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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Spider robot(quad robot, quadruped)-SG90

by regishsu Sep 11, 2015
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gondess new bug
sg90 is not sg90
look to the screen. It is have not equals size
and it all details have been bad size((

Comments deleted.

Hi, i have problem with the tibia r the model is split in to three pieces.

Can someone please do a wiring tutorial I’m having issues !

Hi everyone

Looking for some help I have made this great project but when I hold the spider bot off the floor the legs judder up and down small movements really fast. Also when it is walking and stops to wave hand the movements are juddery and not smooth.

I am using a Arduino Mega with a DC 12v 3000mah 3A output with the servos in the 5v VCC pin on the board, All 12 servos are SG90 in the respective D2 - D13 pins

I know SG90 servos can sometimes shake/jitter but this appears to be something either power related or possibly issues in the flextimer2.h library with regards to excat end points for the servo and the servo looping back and forth to find the excat stop point just a guess

Anyone with any ideas?

Can anyone tell me why there are different versions for MG90 and SG90, aren't both of them the same size and should fit just well?

MG stand for Metal Gears. They are the same size.

Can anyone tell me how many grams frame use pla material?
Thank you

Have you tried to use a phone app like Blynk to control it?

Thank you so much,Very good, 3d printing Spider robot assembly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ale3mOA0WIY

Hi, I just had a really quick question, firstly i love your project, but would this work with an arduino uno and a mini breadboard, because those are the only available items i have


if anyone else is having trouble with the battery size, I made a customizable thingiverse page to generate just the body (top and bottom) with input for the battery dimensions. Check it out at:


any feedback is welcome, thanks

Link is dead.
I could use battery size customizable

Custom Spider Robot

Hey, just printed this quad and I'm trying it out with Raspberry.

We are developing an app for quad and robot controlling in http://gigabrain.io Our app uses Raspberry Pi and PCA9685 boards to control the hexapod. You can now join the beta testing stage if you'd like to control your own quadrupeds.

hey friend could you give me the arduino codes, please!

Greetings. Nifty project. Lots of work, nicely done. That said, the body upper and body lower stl files stored in the Thing Files Folder do not match those in your assembled photos, and the multiple part print photos. The body stl files do not have the screw bosses centered on the front and rear of the assembly. Plus, the body parts in the multiple part print pictures look like they might be a bit wider than than those in the Thing Files Folder. Are there more recent stl files for the body (using the SG-90 servo's) available?

Thanks. Really looking forward to looking at your Arduino Software (retired software engineer). Again, nice job.

I need the old version for the dc12300 ?
Thank you very much

Great project, thanks for sharing

hi, i have a problem when printing the tibia_r. it is broken into 3 parts when finished printing. Can you check again and send me through my email: nthieu0401@yahoo.com.vn. thank you for your help

same thing happened to me, I used Simplify 3d, simple solution was to mirror the tibia_l...
Great project regishsu, amazing!!!! thanks by the way

what slice app did you use? It is no any problem to use Cura.

Huge fan, love the work you've done but I'm having troubles. Is there a way to implement a Arduino uno and a adafruit servo controller shield instead? (https://www.adafruit.com/product/1411)

it is an easy way that use the lib and functions


Adafruit_PWMServoDriver servo;
servo.setPWM(servo_pin[i][j], 0, pwm);

you can google more information about this lib.

sorry, i'm new to this. where and how do i import this? I keep getting error messages

can someone tell me if I should print this in cm mm or inches?
I am so cunfused.

Screw recommendation for this? Saw the version that combined the parts, but didn't want to print with a bunch of supports.

most of screw came with servos, another are just using 4 screws(3x20mm) for the body to hold with battery.

Hey thanks for the design. So far things have fit great for me. Has anyone had trouble with servos buzzing when under load? I think I have plenty of power (run by a 2200 mah 30c lipo) so I'm not sure what cause is. Could it be cheap servos?

Thanks in advance.

I have the same probleme, my servos seem to be not enough powerfull......an idee ?

I just printed this project.But i have fckng problem.THIS PARTS ARE DIFFRENT.NOT AS IN PICTURE.My second problem is the fuckng holes!! Becasue femur's holes and s_hold have same size.Not compatible!! why same size bro? Thirdly body_d and coxas not campatible becasue of size!

are you resolve it problem?

FYI, doesn't work with MG90s (metal gear) servos :( I wish I checked before I spent two day printing, lol. That was stupid of me..
My servos are about 2mm longer so they don't fit.

Love your work! Printing it now. I think there's problem with servo mounts (i.e. coxa) because I can't insert servo with wire into it. No worries tho I can easily fix it in Sketchup!

you can just cut the edge directly, not need modify it and re-print again....

Could you explain about setting in your code?
/ Size of the robot ---------------------------------------------------------/
const float length_a = 55;
const float length_b = 77.5;
const float length_c = 27.5;
const float length_side = 71;
const float z_absolute = -28;
/ Constants for movement ----------------------------------------------------/
const float z_default = -50, z_up = -30, z_boot = z_absolute;
const float x_default = 62, x_offset = 0;
const float y_start = 0, y_step = 40;

What is it meaning. Because I try to change size of robot

Can anyone help me to find the code for the remote? Can't find it. Whether the one for the remote or the mobile app... :(

How are 12 servos being controls by the Arduino? Does it not use the analog inputs to servo position? Because there are only 6 analog inputs... What am I missing?

It doesn't check servo position. In fact if I'm not mistaken servos used for this project are MG90s which don't have position feedback (4th wire).

you can trace the code to know in detail.

Thanks for the project, I love it! Is there any schematics or similar guide for the remote control shown here: http://regishsu.blogspot.com.tr/2015/09/robot-quadruped-robot-remoter.html

Added a repaired and rotated remix of this Spider robot: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1399600

Spider robot(quad robot, quadruped) repaired
by mirox3m

Thanks so much! Anyone tried to resize it to fit bigger Servos?

Thanks for posting. Really great design!

Is the pcb available for download ? There is only a .jpeg for homemade pcb.
Do you think it's possible to upload the original pcb file so I can export it to gerber ?

I have put all of source in here including the PCB which designed by EaglePCB

I have downloaded the STL files for 3D printing but noticed that they contain design errors . . .
Is there an update? Anyone has noticed these errors?

Simply3D 3.0 definitely has problems with these parts tibia_r leg is not connected to mount, the coxa_l have the servo area filled, ect. Would really rather not switch to another slicer, anyone have any ideas?

From the Simplify3D support forum - send the damaged parts here and they will be repaired - they have "self-intersecting surfaces". very cool the way this works


That site now only exports .3mf files which Simplify3D doesn't support. Try this link instead:

Thanks for sharing the great information.

It is designed by Sketchup 2015, may I know what error you have got?

Hi regishsu,
Thank for your reply!
Most of the parts show "scratches" and at least 2 miss layers or show tunnels of missing mass!
I will screen print some images and try to post them here ...

Hello again.

I also noticed that the parts in "spider-open-v1" are not quite the same as the STL models: the former have sharp edges while the latter have round ones.
Anyhow, those errors I mentioned before appeared when using the slicer "Simplify3D-v3.0".
Today, I started using the slicer "CuraEngine.exe" and the errors where ignored or vanished!
(which of them is the case, I don't really care!)
The parts are being printed as we speak and I believe I'll be able to get them all ready for tomorrow's assembly task!

Great job, regishsu !
And thanks for sharing !


Hi, Paulo,
I am using the slicer "Cura 15.04".
It is happy to get the good news and waiting for the video sharing.

Hi Regis,
I'll do that.
Thanks again for sharing!

Hi Regishsu!!

I'm working on a library to make working with Spider robot easier. It's still in early development, but there is the link to it (in case you're interested): https://github.com/LuisDiazUgena/SpartanSpider


great and thanks to improve!

Do I have to modify it for fitting a Mega2560?

yes, you can modify it by yourself. This robot is designed by sketchup and the source was attached.

sorry, i have found the skp files.

yes, you can change the design to fit your components.

dear regishsu, I would like to know how I can change the body measurements of the robot to fit the battery.
Thank you.

Great project !
I've been building robots since I was a kid in the 70s.
I'm new to the 3D printer scene. But I've used 3D Cad before.
Whats the extra thin plastic material that surrounds the parts in each of the pictures ?
Is this something which the 3D Printer software automatically inserts for you ?

yes, it is automatically by 3D slice software calls Cura, you can set the "Platform adhesion type" to Brim.

thanks for the reply.
I forgot to ask what is the reason for adding the Brim.
I remember reading how its important to have a heated print bed to prevent warping.
Is this related in any way to that ?

oh I just found a really good webpage which describes the various options like Brim

really great work!!!! well done

Can u send me Remote code please or actual project code (remote + robot) -> eih3.prog@outlook.fr
Thanks ;)

I'm printing it!!! Great job!!

Would you share the source to be able to remix it??


I design it by sketchup, did you still need it?

Will be great if you share the files. Anyone would be able to remix and improve your already great design, but, as always, the designer have to decide what to do with the design. I like to keep everything that I make open source.

ok, I will release them few days later because I am in business trip now.

Thank you so much. That will be great :)

released the source.

Nice! Thank you so much!

Waiting for your great idea to remix it!

I like it.. ( = but it needs lasers..

or you can make it :->

I'll see what I can do.. ( =

Awesome work! Thanks 4 share it ;)