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*NEW* Strong Flex door Carabiner ddf3d Customized

by Charlie1982 Sep 13, 2015
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works a treat great job !!!

It works great and looks amazing

Printed it in Carbon Fiber PETG, e ecellent design, strong as h3ll!

looks great! what filament did you use?

Excelent ver y nice!

I am estranjero. I printed two mosquetones. my compi and me 800Km. Road Santiago de Compostela. Cap in he. .Veri good. Danke, Bitte

Comments deleted.

i made this to test it out, looks great and seams pretty stong

Comments deleted.

stupid pointless overhangs why add them remove them and make it more solid

I printed it with 21.85 grams, solid, scaled 1:1. Printing solid only increases material use about 10.7% (2.12 g) over a 50% infill. Sliced with S3D laying flat, just as the STLs come, with "Outside-In" shell order. Printed with 0.5 nozzle, 0.15 layer height, AIO Robotics brand of PLA in Blue. To maximize strength it was run at 230 C extrude, 60 C bed, no fan, natural-cool down. The bridging on the bottom was poor due to the lack of cooling so supports would be nice. Surprisingly fine, light stringing for running at 230 C, but the expected satiny, shiny finish too. Logo is crisp and legible.
This part took 161 Lbf. or 73 kgf or 716 N (using just my weight) but broke after 10 seconds or so. The gate broke at the spring end first, then three other breaks stemmed from that. This is great for a small, stylish, PLA carabiner.

I am really struggling with finding any information regarding inside out or outside in shells. All I can find is that outside in is prettier on the finish, and I found one person say that inside out created stronger shells. Any thoughts? Thanks!

its a peac of shit file

Comments deleted.

The hook shows 78 errors if loaded into Slic3r PRUSA Edition .... what's wrong?

It showed them on mine this week on the current version as well, but still printed just fine.

What are shell loops? Perimeter wall thickness?

can i have one without the name? My first one broke right off where the name ends.. it really affects the whole strenght bc i cant have outer perimeter as whole :/ maybe put the name on the inner-parts?

Its the outer-perimeter lines that makes strenght on this carabiner.


this is used for advertizing

Remember to chose "concentric infill" (Cura), it makes it alot stronger.

what makes you think that... Honeycomb Slic3r ftw

Quite the contrary. Having gaps throughout the concentrics will weaken the part. The infill needs to be connected as much as possible as triangles. Tetrahedral or cubic types would be a good choice.

How much weight can it hold?

30kg apparently, so up to 300N

Comments deleted.

Love the design! I've printed a few myself, is there any reason not to scale it up a little over 200%? lol my friend really wants an 8 inch one.

Hi QuinnH2O
If you scale up to 200%, the hook length will be 210mm, will over 8 inch, otherwise if you looking for bigger open mouth, the "Origami Carabiner - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1819242 " will be more suitable for your meed(you can increase the scale to 225% if you have the big print bed).
Thank you

Origami Carabiner by ddf3d.com

The one in the video is different. Can we get the files to the carabiner in the video?

Thanks for bigibomb's response!
To sk8rjess
I would like say you might like to print the "Origami Carabiner - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1819242 " than this one.
Thank you

Origami Carabiner by ddf3d.com

you have to buy that one

You can patent this all you like but the orig. lic will apply to the orig file will it not?

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.
NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.
ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.
You are free to:

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.

the patent is only on the flex door piece from what i understand and they freely published this for publicity to get their name out there
go to https://www.ddf3d.com for more great designs

The flex door file was included on this CC lic as it was posted together. yes they can get a patent but any file taken, used , or changed from this lic stays in effect. So it would be a waste of money to do so as anyone who downloaded it now can freely hand it out.

what about one with a threaded lock that goes over the entrance like a climbing carabeaner. then when twisted it wont undo itself

just remember guys the file DD001.STL IS patent pending

Is it still pending? I tried to verify that a patent for it exists but have had no luck. I saw no mention of it in any of the descriptions on thingiverse or the ddf3d website. And Google didn't turn up anything. I only see comments about it without even an application number to reference.

I'm not planning on stealing the design but am curious to know if the patent exists.

Hi kicker10bog, appreciate for asking, please refer our US utility patent # US9958001B2 (https://patents.google.com/patent/US9958001B2/en), and feel free to let us know what you're looking for? maybe share more your ideal even using our core design to create things? please feel free to reach us, thank you and have a great day :D

Thanks, I was just mainly curious about it because of all the comments.

Printed this and love it. Definitely going to go buy the Ranger Pro now. Great design!!!

Very cool print!

We printed 2 and the first one failed when we loaded 140 pounds onto it- 4 sandbags, and the fourth one killed it.

The second one failed at 156 pounds- slowly adding from 110.

Does the door have to be printed in Flexible filament?

No there is a split in the door that acts as a spring

Comments deleted.

how much do each of these weigh on average

how much do each of these weigh on average

Mate I have used this several times I just want to say this was one of the BEST things I have printed in years.

Thank,s it was a fun print. I actually printed it at 90% infill which was a waste but hey, I want this to be SOLID.
It needs a little cleaning up (but that's just my filament). The model itself is fantastic.

bought a few designs on there website had trouble with a few they had great customer support and even gave a free carabiner because the described one with something it didnt have

This is a brilliant idea.

printed one with 100% infill, PLA filament, amazing carabiner, and in-case anyone was wondering, we stress tested it and it can hold up to 120lbs,and it broke at 120lbs.

Hi Petersmakers

Appreciate your stress tested, as our test, the number of loops is more important than infill, if your nozzle is 0.4mm, try to put number of loops more than general 2 loops, change to 3 or more, this will make solid shape of the hook part, also bring stronger strengh of door part :)

Lots of people are copying it. PATENT!

thanks for your reminder
The patent is pending

this is by far the best carabiner on thingiverse!

Thank you for the affirmation

Printed one in ABS at 50% fill and 0.2mm layers. Unfortunately I didn't put fresh hairspray on the glass or a brim so the hook warped and popped up a little but it's still useable around the house it just doesn't completely lock shut without a little correction. My wife has already claimed it for the laundry room.

I printed all one color which isn't as nice as the two tone look.

My friend printed one and hates it! the bottom is too thick and the damn thing does not stay locked. But for the record it was printed at .04 MM with PLA plastic. Printing with ABS at .01.mm may help the locking issue.

If you want to print one of these that is crazy strong, print it on a Markforged using Carbon Fiber! I'll do some testing and will post load results...stay tuned!

I'd like some of the carabiners from the website but $18 for an .stl file seems a bit much.

sign up with email for newsletter ull get 50% off any orders and its not much either comparing the fact that if you had shapweways print it you would have to pay $8 for just the scott carabiner frame and another $5.50 for the flex door that is $13. now with the digital downloads you buy it once print as many times as you like

That's great. Wish I can have one in hand to check those thing can work with 15-35 kg of load.

Hi, I printed this as one of my first ever, it printed great so thanks for posting it.

My one concern is that the leaf-shaped seems to be located best for thin rope or chord, however it has sharpish edges and in that sense is not ideal. If you wanted to use this with a thicker rope, it would be forced into the triangular region where the door attaches.

So, two questions:

1) When you perform stress tests on this, how to you attach the two tension members to it?

2) Why is the leaf shaped opening not simply a cylindrical hole, so that it can easily accept a rope looped through it?


the leaf shape you are talking about is part of ddf3ds logo to get the debranded version you can either look at the remixes tab or go to this link https://www.ddf3d.com/hexercarabiner to buy it and show your support for these awesome carabiners

I'm printing these flat on the bed, which makes one side not so nice. Do you recommend printing these standing up so that the lettering is on the bed? Is that why you made the comment about not needing support structure? Seems like a really cool design. Thanks for sharing.

Wow! Fantastic design, mine just broke on a weight test at 98 lbs/44.5 kilos!
Printed in PLA on Monoprice Maker Select:
0.2 mm layer
60% infill
2 mm shell
The part that broke was right above where the support for the not-opening side ends. The door remained intact.

98lbs eh? That's interesting. If the relationship between lbs and infill is linear that means 100% infill will hold ~164lbs. Impressive.

i stress tested one with 100% infill and it broke at 120lbs. :)

A great design !! I will definetely print and test it !!

I don't have a picture, but I printed it on MakerBot Replicator 2 at school. It printed beautifully and assembled just as in the video. I haven't tested it for weight, but I can tell just by pulling on it that it's very strong and reliable. Good job!

Comments deleted.

Huh...can't get this to print on my M3D. Too bad, looks really neat. :/

My M3D doesn't work for anything...

Hi aaplmike
Why can't get this tp print on your M3D?
If the model too big for your M3d, you can scale down to print!
Scaled capacity is 75% to 120% still work well.
Thank you

Not sure, actually, Charlie! I scaled the body part to 70% and printed it in Medium/low infill, but the printer stopped just after it's first move and sat there until I finally had to unplug it. This happened on three occasions. I have to look at the gcode. When I ran the body part through slic3r, it showed 78 edge errors, so I'm not sure if that means anything. I finally got it to print again after three resets...has never done that before.

I have the m3d and if you rotate 30 degrees on the z axis you should have no problem

You should do a test, and demonstrate how much weight one of these carabiners can support without breaking or distorting, then put it in your pattern instructions.

Cool design! My friends and I are making a custom key chain business and are wanting to sell carabiners with it. Would it be alright if we could use your design within the business? If not that is fine, was just wondering. Thanks!

Neat design. Ive never seen a flexible structure from a 3D printer that worked. How many tries did it take to get that to work?

Hi Nevil_Clavain
The design took around 8 month from over 50 times of "try and error" and optimized to easy print on different FDM 3D printer, please have fun with the sweet result.
You will find more on our site www.ddf3d.com
Thank you

On your site it says files have patents. Can you please provide the patent numbers. I'm working on a similar design and don't want to infringe if you actually hold any patants. Otherwise I'll just continue with my designs.

The patent is pending.
Will publish the patent number when we get.
Thank you

Strange, there are no pending patents with your company name ddf3d. You receive a patent application filing number when you apply, what is that number? Please view "35 U.S. Code § 292 - False marking" in case there is any confusion as to why I am asking. If you will not provide that then I assume that you do not actually have a patent pending and I will continue with my projects. If for some reason you do not want to publicly display it, you can message my account with the number.

did you look under the company name enerdesign

This is awesome, I just printed one and stress tested it to failure. I printed It at .3 mm layer height, 90% infill, and 3 perimeters with PETG filament. This held 50 pounds and finally failed when we reached 55 pounds. Very strong for plastic

You make one almost reach 25kg load!
Really great print!
Thank you nibrocd

Those commenting about the letters should check out the "Remix" section of this thing, which has the letters removed and scales quite well. :)

Can you provide the cad files? or for solidworks or Inventor. or Customizable.... please? this carabiner has a very BAD thing and that is the letters.... they damage much the piece, they are too big and are in worng place to print specially if you want a scale smaller.

Me and other guys would appreciate so much this.

This design looks nice but can someone explain why its listed in customizer?

Printed great in PLA on my Ultimaker 2. Really neat concept and design. Would be even better if the spring end of the body did not end in a V shape; seems less functional, but may be needed for strength. Anyway, this carabiner is pretty sweet. Plan to hang stuff off my work bag with it. Probably won't use on my next El Capitan ascent though.

Beautiful design, man

Thank you!
So glad you like it :D

you need to make it available to customize because my teacher needs this just without the words on it if you could do that would be great

It is possible to make Customizer working???
the link on this page don't work


Lightly modified these would make killer cable guides for a server rack.

Hi, can you provide the cad files?

So I didn't really read the instructions, so I printed with 20% infill. I then used it to carry my shoes on a bike rack for a weekend bike backing trip. Only one survived, but the other broke on a nasty washboard decent at the end of day 2

Hi Carlbach
Thank you for you use the design for your bike trip, sorry to hear the carabiner broken, hope you didn't lost your shoes.
The way to make stronger hook is simple, set the number of loop more, like 3~5 loops for shell so you can get 1.2~2mm thickness of your prints, that makes the hook and the door spring strength stronger, also you can scale it up like 120% and put 3~5 loops and 50% infill, that will make the prints really really strong.
Or you can check more different design on www.ddf3d.com , you'll find out more option for your need, like "SCOTT Carabiner" & "Titan Carabiner" are design for higher tensile load :)

I was actually more impressed, I use a school printer, so I didn't have a window to reprint before the trip, but I decided to stress test them any way.

I just printed a new one with 50% infill, and I expect it to last for everything I do (climbing excluded)

Hi Carlbach
Appreciate you willing to keep test and play with this design, if you have chance to reprint, try to set "shell loops" more, like change general 2 loops to 3 or 4 loops, then you'll get more stronger print.
And please do not use the print one to climb, safety first.
We're still working on the new design combine metal and print part to make higher tensile load.
Have a nice day :)

Works great ... awesome design

Have anyone tested how much weight it can hold before failing?

I printed one out of PLA with 50% infill and it held 164 lbs on the instron before snapping on the top

Comments deleted.

Hi Korrupt3dazn
This is the Design for general FDM 3D printer print by PLA or ABS material.
When print on scale 1, infill 50%, nozzle 0.4mm, shell loop 3, general can load 15-35kg load.
ABS is better than PLA on tensile load and flexible spring strength.
Thank you for your asking :D
Hope you like the design

Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Going to print a couple more to hang stuff around the shop and boat.

Wish this design can fit your need, if you can share the picture of how you use the carabiner for, that will be great :D

Awesome! Worked perfectly!!!

Awesome design that works really well. I haven't tried the previous version, but this one is great.

practical and aesthetically beautiful..thanks

Hey! Awesome upgrade!

I bet you could cycle the clip a lot more then the original design. Kudos!! And all those other variants on your webpage! I especially like the Titan Carabiner.

If they weren't so damn expensive... Over 10$ for a file for a carabiner... I can buy a few strong metal carabiners for that price.

According to Simplify3D printing four of the bases at 80% size (to fit my Prusa i3's 200x200x200 area) cost $0.72 in Hatchbox Silver 1.75mm PLA (Amazon price); 24.05 grams of material. How did you arrive at $10? I think my total cost, per unit, will be $0.25.

Yes, if you need a steel one for really being able to load it with something, then that's what you need. If you make it out of platic, it's because that's not a restriction for that application. You now have a choice of more materials to cover a wider range of applications. You don't like the price tag for this one? You're free to roll your own. This price tag is how the author intends to earn money for his/her work. I bet he spent time designing it, testing it, making variants to give more choices, and all that had expenses. He deserves a regard for that effort; an effort that many value.

I'm so appreciate you look at our digital product, we believe the potential of printable carabiner, like reverse door function and never rust, it's can be lightweight but strong if you scale them up to 120%~150% and set high infill, when you have one digital product, you can play with them not only make unlimited print, you can make your own size and color.
And maybe you'll interesting on our value pack.
Thank you again for your comment :D

also they have to pay for all the designing,testing,patents,3d printers,plastic,electricity,taxes ect