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Stackable Battery Holders

by adoniram Sep 9, 2015
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Having a bunch of trouble with the first layer on the base insert ( the ramp) tried different slicers and various first layer settings. Is something wrong with the .stl files? I have even received slicing errors in Slic3r. First I’ve run into this...

Printed it (AA and AAA), worked fine. Only the AAA ramp could be a little bit smaller, since the small AAA are not hold very tight and could fall out of the sides.

Hi there, how should I print this? With support? "L" side on the heatbed? Thx

Is there a D battery holder?

is there a 18650 variant?

Here I designt a korrektion for the AA Box to glue inside. So you dont had to print the whole think two times. Works great.

Thank you, this worked beautifully. With this modification this is now the first battery dispenser that has worked.

very nice, thanks hawk!

What is that for, and how does it work? For the AA Box?

Yes for the AA Box. I save a picture to show the position.

Comments deleted.

I was happy to print these nice battery cases, but the c sized box doesn't fit. The battery can't roll out. An update would be nice.

Might just be worth bumping up the scale in your slicer a smidge from the looks of things :)

Comments deleted.

With these holders, batteries will always get stuck. Someone design a baffle for the AA holder that goes inside the case and makes batteries roll without problem. I took that design and applied it to the AAA holder with great success. Now batteries roll out perfectly!. Also, the AAA holders Base has a little ramp at the end to stop the batteries from rolling out, that mechanism works great for the AA batteries, but for the AAA holder, it does not work very well, usually when you remove a AAA battery from the holder, the next battery in line comes too quick and jumps the ramp.
I have fixed both these problem, the ramp on the AAA base is now taller.
The only issue I had is that now the letters on the Case are not recessed.

have the files by the original creator been updated on here to address the jamming? or do I need to stick with printing the remixed ones?

So reading all the problems, has this been fixed??

Nope. Use remix one.

make a bigger version to hold more than the few batteries. Talking 20+ batteries. Thanks for the print!

Want to put this warning out there, I printed this out several months ago, but found that every one of the batteries in it got drained. a heads up some pla is semi conductive and can slow drain your batteries. I used inland pla Brown for my build.

Should i print this with or without supports?

Really cool idea, marred by lazy modeling and engineering most particularly that which completely disregards the use of a 3D printer at all. I printed out the AA model.

Engineering student or not, in general when you make something, it's best to design it within a 5% tolerance - this way unknown variables don't jump out at you as a surprise. In this scenario, they modeled it once, printed it then posted it, which is fairly obvious because the model is the exact width of the battery. Even without the common sense to add a bit of tolerance, it's well known that shrinkage oft occurs on models that can change dimensions by 1-10 particularly with ABS. Even printing with PLA, and only having a 1% margin of error as measured with calipers, the battery gets jammed. Everywhere. Not just where the opening could be a bit wider, or the walls a bit further spaced, but everywhere.

They could have mentioned this in the description, updated it, gave a tip to increase the size in your program of choice by 5%, but they did none of these things, because again, they didn't build it to be functional. They built it as a cool idea. Honestly, I have no idea why this irks me so much, but be forewarned - the model is to EXACT dimensions of the battery in question, and there is no simple fix after it's printed. If you don't want a 12-36 hour print to be a wash, make sure to scale up the dimensions by about 5% in your splicing program of choice before printing.

I mean, the "feeding" section should be almost dropping completely down - the batteries before it would be putting more downward pressure which would prevent the batteries slipping out and sliding around. Some of the parts would do better curved than how they are...there's so many ways this could be better, and I'm not even an engineering student. I know just enough to make simple models, yet I wouldn't remotely have put this model out like this. It's far from complete.

If you all have a problem with sticking, just scale it up.

This is actually a really smart idea. I have all my batteries in a box in a drawer, and it's a pain to get to them when I need them. This will probably be the very next thing I make!

does this still hav jamming issues??

i think you should remove this upload and just keep the improved version.

A lot of people are concerned that the batteries dont roll out properly. Have you considered sanding the edges down a bit?

Don’t waste your time or money printing this, it doesn’t feed batteries correctly.

gonna print with grey in place of the white and blue in place of the green
looks great

I was trying to print the C version of this (the base), and having some troubles. First print I did w/o supports failed several times, so I tried with supports, and that came out all wrong. I'm using PrusaControl in the case of printing with supports. I used Slicer for the one without. What do others use to slice this model?

Also - does the C model work properly? I saw another comment saying it does not let the battery roll out the front?

I made one and it looks really good! Too bad it doesn’t work...

Agreed. I printed the AA version and they just seem to stick all the time.

Same for me. Most of the time the batteries get stuck.

Would you consider adding a version for 1865 li-ion cells?

Comments deleted.

The “C” battery holder doesn’t allow C sized batteries to roll out!!! It’s spec’d wrong by the designer. See pic.

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hey i just thought id let you know that someone is selling this on etsy. here's a link to their store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BadAss3dPrints?ref=search_shop_redirect

Isnt that illegal? this is under non-commercial

Yes it is, that's why I said something

Fan of the design and the recessed letters. Want to do a similar thing on a project I'm working on, how did you make the letters and numbers fit into the recessed ones? Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Looks very nice, but batteries jam all the time, so it is easier to pick them from the top, which makes this pretty useless. (I tried the AA version).

Have the same problem for AA version. The batteries on top stack and prevent the battery which is just before the gate to roll out.

Mine does the same for AA and AAA so far.

Comments deleted.

Is there any chance that you'll make one for D batteries?

Awesome design. Batteries get jammed up a little when full but still great. AAA+++

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Can u make one for 18650 cells? They r 18*65mm


Can anyone tell me what this weighs after it is printed and assembled (without batteries)?

Thank you

Depends on ur infill

I have tried printing the AAA base part and every time it does not even come close to printing what it is suppose to print, it forgets to print like half of the item. I have a PRUSA mk2s btw. I have tried adding support everywhere, only support from the build plate and no support and nothing changes. It is so weird

I've had a similar problem when using PrusaControl for slicing. Redoing it in Slic3r fixed the print.

I'm experiencing the same thing with my PRUSA. I've now tried with two different filaments. Same failed result both times. I tried to print on its side both ways...the first time it works about 75% of the way and then ends prematurely. If I print on the opposite side it immediately fails, trying to print about 1/2 inch in the air. Not sure if it's my PRUSA software or something with this design, but it doesn't work for me. :(

You can try to repair the file using netfabb and try if it works

Not a terrible design, but needs som redesign to be reliable.

Comments deleted.

How many batteries does it hold?

13-15 for the AA box

Does anyone know why Slic3r is not slicing the thin integrated supports that are pre-built into the design? It just completely removes them out of the slicing process.

I have had lots of problems with Slic3r not slicing accurately, now I am using the Cura Engine in Repitie-Host and it works so much better, I would suggest giving it a try

Cool design. I printed the AA Box. Big thanks! When using it. It feels that the batteries get stuck at some point and the battery for take out can move sideways.
Could you share step/f3d CAD files to implement the mods?

I made a remix to solve the jamming problem: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2012590

I don't have a CAD file, but it includes a .c4d file, maybe that serves your purpose too.

Stackable Battery Holder Remixed Single Ramp

Why don't you add a part which is the same part as the xx_cover just without cutouts so you can expand it.

Nice design, I built the AA and AAA, however, the batteries dont easily fall down after taking batteries out of the bottom, they get jammed.

I made a remix to solve that problem, you might want to try it out: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2012590

If you decide to try it out, it would be great if you could leave me a feeback if it worked for you or if I should consider any improvements.

Stackable Battery Holder Remixed Single Ramp

Holy crap, Batman! I can't wait to make these! I've been telling my wife that there are no good ways to store batteries.

Spectacular design, but one flaw. If you stack batteries on top of eachother, they will not come out the front. I would greatly appreciate it if a slope was added on the cover that prevented batteries from stacking unless an effort was made to stack them, or violent force was applied. ThoughBubble21 did fix this issue by adding a ramp on the remix "Stackable Battery Holder Remixed Single Ramp" by Bubble21

Just a heads-up for future readers, I changed my username from Bubble21 to CluelessEngineer.

I can confirm this issue, if you completely fill the holder then the batteries from the layer above will pin the lower batteries.

I found out that there are two solutions to this issue.
1: Make something yourself based on this that has a ramp, stopping that process, or
2: Use the remix "Stackable Battery Holder Remixed Single Ramp" by Bubble21, I haven't tested it so I can't say it works, but the design looks like it should work.

Thanks for the shoutout ;-) I've gotten some feedback in in the meantime from other people who tried my remix and it seems to work as nicely for them as it does for me. I've been using my piece for several months now and haven't had any jamming issues. If you try it, it would be great if you could leave a feedback in the comments to let me know if it works for you or if you have any suggestions for improvements.

Just wanted to add some feedback. Mine works, I printed the ramp on its back, and the cover on its front (lettering down). I used ABS on a Replicator 2x, 2 shells, 3% fill, no supports, and it works fine - no jamming. The only issue I DO have is the ramp could use some sidewalls where the available battery rests, because any jostling makes the battery shoot sideways off of the ramp. Other than that I don't have the jamming issue some others are complaining about.

Thx that really helps

OMG that is AWESOME. I really could use a few for AAs and 18650s but I don't have a 3D printer (yet)

Thank you for this sir! I tend to do a lot of robotics and on the go sound recording so I plow through the double A's.. (I have a rotation of about 40 rechargeable I go through.) It's nice to have a better way of organizing them..

I made a remix for the AA cover to prevent the batteries from jamming: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2012590

I solved the jamming issues by adding a single ramp to the cover which feeds the batteries to the back and only lets one at a time slip through. While still work in progress, this prototype works quite well for me so far and the batteries flow through nicely without getting stuck. Same dimensions as the original, works with the ramp from the original design and can be printed without supports if sliced face down. Only made an AA version for the time being. Holds about 13 AA batteries.

This is my first design on my first printer and I have zero 3D experience going into this, so go easy on me ;-) Credit to my dear gf for the actual 3d modelling work. Also I think this should be the way of dealing with an imperfect design instead of bashing it in the comments, just sayin... Thanks adoniram for the beautiful design!

Stackable Battery Holder Remixed Single Ramp

I agree, but I think that you need to tell him that there is a flaw, but not necessarily say something like "This is complete crap, never print it" because it's a good design, it just has a small flaw that poses a big problem.

Comments deleted.

Can someone tell me why a part that obviously cannot work get over 6000 likes and over 33,000 downloads? I'm puzzled....

After reading your comment I thought i'd give it a go to see if it actually does work or if its a lemon

I. I tried with no support attempt one failed

  1. I tried it with out a raft attempt 2 failed

  2. Currently I am using a tree support with a raft
    100 micron , as 80 micron is going to take to long
    2 shells
    basic infill 10% will try 0% on the next attempt
    fill patten : hexagon
    print speed 60mm/s
    travel speed 80mm/s
    220 degrees
    yellow PLA

    LET YOU KNOW IN 8HRS if it finishes

that was going to be my next go.
After an 8 hr build laying it flat , I got a reasonable print for the AAA one, to make it respectable I will need to dremel the excess off
or alternatively PVA is a great substitute if you are running 2 extruders. Going to try Bubble21 's way next .

The biggest problem with this project is the lack of details that adoniram has posted on how he actually made it

Im doing each piece at a time , so the ramp was the 1st 8hr build . , now trying the other way for an 8hr build

Print the cover face down and the ramp on its side, then neither will need any support or raft. Also, feel free to try my remix of the cover with an added ramp to prevent jamming. I'd be happy to hear some feedback if it works. My prototype did seem to do so pretty reliably, but I could use a bit of a bigger sample size than one piece ;-)

It looks very nice and I have no doubt that it will print nicely. BUT: it will not function as desired with more than one layer of batteries :( They will get stuck and an internal structure is required.

Comments deleted.

17th most popular item

First is 54353

Typo no 54353


No typo

I have had my 3D printer for 48 hours. Printed this last night and today I have put it in use! Fantastic design. Thank you so much!!!

Prints well, but the batteries jam if you fill it with more than a single layer of cells. Was this ever tested before publishing?

Agreed. Beautiful looking design but doesn't work as intended.

Comments deleted.

Same for me, I printed all 3 sizes, and all of them block once a second layer of batteries is added. I am also wondering how a design which does not work can be so succesfull and even get featured.

The idea is great though, making them stackable is very usefull. Hoping for an update sometime...

By the way: DANKE für alle deine Videos!

Jeez guys, no need for so much negative feedback. Instead of complaining, tell him what problems you have with it in a polite and respectful manner.

Not only does this design not function (The batterys jam, repeatedly. Id rather just leave them in the plastic), the design is broken. I had to put this through 3 different mesh repair softwares, and I still couldn't get the damn thing to print. I wound up pulling dimensions through meshmixer and remodeling in solidworks.

Needs sides on the ramp. If you tip it slightly sideways, all the batteries fall out.

I'm rather disappointed that this was featured. It doesn't work. The design looks nice. I got a fantastic print out of it. Unfortunately, the batteries jam up in it every time. This thing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:310472 doesn't look as nice, but it works.

Compact Tabletop Battery Holder

Not working for me, neither AA nor AAA version. Batteries just get stuck and don't slide properly when the holder is full.

Hey - sorry to hear you had trouble with my design. Can you describe how it gets caught? I'd be happy to adjust it.

Basically what happens is that if you have a battery on the second level, right by the exit, it can hold back a battery on the bottom level that wants to go out the exit chute. The only way to avoid it is to have the batteries separated internally, instead of just having them all in a single open compartment.

I made one that looks similar, but has internal dividing ramps, so the batteries don't jam.

Battery Dispenser - 24x AA - Stackable

Newest battery dispensing gizmo... the BatteryMag!

BatteryMag - 14x AA Dispenser

I agree. It simply doesn't work as designed.

Sorry. Can you describe how it gets caught? I'd be happy to adjust it.

The bottom two batteries will remove, after that the rest of the batteries are just wedged in place. It is necessary to tap on the top of the battery stack to knock them loose.

The designs that work have an internal baffle system or set of guides to keep the weight of the batteries from creating a wedge style jam.

I love the idea. I did have difficulties when printing the numbers, so created my own.

About time this got featured! I love these things

What are the overall dimensions of this?

Crazy artifact shows up if you print new base on side to minimize supports. A new ramp shows up which jams batteries. Crazy. I have never seen this problem occur. If you print new base on its back, no problem and no "mystery" ramp. I have repeated problem several times through Makerbot slicer.

Great upgrade with the new ramps inside! Cover is now much stiffer which makes it hard to flex over pins. I shaved pins to make it work.

I must have an older one. The batterieys don't flow out as they should. I agree with you the odd base design, is odd....

Battery jamming issues? Nope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6jQL9AoyPA


Had to raise height to make way for inner zigzagging of the batteries. Did this attempting to understand how Blender works with no priori CAD/3D experience, so bare with me, it throws many errors on slic3r. But its certainly prints and works quite well as the video attests.

I'll post a remix...

Do you have the AAA version done yet? Great job by the way.

Thanks matn1, I wish I had saw your fix before I printed this out. I'm surprised the original poster hasn't fixed his design yet. The battery holder is a great idea but the battery jamming on exit basically makes it useless.

18650 add to project, pls

First thing I looked for when I came across this. +1

Comments deleted.

I cant print the curve part on the AA Base :(

How many AA, AAA & C batteries can these holders hold?

this would be perfect if you had an A4 organizer >.<

How do you print the A3, A2 and C signs properly?

I'm having a few issues with the base of the AA holder. I'm not sure if this issue applies to the base of all the different sizes, but repetier says that it's not a manifold. Sometimes the Gcode exports fine, but with this one it doesn't work. When it's on its side, the exported Gcode looks like this: http://prntscr.com/9wv0uy

If I move it around a bit, and try a few times, I eventually get some Gcode that works. I'm using slic3r, by the way. I just wanted to let you know that this issue is present.

you'd have to be careful about polarity when loading them in, but definitely would be awesome

Love this design, on the base part, I did it with a raft but it seems the material "separated" on both sides?

See image: http://imgur.com/DJK0AWm

Trying to print the cover now...

you should have flipped the model on its side, it makes the print better. Support would have fixed that as well

The AA Battery Cover Gcode is really jacked up. It splits up about half way... sorry :)

Hi ltlderek - I haven't actually provided any gcode here, the files are STL and the gcode would be produced by your slicer. If you can tell me how to reproduce it, I can take a look at the mesh, but the mesh is quite simple.

I have this same issue. The AA cover is too narrow for the base to fit, if you force it, it will split. This also means that it isn't wide enough to AA batteries at all...

I've printed it twice with the same issue both times. Not sure if scaling it up slightly will help, or throw some other stuff off.

Hi Fattmann - that definitely should not happen. The tolerance of the cover has an internal gap of .25mm to either side of the base. If the base is larger than the cover, you might want to check out your printer's calibration with a calibration cube. The tolerances are very close but the base is undersized relative to the cover, not the other way around.

Thanks for sharing! I just printed this and found a couple of issues with the design:

  • Batteries get jammed at the exit. The batteries on top add enough back pressure to prevent batteries from flowing down the ramp.
  • The snap-on walls need to be glued to keep a rigid frame.

I have the same issue about the batteries jamming at the exit.

  1. Yeah, this seems to happen for two reasons: the filament itself can cause a lot of friction and the angles between the throat of the battery exit and the base are too close to 90º. It's something I'd like to adjust eventually but haven't had the chance.

  2. Definitely! I included that in the build notes.

Yes, would love a fixed version for the battery stuck issue. Love this design, but this one flaw makes it really hard to use :(

Any chance you'll be able to adjust the design to handle the jamming issue?

If I have tight tolerances with things fitting inside an object, I scale it up .1%, and go from there. I've had good luck so far printing other things that are size dependent so far. I'm looking forward to giving these a go. I plan on doing this right off the bat for both the base and lids on for these. That should give the batteries a little more clearance.

Unfortunately I see this issue with the AA and AAA holders, and only one remix tries to address it for AAs (but, as it turns out, it no longer holds batteries, letting two fall out at a time).

Maybe it's just a matter of elongating the space above the mouth inside with a ramp, to prevent the down pressure from affecting the battery trying to leave the mouth? Just a guess doing this in my head.

What type of support settings do you recommend?

If you print the cover face down and the base on its side, you can print this without supports. For printers with warping issues (printing ABS on a cold bed, that sort of thing), you may want to print with a skirt. That's about it. I do not print them with supports myself. The base has integrated supports (you can see it in the "Thingiview") between the two flanges and the screw mounts. You simply remove them when finished with your fingers or a knife.