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The Fifth Element Stones (Elemental Stones)

by Imirnman Sep 13, 2015
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Very curious as to how you achieved such natural "organic" shapes and distressed effects in Tinkercad. I'm a huge fan and heavy user of Tink, but organic stuff is generally not its strong point.

I was also curious about this

Anyone having problems printing fire 2018? I get two layer shifts in it and Ive now tried it 4 times using 4 different slicer settings. They are at the exact same layers no matter what I do. I'm running it through meshmixer now looking for issues. I can go thru cura 3.6 layer view and view those layers and see no issues, but they shift no matter what. The first shift is around 306 and then another one about 20 layers later. All 3 others printed without issues.

Just an FYI the 2018 fire STL does have errors in it. I ran it through meshmixer and used the more detailed settings, took a really long time and made a 1 gig file but when I sliced that file it makes the same-ish size gcode file. And more to the point, it printed correctly. No layer shifts now. So if you have problems just meshmixer it to solid at pretty high detail or you loose the cracks in detail.

These are awesome, and thanks so much for creating them. After I loaded one of them in Cura (Wind I believe) I noticed the wavy cuts do not match up on the corners, but they do in the movies. With as much effort as you put into placing the cracks into the right places, etc., I'm surprised the cut lines were not matched up right. I was stoked to print these, but I may need to design some CNC files instead, as this feels like kind of a major flaw. Thanks so much for the effort you did put in, though!

Just wondering if anyone knows a good stone-look filament for these. Sure I'll paint, but its nice if the actual material is close if I get lazy, or the paint gets scratched.

Comments deleted.

What orientation is best to print these? Upside-down? Printing rightside up there are tons of supports because the top inside is flat instead of curved. Can someone make a curved top I side of it to eliminate the crazy amounts of supports inside??

these would really benefit from a change on the inside, if you add some modeled supports inside for the flat top part it wouldn't need as much support material, maybe let the inside come to a point with some 45 degree angles.

I tried slicing the Fire and Wind stones in Slic3r Prusa edition and there are holes and faces missing on the surfaces. Its not manifold.

Anyone have a fix for this?

Thanks Imirnman! I can confirm that the 2018 Wind and Fire stones now slice properly. I am using Slic3r.


Has anyone been able to slice the stones using slic3r? I keep getting mesh errors on the fire and wind stones no matter which fixers i use on the files.

Have you thought of adding the mechanical openings at the top of each one? That would be a very cool and nice touch to these!

I'm in the process of doing just that. Top opens like in the movie and throws out some pretty convincing light. Still trying to simplify my design down to the lowest cost/ functionality really. Once I'm happy with it, I'll post the 'light feature remix'. Oh...it looks pretty neat. : )

How/what did you paint/stain them with and how they look good.

Are the model units millimeters or inches, please? I'm looking to order prints online. Thank you.

The measurements are in Millimeters, and the models are actual size based on the information I could find online. They are the larger scale display size. Smaller ones were used for the ones Corbin pulled out of the singer.

Thank you. I checked a few sites. I'm surprised the cost to print ranged from a few hundred to a few thousand.

They are pretty large, and there is a lot of support needed unless you cut them in half and flip them. I cut them in half right in the middle then print it with the top side down. Kind of like a triangular cup. Then the rest is a triangular tube so no support is needed unless you want to use support for the detail cuts. The stones are so random though it's easy enough to just glue it together and dremel out any droops.

I've never ordered a 3D print, so I lack context on price. I could handle sanding and painting, but if you or someone else here were willing to sell a raw print, I'd welcome quotes. I live in San Francisco. Thank you.

Would love to see Cut versions of all stones. I printed all of them but at 1/2 size since the max height of my printer is 6"

I'll take some time and cut these and position them the same as I printed them. Should make it easier for everyone with smaller printers.

This is purely amazing... Going to print these puppies and jam them inside an alien... Thank​ you for your contribution to the community and mankind

about how much filament does this take?

I'm printing one now at 1:1 scale and it'll be right at 85,100mm

awesome!! Thanks!!

What % are you using for fill?

Currently remixing this for use as a Dungeon Terrain for Fat Dragon Games Dragonlock system.


How are you guys printing this?

Laying on its side or printing upright? Are you using supports?

Any chance you could provide file with the stones cut in half? My printer can only do the at 70% :(

What would you charge me to make a set of these for me ? Would be a gift for my daughter. Thank you.

Did anyone else have issues with the Fire stone? I was able to print the Earth, Wind and Water after a quick repair with Netfab online, but the Fire stone has issues I cannot correct. Netfab online errors out (Error #103) and Slic3r says it is not manifold and slices it horribly, omitting the entire outer shell of the stone. Meshlab says there are over 100 holes and mesh errors and I am not able to manually correct. Anyone have either a fixed copy of the .STL or know of a slicer that can handle the file correctly? I am printing these for my wife and the first three came out beautifully, printed in wood filament. Any help would be appreciated!!

Did you need to print with support? What direction were they oriented when printed? I am worried about issues with printing since I am new and still learning about using support with CURA. Thank you in advance.

I printed with supports, oriented standing as they are pictured. I was able to print the Earth, Wind and Water without issue. Having problems with Fire due to mesh errors.

How can I cut the stones into pieces? My CAD software can't edit .stl files. I have to scale them down to 0.724, because my 3DPrinter is not big enough. But with a smaller size I get problems with the thickness of the deeper areas. So my 3DPrinter leaves them out. Any suggestions?

I suggest that you download Netfabb basic. You will be able to resize, cut and repair the files no problem with that program. It is what I use when I need to cut a model apart to print it.

Did you print these as one piece each or slice and reassemble before molding and casting?

amazing work !
for sure i'm gonna print them.

how did you get this perfect finish ? they look so real...!!!

After printing them I smoothed them out using Smooth-On's XTC-3D. I then dabbed some gel medium on the surface to give it a little texture then molded them using Mold Star 20T, I cast them in Smooth-Cast 325 resin with 1 part Ure-fil 3 and 2 parts Ure-fil 15. Ure-fil 3 is a ceramic filler so that gave them some texture while Ure-fil 15 is micro glass spheres which extended my resin and made them slightly lighter. I colored the resin with SO-Strong tints, yellow, orange, white and brown. After taking them out of the mold I then used brown shoe polish thinned with Isopropyl alcohol to age them and Voila you get what you see in the pictures.

Everything I mentioned can be found at Smooth-On.com.

After much research you are correct. The earth stone was upside down in my reference images. This will be corrected shortly.

Could you make an opened version? I would love to print it hollow with the top layers a bit thin. That way I could do some smart LEDs in the tops for each element. I thought about displaying them and using some boards to make them IOTs alerts and music visualizations.

Not sure what you mean by opened version. They are already hollow. I could thin them out a bit more and leave them as a single piece that you can cut yourself if that would help and add those versions to the files.

I think she meant opened as in activated, like in the final scene where they activate the stones and small triangular pieces at the top of each stone open up.

Comments deleted.

Is earth upsidedown?