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Galaxy S4 Web Pattern Case

by RealAbsurdity Jun 7, 2013
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you print how? how setup? I failed! I use S3D

It's really cool, but does it really protect the phone?

Hey, I'd really like to print this out but when I download and use Slic3r to make the Gcode, it gets stuck with the bar flashing green and never actually does export the file. Any help?

It looks and feels awesome. I had one for months and still no sign of wear. I'm re-printing it in another color, on another printer now.

Cool design, and all the holes line up and everything. I tried printing it with nylon just now and it's too loose, the phone wiggles a bit and can fall right out with no effort if you turn it upside-down. I imagine if it were PLA or ABS or another stiff material it would work fine, but nylon seemed like a great material to try. I am using Cura on an Ultimaker 2. I suppose just scaling it down a touch might work but it would probably be best if the mesh were changed to take advantage of nylon's increased flexibility, almost like the rubbery cases that you stretch over the phone a bit.

Nice work anyway!

Apologies Dave, no idea where I got Doug. Anyway, I understand what you mean, probably not so much about dimension as the design intent. This is certainly intended for a rigid material like PLA or ABS. If you would like to take a shot at modifying the original model I could post an igs file. Any attempt I make would be a shot in the dark because im not setup to print nylon.

Sure, post an IGS and I will see if I can get it working with nylon. I will probably just try adding a bridge over the side button cutouts.

Doug, I'm not sure chaning the mesh would buy you much and I have already had problems with people printing this in abs that are easily resolved by scaling the object by a half percent or so (see comments below). I did prototype this in PLA originally and with its relatively small shrink rate I can't think of a reason why it would ever print too large unless your printer or software is scaling it or otherwise not printing accurately in one axis or another. If you could would you carefully measure the outside dimensions of the long and short axis of the case and post your numbers here? Also some detail photo posts on the "made one" section might help understand what is happening to the nylon print.

It's Dave, but no problem. ;)
It's hard to measure the nylon because it's just so flexible, and I've bent and twisted it enough in testing to easily throw the numbers off a little, but my numbers are about 69.4mm x 134.6mm (slightly under and slightly over your PLA models respectively) for the inside front opening, and outside it's more like 73.7mm x 140.7mm or so. I must stress though that nylon is ridiculously flexible, and I think that's the biggest problem and why the mesh would have to be changed to really be effective: at the point where the sides are cut out for the buttons, it just folds backwards with very little force, and it only has to flex like 1-2 mm (not stretching, just flexing) for there to be next to nothing holding the phone in the case. I'd guess if you put 5 grams (the weight of a US nickel) of weight out on the end of the phone case it would flex back that much.

Apologies to anyone who saw this thread about the mic holes and didn't see the correction. I uploaded an .x3g instead of the .stl with the updates. It is fixed now.

it was toot ight for my phone- printed on ABS- can u tell me what to do

You will need to make a measurement of the inside, both long and short openings. A working PLA version measures 70 mm side to side when measured at the two openings for the power and volume buttons (inside) and about 134.25 mm on the inside of the rim top to bottom. Whatever your ABS version measures after shrink you will need to calculate the percent difference from the dimensions I just gave you and then scale it in those two axes by those percentages. For example if you measure 133 mm lengthwise that is 133 / 134.25 = .991 or 99.1% of the desired length. To make up the difference just scale that axis by 101% and it should work.

Alright, here's the deal, I'm checking the fit, but since I have a couple people saying "it fits great' and another few saying "it's too tight" a little info about how it was printed, what kind of machine, and how it was sliced would be really useful. I have printed a dozen of these in different colors and they all fit my s4 very well. So it is possible our machines or slicing software is calibrated slightly differently. I am printing another right now in a new color to see how the new version of MakerWare handles it. My only hesitation in updating the file is in that I already tweaked the fit several times (hence the V4 in the file name) before I released the case on Thinigiverse.

I might also suggest that if the first one fits a little tight simply scaling the file in the long axis by a half a percent or so would fix it without distorting the shape too much.

I really like the look of this case, but when I put it on it broke above the lock button. It won't even fit when it's broken. I think it's just too tight on it. But other than that, great design!

I just printed another in PLA on a raft sliced in the new version of Makerware and I have no fit issue and it snaps just fine. Out of curiosity are you using PLA or ABS? What slice software and what bot? Since I proofed the design in PLA it is possible that with the greater shrink value of ABS the case is too small in that material. In that case the easy solution is to simply scale the file in the x and y axes by a half a percent or so and try again. Since I am not able to replicate the tight fit issue my other suggestion would be to check your calibration with a test print with both internal and external features.

Ok thanks! I did use ABS so I will scale it and see how it works.

I just want to thank you for this awesome design :) check out the prints on capa3d on instagram