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Mini Track Loader RC

by Zedpi Sep 5, 2015
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I am using a skektrum ar410 receiver and when I plug the Servos in they smoke? Need help.

How to put two halfs together ?

Anybody can put the file of the taranis? I can´t config the servos

Can you please share which channel each of the servos go to on receiver?

how did you connect the 2 different servos for the tracks?
i cant seem to get the both to reach when pressing forward.

i got a flysky FS-i6 remote and Flysky FS-R6B receiver

do you perhaps have a picture of how you connected the electronics?

That would be great. I printed the bigger version, for the 9g-servos. Could you please share your transmitter-settings? I have the FS-i6 as well. And how do you get the tracks to stopp completely, my little trackloader has always a bit of movement on the wheels.

Do you mean this version (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2828697)? If so, how hard was it to print and how long did it take? Also what material did you use to print the tracks? Could you send me some pictures of the one you made please? I would like to build one of these and thus have printed the pieces for this one and put most of it together. Not quite sure the difference between the different pulleys. I was assuming the SmallPulley.STL is suppose to be smaller but it wasn't. Tried to make it smaller, but not sure by how much? Also not sure what the UndrivenPulley.STL is used for? I guess I am just all confused. Clearing this up for me would be great. Printed the tracks in PLA which didn't work. Trying to print them in Sainsmart TPU, but never have much luck with it. Still waiting on the servos I ordered. Using a spectrum sports receiver so I can use my DX6i. Will have to figure out how to make room for it. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Bigger Track Loader Remix (with headlights!)
by svenny

Hi, I have these model servo "TowerPro SG90 Mini Gear Micro 9g Analog" the inside is different has in the model shown here, I found this tutorial, https://www.fetchmodus.org/projects/servo/ will this work for the mini track loader?

yes probably

Hallo weiß wer wie man die Servos richtig abschneidet muss man denn Servo aufschrauben oder wie?

Vermutlich hast Du es schon geschafft, aber zur Sicherheit doch hier als Kommentar: An der Unterseite der Servos befinden sich 2 kleine Schrauben, die drehst Du raus. Danach geht der Deckel bei den Zahnrädern oben abzunehmen - ein bisschen Druck ausüben. Bei meinen Servos war sofort am obersten Zahnrad, also jenes, an dem später der Antrieb montiert wird, ein kleiner Stift an der Unterseite zu erkennen - das ist der Anschlag - der verhindert das Durchdrehen. Der wird entfernt - im einfachsten Fall durch Abziehen des obersten Zahnrads - Vorsicht: Die anderen nicht verlieren und vorher die Positionen merken - und dann diesen Stift mit dem Messer/Skalpell wegschneiden. Zahnrad wieder drauf, Gehäuse zusammensetzen, Schrauben rein: FERTIG

Hi...am am fairly new to RC, I have all the parts printed and assembled the loader. I have bought the flysky fs i6 tx and a flysky fs GR3E 3ch.
It will not power on And I can not bind it to the tx. Can some one please help me as I am stuck and dont know what to do.


Hi...am am fairly new to RC, I have all the parts printed and assembled the loader. I have bought the flysky fs i6 tx and a flysky fs GR3E 3ch.
It will not power on And I can not bind it to the tx. Can some one please help me as I am stuck and dont know what to do.


Comments deleted.

What other servos have been used. I'm in the USA using lemon receiver.
Parts printed need electronics.

We're get them?

I have add a plan of my Turnigy Servo. You can check it at the end of the pictures. ;)

Comments deleted.

Hi, what software did you model this in and are the source files available?

I want to do a remix which has a 5g servo at the end of the arms to allow dumping/ leveling through channel mixing.

Hi, can you show me the wiring and position of battery/receiver?

Which is the mix to go a head? To use the 2 servos at the same time? Thanks

It's the same things than plane mix's channel, check the tuto in Google with "mix channel tx" for example ;)

Could you sent the archive for taranis ? I can´t setup my taranis X9D
My email is: macabox@gmail.com.

Thanks and great job!!!!!

I can't, my TX is a Turnigy :/

Waa i thought I'd got it all ready with all the bits i had, but unfortunately all the small servos i have use the potentiometer shaft to support the output shaft. So you can't remove it.. Will have to buy some more

can you advice how the top part of the cab fixes together as the 4 holes are on the inside?

Hello, you simply put a small amount of glue inside the holes of the cabs, then you take a little bit of filament and put in one of the holes, then guide the other half of the filament into the other hole of the cab. You can also put a little bit of glue on the cab itself to make it more sturdy.
I hope you understand me :)

That was pritty much what i did

Can anyone tell me why the small pulley makes slic3r freeze ?

Tower pro 5g version please?

For dimensions.

I already have many servos and micro 4ch rx and micro wifi camera module and 1s 150mah
Basically free if i can find the right model.


The servo is hard to find . can you modify a 9gram servo version ?

Do you have some standard version of 9gram servo version to propose ?

Hi, the servo ES08MA is good ?


The sizes of your servo are almost good. Just the 23mm of your servo is 20.4mm in this 3D model.
You can adapt your servo model with some milling steps ;)

how can i deliver the servos to the us? hobbyking says they can only ship in uk

Hobby King 2.4Ghz 4Ch Tx & Rx V2 (Mode 1) Can I use this radio? Zedpi

and could you send me a link for the screws?

and could you send me a link for the screws?

and could you send me a link for the screws?

and could you send me a link for the screws?

and could you send me a link for the screws?

and could you send me a link for the screws?

and could you send me a link for the screws?

and could you send me a link for the screws?

Could you please also add picture about the electronics

Could you please also add picture about the electronics

I am using a makerbot + replicator and I am trying to print the cock pit. It will not let me mirror it. I tried opening the file in Inventor to do a mirror but it will not let me do this either. Is there anyone who can walk me through how to mirror the cockpit?

it's ok
I add the cockpit A and B.


What is the best and cheapest R/C controller for this. Also how do I connect the controller to the loader

Depends on your transmitter type. I run Spectrum and my receiver for this project was a ar6100e off ebay for $11


I thinks that's can be fun if the Track loader can be controlled with FPV system! I will design a new cockpit !

Hi, I hate to bug you but I really want to make this for my kid (and me lol). Is there any way you (or anyone) can post more about the electronics? Mostly how the battery hooks up to the receiver without using a ESC. I already burned up a receiver out of a heli i had trying this. I'm ordering the electronics listed but I'm afraid i could ruin those too. I just don't have any knowledge on DIY RC. Thanks for your time

Could you add some pictures of how you have done the electronics please?

Could you add some pictures of how you have done the electronics please?

Which Lego Chains are used ?
Do you have a part number or a link ?
and the correct link of the Lipo please

Greetings from Germany

Is in the discription

The real number of Lego Chains is : 43903
You need Lipo 1s 240mAh, you can make 1s 480 with 2x240mAh.

Ok thank you i think i found the right ones. Then Connect them parallel for 7,4 Volt ? Load the lipo via USB ?

no you need that:

make 3.7V with 2 cells which's connected in parallel. You need Rc charger balancer like ImaxB6. Never load lipo with USB omg!

Thank you ! Last question
Which Transmitter/receiver is good?

What size M3 Screws would you recommend?
My Choices are
A) 3X4MM
N)Other size (subject to not available)

6 x M3x15mm
1 x M3x10mm
2 x M2.5x10mm (but you can use M3x10mm)


Thanks Zedpi :)


i don´t get the thing to work. Do you know how to set up the transmitter that all is working because one servo is spinning all the time and the other is not working.

Thank you

turn the potentiometer of each servo. Found the neutral point ;)

Thank you, it works!

is there supposed to be 2 cockpit files?

Comments deleted.

Sorry never mind. I just did a -100% on the scale

I was having trouble finding those servos too. I found these on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/131300880759?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

I got them today. They seem to fit in physically. Now to try making them work.

Update these are not rotational servos. So it will work for the fork arm, but not for the tracks.

Make an assembly video.

I've update an Exploded-view drawing ;)

Hi Zedpi
I Have printed everything of the STL. Thanks for the design. :)
i know you suggest the following...
3 Turnigy TS541A
rx Frsky V8fr-ii (or same sizes)
Lipo 1s2p 480mAh
some M3 screws
However Some items are not available so i am wondering if the following work...
3 Turnigy from http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__47382__Turnigy_8482_MX_95E_Digital_Micro_Servo_0_8kg_0_09sec_4_1g.html
Turnigy thing from http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__24903__Turnigy_6XS_FHSS_2_4ghz_Computer_Transmitter_w_6_Model_Memory_Inc_7_Ch_Receiver_Mode_1_.html instead of Frisky v8fr-ii
and the http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idproduct=51841
and the train track lego and m3 screws which i have no comment about.

Turnigy TS541A is available in EU Warehouse and UK ;)
The sizes of your servo's suggestion are similar but i'm not sure that's can be works without :s

RX turnigy (41mm x 28mm x 14mm) is too big... the location of rx mesure about 11.5mm x 33.5mm x 4mm, you need to remove the plastic!!

Hi Zedpi,

thank you for the nice thing!

How did the servos get the right voltage? I mean when i use a 2s lipo with 7,4v and the servos works with 4,2v or 6,0v?

Thank you


I've used 1s2p 480mAh, it makes 1 hour of autonomy!
I use 2 cells of Hobbyking 240mAh 1s in paralell. + JST connector.


sadly the servos are not available currently. You know which will also work?


Search on hobbyking.com

not cool :/
no i don't know... check the sizes

i cant get the gcode for the frame

anyone having trouble with the frame, when I open file it is blank

I'm using Cura and I had the same problem too with both the frames being empty. What I did is loaded it up into the freecad then exported it back to stl and then Cura loaded it fine for me.

also what are the axles, what kind of servo did you use

Comments deleted.

Look at description.

-3 x Turnigy TS541A
-rx Frsky V8fr-ii (or same sizes)
-some M3 screws

the axles are M3 screw with nuts and some plastic screw.

how do I do a mirror with replicator g

i don't know i use Repetier :/

what are you printing the tracks out of, abs wont bend

you need flexible filment for the tracks

in the files it only has 1 side of the cockpit

do a mirror ;)
it's a same part

Hi Zedpi,

just have seen your Bobcat and love it!
Will try to fit a Jeti Duplex RX and have some fun with it.
Ordered the chain tracks on ebay atm - now just need to find some black PLA, just have red and yellow :D

When i'm done i will upload a video on YT and share the link with you.

Thanks chap and regards from germany ;)


hehe thx!

They is enough space in the cockpit, but you can break a little part of the frame if your Rx can't take place.
I will upload my video don't warry. But share your video!!!

I have added the stl of ChainTrack ;)

Awesome, what battery and hardware are needed?

you need :

- 3 Turnigy TS541A
  • rx Frsky V8fr-ii (or same sizes)
  • chain track Lego
  • some M3 screws

You can take 2 Lipo battery of 240mAh and make 480mAh 1S (2S is too much for the rx). Connect the both cells in parallel.

Do you have pictures of how the electrics work and how the are connected please?

Do you have a part number of the Lego tracks ?

It looks like 43903 or 71965, but I have not built one yet.

Thx, found them on ebay


I don't know what is the part nomber of this. But it's the most smallest lego track.

No problem.
I downloaded the parts and there's only one half of the cockpit, can you upload the second half please ? Or am I missing something ?

The other cockpit is available. Check in "thing file" ;)

I think I'm going blind here, I only find one cockpit file and that's the left hand side of the cockpit, can't find the right hand side half. When I open de cockpit file in meshmixer there only one drawing, the left side. I dont' know what I'm doing wrong here. What's the name of the right side drawing please ? Sorry for the trouble I'm causing.

FrameA for the left side, FrameB for the right side ;)
try this:

We are talking about different things. Frame A and B are the main body pieces where the servo's are mounted to. I'm talking about the pieces that make the roof of the Bobcat.

Never mind, I found that I can mirror it in Repetier, I didn't know that. Thanks for your help, Zedpi

Have you got the Right Lego Tracks ?? I bought both 43903 and 71965 but they are way to long...

Does anybody know the right part number pleas ??

Thanks a lot! Perfect!

@Zedpi I don't want to print with my actual printer with flex Filament... I use buildtak for my printbed and flexfilament is a horror to get it off from the buildtak after printing.

For this chase I build a toyrep now g

you can download the STL of tracks wich can be print with flexible filment ;)
I don't know what is the right number :/