew.stl). The original file was 80MB! I don't know why. When I re-exported today the file was just over 500k but after running it through netfabb it jumped to over 40MB. I didn't notice the huge file size when first uploading it.

The fix was to export as an obj - which was only 67KB. Running it though netfabb raised it to 460KB, much better. The number of triangles remained the same.

Is there any way that i can print just the engines for the shuttle itself without the booster engines.

You can download the free version of netfabb and use it to delete the parts you don't want, then export it as an (ascii) stl.

as said, I think the launchpad file might be broken in some way, I can't get it to even load in cura

Comments deleted.

Can you re-upload the base? The one provided here only slices half way. Even Netfabb cant fix it.

When printing the fuel tank, the bottom section of the nose is printing with very thin walls or something. The bottom inch or so can just be crunched in because there is only a very thing outside layer. Any suggestions?

For some reason the aft section of the orbiter crashes my slic3r. Has anyone got a fixed version?

New version uploaded.

I just uploaded a fixed version of the ShuttleOrbiterAft.stl

I'm working on making this one, thanks for the great model! Is the Orbiter mid part missing a hole to connect to the fuel tank? It looks like your picture of the printed model has a hole, but the STL does not. Am I missing something?

I have the same problem - the hole is not present in the orbiter part and I can't connect the tank to the orbiter. Any chance of uploading a new version of the mid orbiter part with the hole cut out? Thanks.

Not sure why the hole was missing. I've uploaded a new one with the hole.

Thanks for the quick response. I ended up drilling a hole in my printed part and also, there is a remix with a correct hole available here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:588490

Space Shuttle on launch pad - fixed

The aft section is not slicing properly. The internal section of the right wing is missing as well as a chunk on the tail. I am using makerware software on the replicator 2. Any chance you can reload the stl file or load in a 3D format?

I just uploaded a fixed version of the ShuttleOrbiterAft.stl model

Slic3r is giving me an error on the aft section, self-intersecting facets in the model for the Orbiter.

Some of the facets are backwards in the original. This will confuse slicer programs. You can "reverse faces" in Sketchup and many other free editing programs.

This isn't supposed to be here, is it? http://imgur.com/jMXJqhttp://imgur.com/jMXJq

(the uploader complained about format)

I don't know why you have that notch there. My guess is that the model is sitting on your build platform in such a way that the fin is up against the corner which won't allow it to print that last little bit. But that is just a guess...

Thank you for the reply... Since it isn't in the model I did some repairs. I think I fared well!


I really want one of these that I can launch with model rockets. That would be awesome.

only one of my shuttle booters printer bad is there a way I can edit the stl files so I just print out that one booter?

Single Booster added.

You can import the stl into SketchUp using a plugin and edit that way. Or you could use Netfabb or... I'm sure there are other ways too.

What a great design! Now I have the shuttle so I can size it down to put it on the launch smoke Thing:10109 that I have already printed. Thanks so much for this and also I flattered you for this :-$



I scaled this way down to do just that but it did not work well. As I printed the launch smoke thing, the distance between the boosters needs to be only 5mm. My tiny shuttle looked quite terrible at that size.

I could print the orbiter parts but the build doesn't start for the booster parts. This happenned to me for other complicated parts before. I wonder if it is because of the new java updates. I using ultimaker replicatorg 24.

Thanks for the quick reply. I don't think that there is a problem with my connectors, as not even the simulation starts or the boosters. I can then load something else without disturbing the setup, and it would print. I have replicatorg 25 beta, which is not turning the extuder motor on... Maybe running the 25 did something to the firmware. I'll reflash and try again. I might even try on a linux machine rather then Win7...

I am using ReplicatorG 25 and did not encounter any problems. Sorry that I can't be of more help.

...although, completely unrelated to software, I have had builds fail to start but that is because the connector to the heated build platform failed. It waits for the HBP to reach operating temperature - which never happens.

In the picture you can see how the plastic was discolored from the melting. Inside the connector the end of the wire has a metal blade that is folded over to act like a spring. I think the metal is a bit too thin to carry the amount of current that is required by the heated build platform. It heat
s up and the metal becomes annealed and loses it's springiness. That, and the plastic softening (allowing the blade to push itself away from the connection) causes the connection to be lost.

I fixed it buy cutting the connector apart into two pieces right where the melted part was. I flattened, the
n soldered the blade onto the heated build platform's pin. That is why the wire appears higher than the other in the pictures. It is on top of the pin whereas the others are below.

Very well done. I like that it's multi-parted so things can be printed in different colors. Looks great. The tail section is very cleverly cut up for relatively no support printing.

Thank you!

It was printed with zero support.

Fantastic, I love big multipart things!