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Z9M3 homing calibration first print

by CharlesAnthony

I am new to 3D printing. I have a Z9M3 24v, with a proximity bed sensor. It has Marlin 1.1.8 firmware loaded on the ZRIB v6 controller board. The ZRIB is plugged into a Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB running OctoPi. I wanted a DIY printer to learn as much as I could. However there is a gap in the manual and YouTube. I have it assembled, manually leveled, and I want to “Auto Home”, and Auto Level it, verify my settings in firmware, and do a first calibration print, and make corrections. I am sure my problems are operator error and lack of information necessary to perform a few simple tasks. Does anyone have a video link for the Z9M3 that shows the steps after the zonestar assembly video and manual firmeware update, something that shows all the steps from there to first print? I did ask zonestar. They said they would make a video showing what to do after assembly and manual leveling, but they haven't yet. To their credit they did respond during sales and a lot is going on in the world. I just want to start printing. I have looked online but the steps I need aren’t there. Also I have two ports closed on my hot end as zonestar said it would be easier print with one extruded until I got good, then use the mixing function. Thanks for any links or assistance.

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Heating Failed

by csalam

Hello Thingverse members,

 I'm brand new in this journey of 3D printing. Bought a Zonestar M8R2 printer couple of weeks ago and since then I've have not been able to print a thing.

 Could you please help me, every time I receive a "Heating Failed" error and request to reset printer.
 I've checked heat block with temperature gun and external termistor and temperature readings are almost the same as well cura readings.
 The problem comes when temperature reaches a point below working filament specifications and gets stuck there for a minute so and printer sends the error.
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Zonestar p802qr2 with BIGTREETECH-TFT24-V1.1

by Rem_Galleu

Hello Guys,
I bought a Bigtree Tech TFT 24 v1.1 Touch. Dose anyone has any idea how I connect it to a Zonestar P802qr2 when I connect it to the AUX port, it still says no Printer connected on top.

Thanks in advance

bigtreetech_tft24 Touchscreen Zonestar Zonestar_P802QR2
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Zonestar z9m3

by JPHPrecisionltd

Hi group,
Picked up a zonestar Z9m3 a few months back, not been able to use all of the extruders since buying it.
Limited to 1 at a time which defeats the object of buying a 3 extruder version.

Can anyone give me any advice on how to approach getting this sorted as there is less than 0 useful articles online to try and debug.

Is there a firmware package I can use to upgrade the board etc?

I've tried various plugs on the board for each extruder, it seems the :LCD display only picks up / allows the adjustment of 1 extruder - so I feel somehow the board / firmware isn't programmed for 3 or isn't picking it up

any advice or help would be great if anyone is still on this forum.

Kind regards

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Cura Profile for P802QR2

by prelard812

Hi guys,
Any of you have a Cura profile to start with for my zonestar p802qr2

I thing that any p802 would be a good starting point.
Thank you

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