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MiniPlan v5.0

by ShinWeiChiou Sep 16, 2015
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Can I use 125x125x125mm 3d printer to print this robot? Thanks!

Thanks for your help

Hi, does anyone have a parts list for the hardware needed? What types of screws and the numbers of each. Thanks

Control Board : TOROBOT USC-20 & Bluetooth UATR to TTL

Servo : Emax ES08DE or Emax ES08MD x 16 PCS ( +1 for Head )

Power Board : LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module
Battery : DUALSKY 7.4V , 400mAh
Screws : M2 x 5mm , M2 x 8mm , M3 x 6mm
Bearing : 4x7x2.5 MR74ZZ

How many of each screw do I need? And do I need self tapping or bolts?
Thanks for all your help.

M2 x 5mm , about 4 pcs
M2 x 8mm , about 200 pcs
M3 x 6mm , about 4 pcs

Do they need to be self tapping?

Do you have the files for these parts in formats other than STL?


Thank you for uploading this!

Your English comes across pretty well! -- The biggest thing that stands out is the sentence where you say "I'm from Taiwan and English not well." -- You have to put a verb there (for the second statement) -- like, "I'm from Taiwan, and I do not know English very well.", or "I'm from Taiwan, and my English isn't great." (I hope this is helpful!)

Thank You ~
I have corrected.



你買的那片主板有同廠牌的 WiFi 轉接板,這會比較快!
Control Board : TOROBOT USC-20 & Bluetooth UATR to TTL

而你用 ESP8266-12F 安裝我的韌體是沒辦法控制主板的!


miniplan 的韌體 都不適用於 這些硬體!
只適用於 miniplan的主板!

你買的 USC-20 主板 已經有軟體,並不需要 miniplan 的韌體
若是 USC-20 同廠 Wifi 板,理應插上去就會動了




I know on your website the electronic parts are not available at the moment. Will you sell the electronics (boards, servos, screws) in the near future again? I realy hope, because I'd love to build my own MiniPlan.

Hi Tomtux, we will be glad to assist you, please email us at miniplan.robot@gmail.com for your requests, thanks~

再请教个问题,ES08DE 和ES08MD之间的选择问题,如果选ES08DE用在miniplan上,容易扫齿么?

ES08DE 沒想像中脆弱,不至於掃齒
建議購買 ED08MD 或 ES08MA

请教个问题,我装完后,miniplan站立时,有的舵机发出吱吱吱的声音正常么(用了ES08MA II,买错了没买ES08MDII)


ES08MA 也是可以用。


伺服馬達動作時一定有聲音! 沒聲音就壞了~




瓶子裡是 98% 醫藥酒精,可以降溫,避免鑽頭發熱融化 3D 打印件


ok I understand but I 'm looking for MiniPlen codes but I could not find anything . I have no application for smartphone if you can please give me some links to codes for MiniPlen

Also, our control panel does not need APP, it'll be programmed into the control board so you can access it as if you were accessing a WiFi router. Here's some information on the FP page.


We've not uploaded any codes yet and the website is under construction as we've been very busy fulfilling the orders as well as getting everything setup. We just launched end of November so it's only be a month and a half since that launching date, all the preparation work to get the product out of the door as well as website and control panels ready had happened over this 1 1/2 month time. Please follow us on FB so you know when we have things uploaded and launch the website.

All I'm saying is I do not know how to use Arduino to also be expressed as yours. I mean the pin and everything.

It's hard from me to help you if you don't understand Arduino setup and its code, especially when you are looking at presenting the same things that the Plen2 is doing. We have our own codes for MiniPlan, and the Plen2 codes does not fit my robot because the motors are different, it'll move but will look funny. My best suggestion is for you to wait for our next batch of the HDK that we offered, and just come to our website for all the instructions for assembly and information for codes to download.

MiniPlane v 5.1
I've already printed it but I did not like him and do not know how and what to use .

I don't understand what you mean, you printed V5.1 and don't like the robot? So you are going to make any changes to it and make your own version of MiniPlan? Exactly what MiniPlan is all about, make your own robot!

The part I don't really understand is what you need, maybe you can let me know what you are capable of and so I know what help I can provide you.

I understand and thank you Arduino to use but if you can help this is my biggest problem .

you mean your biggest problem is not understanding how to do coding with Arduino? If so, our platform is a perfect place for you to get involved because the main purpose will be bringing Robot enthusiasts from all levels to join and share, there will be plenty of people testing and sharing their results so those who cannot do coding or want to learn coding can download and implement into their robot.

ok , but the platform and how to connect servo and especially what to do MINIPLANE board to be correlated with programs uploaded by you? And one question at the moment what can be done with MINIPLANE . Thanks and wait for a response . Thanks very much for your help and I will make myself picture .

the codes of the MiniPlan is Arduino IDE compatible, so you can either download our codes to operate the MiniPlan or you can write your own codes if you understand Arduino coding.

As for printing, please check out V5.1 which fits the electronics we offer. I highly suggest you to go to our Facebook Page and follow us, there are lots of videos and information posted on there.

Here's the V5.1 download link https://www.dropbox.com/s/58mix8syv2cdp3j/MiniPlan%20v5.1%203DP%20Files%2020151218.zip?dl=0

I have a question on where to find the firmware MiniPlen and it may have Plen motion as dance or do something because now I have achieved what I mean. I printed MiniPlen v5.1 and I'd like to make it move and it a bit with Arduino board . If you can help me with that please and helpful .

The codes will be uploaded on our website near the end of January, it'll have basic moves and other moves will need to be shared by other MiniPlan players. We are not experts in coding the motions, so we might not be able to help you that much.

You can check out this Youtube video to see the moves we've put together as of now. https://www.facebook.com/miniPlanrobot/videos/1537150886604774/

I really hope you can help me in you . And thank you !

come to our FB page and follow us so you can get all the information that we'll be posting soon.


yes it is all printed on my desk . I have shown and the link with the program. From what I read on the net is used ATmega 32u4 but do not know how it coneztez / pins in Romania I can not manage and nobody is interested in it. Therefore I saw that you really are desperate experience and give not find the nicaeri . The project is it that you have and you V5.1 and the program ( https://github.com/plenproject/PLEN2/tree/master/arduino/firmware )

Hi, again, MiniPlan and Plen2 are different, the motors are different so you won't be able to use the Plen2 codes in the MiniPlan. We've made our own control board for our MiniPlan V5.0 (V5.1 is just minor change to plastic). I can put you on a reservation list if you would like, our codes will be open source and all connections will be advised for users.

I'm not in fully understanding of the Plen2, so I really can't help you on this if you are planning to use the same foundation as the Plen2.

Please help for this project !

Hi Gabriel979, I would like to try and help you with the project, but now I'm not exactly sure where your problem is. The MiniPlan V5.0 has nothing to do with Plen or Plen2, so the codes will not work the same.

What you are trying to us from Adafruit is correct with their Adafruit 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver to control the motors, but you still need to use a arduino board to code and provide commands for the servo motors.

Looks like you have the plastic printed, have you got all the other components?

Ok thanks I get is good and this firmware ( https://github.com/plenproject/PLEN2/tree/master/arduino/firmware)sau plate needs modification ( https://learn.adafruit.com/16- - channel PWM servo driver)

this arduino https://blog.adafruit.com/2012/11/05/new-product-arduino-micro-with-headers-5v-16mhz-atmega32u4-assembled/ is good for plen ? If so what driver I need it ? Please help me as I play hard pissed that can not use it .

Adafruit 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver

Hello ! Unfortunately we have not found a model for plenary to be controlled Arduino. Please can you tell good idea to me (a version of the Arduino) that can control MiniPlen aces. Please play and for much the help!

Another method aces and what might have to use Arduino Arduino that only Romania and one can find rare .. Please than sit and watch because it .

Another method aces and what might have to use Arduino Arduino that Romania can only find and rarely Ala .. Please than sit and watch because it ..

Hello ! I have a big problem with MINIPLANE can control this (https://www.adafruit.com/products/1086) and the shield (https://learn.adafruit.com/16-channel-pwm-servo-driver / overview) or if I can give another option. Please much I printed everything and sit to watch it knowing what to buy.

Yes , you can use Adafruit 16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver with any Arduino board.
but , you need to program code by yourself.

Sorry ~ No !
it's for DYNAMIXEL series AI Servo !

Is it possible for you to upload the code even if it is not finished.

Hi, we'll be uploading all codes on our website for free download near the end of January after we ship out the Humanoid Development Kit to our customers.

Could you give me a link to your website because I cant find it also do you have a price for the kit yet?

the site is under construction at the moment, will release as soon as we get all the contents confirmed, I'll send you a message as soon as we get all that setup. Right now we are busy putting together all the kits that we've already sold so we can ship them out by the 18th of January. The initial offer was $129.95 for the first 100 sets, but they were all gone in a week when we launched it, not sure if we'll have extra kits left after our product inspection as we've prepare spare parts just in case.

are the STLs all to proper default scale? the head shows: 46mm x 35.78mm x 49.99mm

Yes , all default scale !

Possible to sell the control board only?

yup, we'll make extra boards this time but we've not yet offered to anyone just yet, will keep you posted as we start to get all the parts ready for shipment.

Hi, this is a great project, does any know how to purchase the TOROBOT USC-20 & Bluetooth UATR to TTL as on the web site i do not understand what is written. i search on eBay and do not found the same factory and design
thanks for your support

Hi, the parts I used was purchased from Taobao.com, it's a Chinese version of Ebay. I'm not sure where else can you get this board other than Taobao.

My company did decided to come out with an HDK and we had a special offer at $129.95 for a kit that includes all parts except for the 3D printed parts. We've made our own control board that is based on ESP8266 Wifi module in which you can edit and control the MiniPlan through Wifi. The offer was only for 100 sets and it was fulfilled with all the claims, there's one last set that I'm waiting for a guy from Italy to make payment for, maybe if he didn't buy it, we can offer it to you instead. Come to our Facebook page and see all the posts.


Thanks I will wait your feedback. I am really interested.
Does the package include the servo motors?

Definitely, the kit includes all parts except for 3D printable parts and electronics are plug and play, no soldering needed except for the extra LED for people that wanted the IronMan chest effect. In the package:
-Customized motor 17
-Wifi servo control board
-DC to DC power board 1
-8.4V/480mAh Lipo battery
-DC jack assembly 1
-On/Off switch assembly
-Interconnected cable 1
-Screws (M2
8 and M26)200
-Bearings 14
-USB to TTL cable
-Lithium battery charger 1
-3mm Blue LED

I'm waiting until tomorrow for the guy to get back with me, so come to our facebook and say like and drop us a message~

you can buy the kit?

you could on our next offer coming up around end of January, all 100 sets sold out in little more than a week of time from our initial launch. Please visit our FB and follow us so you can get informed when the new offer becomes available.

Thanks, all done on FB.
Waitning for your feedback to order.

Thanks for the last order by chance, can't wait to have it !

Hi. Great Project. I have Printed all components but have not been unable to print the head. The orientation of the head on the STL File makes it impossible to print on my RepRap printer. Has anyone else had this problem? Or do you know how i can change it to an axis which is printable. I believe that it would print if it was orientated with the eyes on the table. Relatively new to 3D printing.

please , face up , Fill Density 30% and use Support
look like this:

Fantastic Thank you - I have only ever used Slic 3r software for Gcode before - I downloaded CURA and the Head printed. I did not know that you could automatically build Rafts and Supports for difficult structures. Regards Don Anderson

Tried M2 screws and they are to small for the servo mounting holes.

please , could you give me your M2 screws picture ?

Hi, those screws you got are for to be used with bolts, you need to use self-tapping screws, something like this in Ebay though we don't need to get stainless if you don't want to:


hello as you printed the shafts for the servomotor , I hope your early reply!

i think you mean the files "MiniPlan5_10" or "MiniPlan5_10_NoBearing"
you can find it of "Thing Files"

You are selling kits soon? With all parts inside? (Printed parts & electronics?)

Yes, at 11/26
a component kit that includes all necessary parts.
but not includes printed parts.

Please take look our Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/miniPlanrobot
Thank you ~

gracias por tu respuesta inmediata , me podrias brindar los nombres de todos los componentes electronicos que usaste, espero tu pronta respuesta!

a component kit that includes all necessary parts.
but not includes printed parts.

Please take look our Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/miniPlanrobot
Thank you ~

we will release price at 11/26 !
thank you ~

Control Board : TOROBOT USC-20 & Bluetooth UATR to TTL

Servo : Emax ES08DE or Emax ES08MD x 16 PCS ( +1 for Head )

Power Board : LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module
Battery : DUALSKY 7.4V , 400mAh

Please take look our Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/miniPlanrobot
We'll be offering a component kit that includes all necessary parts.
Thank you ~

cual seria el precio del kit?

where do we get the programming code?

Sorry ~ I still write Arduino code , it's not finish ~
Please take look this web : http://www.lamja.com/?p=504
thank you ~

que tal saludos desde Peru se ve interesante el proyecto del humanoide, mi pregunta es que programa usaste para diseñar las piezas yo usualmente uso inventor y no puedo abrir el archivo, espero tu pronta respuesta!

I think you can open "*.obj" files !
I upload the STL files , please redownload !
thank you ~

me puedes brindar los planos de las piezas y el acotado correspondiente para el ensamble, seria de mucha utilidad saludos desde peru!

Hi, This is an awesome project, I also just started following you on facebook. I just downloaded the files and my printer (m3dprinter) does not recognize the .obj files, it only opens the .stl files, but the .stl files show the full/ or most of the robot and not single parts of the robot. Is there anyway I can convert the .obj to .stl without any problems?
Thanks, and once again, amazing work!

Thank You ~ :)
I upload the STL files , please check !

Thank you for the quick reply! I was aware that there are some .stl files linked to this but it isn't the same as the .obj. For instance, the "MiniPlan5_Leg_Assembly.stl" has the entire leg in this .stl file so I am not able to print each piece separately.

I mean this file , you can find it of "Thing Files"

YES!!! this is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much once again, not only for the great work but also for the the fast help!

Hi, hows your robot coming? We've just launched a component kit on Facebook, come visit our FB, say like and check out the limited time offer. https://www.facebook.com/miniPlanrobot/?ref=hl

Hi, I have seen the component kit you had on sale unfortunately I won't be able to purchase it. I have most of my electronics already, I have all the servos, battery source, arduino and all the wiress. Only thing I don't currently have is the full body/ plastic components. I have started printing most of the parts for this, however I ran out of filament a while back plus my 3d printer wasn't working properly.
1] Are you ever going to have a full sale: everything included for the robot, the plastic parks plus the electronic components?
2] Are you going to have a sale maybe even just the plastic/ 3d printer parts?
3] How does the TOROBOT USC-20 work with the arduino IDE?

We will plan to sale component kit and plastic body parts on kickstarter.
The Arduino Board to control TOROBOT USC-20 with serial port.
the TOROBOT have some Arduino sample code : http://dl.torobot.com/down/usc.zip

Do you have an idea when you would do this? I would love to purchase that ( of course if it is fairly priced ).

The expected schedule for the Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign will be around March of 2016, this gives us enough time to prepare for the refined design that cannot be done on the 3D printer and filming the video. Price will be very fair, you can follow our Facebook for future updates.

Okay perfect! I have been following/ liking your Facebook posts. I will look out for the Kickstarter in March!

Thanks for your answer.
Have you well on your conversation Googlme group?
I can not find the thread of the conversation;
Sorry to bother you for it
Thank you
Many greetings

Sorry ~ I don't use google group.
but , we can still conversation in here

I frequent a FabLab in France.
I would like to build your "Human Robot". I also like you "Prusa I3" and work with "Sketchup" I think like you.
I have read and reviewed your two addresses on your robot.
But it is the arduino code you use?
The 20 servos commander code is not the one who controls your "Human Robot"?
Can you give me a track for écritue code that allows you to live your robot like in your video.
A big thank you for all the files you put at our disposal. It's really great and your wonderful creativity.
Many greetings

Hi Daniel, just to inform you that we are offering a HDK (Humaniod Development Kit) that includes all parts except for 3D printed parts for the best discount that will never happen again. Please come to our Facebook and check it out. https://www.facebook.com/miniPlanrobot/?ref=hl

Thank you ~
I still modify Arduino code.
I think you can use your control board with Arduino code

Wow! That is an amazing project. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished. Can you answer a couple of questions. 1. Do you have a video of the robot in action (perhaps I missed seeing it:))? 2. How many bearings and screws did you use? I have to order these. Thank you so much for your work and time.

Thank you !
the robot in action like this , i still modify some Arduino code
its need 14 bearings , about 160 screws

Would you be able to share the arduino code?
Looks great! I want to build one.

Hi Joe9099, have you built the robot? I would like to inform you that we are offering component kits to build a MiniPlan V5.0 that include everything except for printable 3D files. Come to our facebook and check out the offer and say Like on our site: https://www.facebook.com/miniPlanrobot/?ref=hl

thanks for the link, but I have already registered on your facebook page! Looking forward to getting the parts.

Please take look this web : http://www.lamja.com/?p=504
I still write Arduino code , it's not finish ~
thank you ~

Your humanoid robot looks cool. I am curious why you picked the servos you are using?

Thank you !
Because , the servo motor is better than TowerPro SG90.
it has more torque and precise , and its cheap !

Hi Shin Wei,
Awesome robot design!
I hope to try it soon.

Hi Ivan, the MiniPlan V5.0 has lots of good feedback so we decided to launch a HDK (Humanoid Development Kit) that include all parts except for 3D printed parts, come to our website and give us some support for the event, thanks! https://www.facebook.com/miniPlanrobot/?ref=hl

Hi George,

I was the first to comment "I want one" on your FB event page on 26/11. Kevin Wang has replied to me.
I have also asked questions about order processing, payment collection, shipping date.
Thank you.

Hi Ivan,

This is Kevin and I'm running this account together with George so I can help replying some comments as George is not as fluent in English. I've replied your comment last night but found the message was never posted, so please refer to FB for the information to your question. No worries, you are not left hanging~

Thank you Kevin. I saw your reply in FB last night.

Thank you , and have fun ~ ;)

hello i love your project it looks great ! I am a beginner in robotics do you think its a good idea for me to start a project like this ? or should i start off with something small like a robotic arm ?

thanks !

Hi Bonez, how's it going with the robots? We've just launched an HDK for the MiniPlan V5.0, the kit comes complete with all parts except for 3D printed parts, or if you need 3D print, we have someone to help printing too. There will be a community formed to share software and maybe learn from the experienced programmers. Its a good opportunity for you to quickly enter the robot world, the kits are selling and only 100 sets available, so if you are still interested, come to our website and check things out:


Thank i will look into it i will keep you updated !