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I have no idea what's wrong...

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Past couple of weeks everything has printed great, this weird clicking sound came from filament, but after cleaning went away. But it came back, this time really loud. I killed the print, and tried to unload the filament, the filament would not move, and the filament began clicking again, and really loud too. I noticed the stepper right above the filament that feeds it through the tube kept slipping, but the gears were all clean. Can't unload the filament to do a deep clean of extruder. Who has expierenced this issue and what did you do? My experience is different from the normal 'just take out the filament and deep clean the extruder' type of deal since I can't take out the filament. Please help

Had the same clicking with mine, it stopped the filament feeding and I lost the print.
The filament was very tight on the spool and I had to remove it and unwind it a bit.
It got harder and harder to unwind until I found a bad twist in the filament that was wedged firmly against the side of the spool.
Once I freed it the filament ran as normal and the spool worked fine after that.
Not sure if the incident damage or wore something down but since then I sometimes have to help unload the filament by gently pulling on it as it unloads.

This sounds like a slight nozzle jam or maybe a small jam in the heat break. I had the same issue with the stock hotend and would recommend upgrading to a v6 clone from ebay or aliexpress.

How did you manage to install a V6 on a Da Vinci Junior?

There is a great forum here http://www.soliforum.com/topic/15392/jr-e3d-v6lite6/
Here is the file to print
You just wire up the board from the stock hotend to the v6 (swap the thermistor and heater cartridge with the v6 ones) and it should be good to go.

XYZ daVinci Jr - E3D V6/Lite6 Mount
by kr15_uk

Very nice work, I also like your other Jr mods.
Thumbs up !

I have had the same. Take the extruder of by pressing down the white button on the top, disconnect the power strip and cut the filament just above where it enters the head. Once the extruder has been disconnected from the print pop the cover of the extruder by using a small flat headed screwdriver CAREFUL not to break the tabs off. Inside there is a small silver funnel that guides the filament in the funnel I have had it were a small part of filament has melted and stuck to the passing filament causing a small ball which stops the filament from extruding and also prevents you from pulling it out. You will have to use small cutters to cut the ball out but once you do and put it all back together the problem is solved.

I assume you are using a Jr printer?

This may help:

a) getting the extruder and filament clear
Dismount the printing head from the carriage.

For the next action you actually would need three hands. . . .
1) Push the gear release lever (at the filament feeder) keep it pressed.
2) Release the filament guide tube from the printing head (keep the release lever pressed)
3) now you should be able to pull the printing head away from the guide tube (keep the release lever pressed)
4) Cut the filament and take the printing head out of the case
5) now start focussing of getting the filament out of the printing head

b) Complete extruder check.
Maybe there is an obstruction somewhere in the nozzle assy.
On one occasion I had a little piece of debries obstructing filament feeding inside the extruder assy.
The extruder assy of the Da Vinci Junior is very simple.
It is very straightforward to dissassemble and assemble again. You can do it yourself.
Any debries needs to be removed.
You can check and make sure that the metal inlet tube is aligned with the filament sensor and heat sink.

I am assuming that the black filament takes longer to melt in the extruder because the same sound occurs with mine. I'm guessing the sound is the gearbox pushing the filament and it not melting quick enough. Anyway, I encounter this issue every once in awhile since my principle filament is the black filament. What is needed is to heat up the extruder in clean nozzle mode, then unload the filament. It should come out, and remove the guide tube. Next, remove the cover and clean the extruder and drive gear. This will solve any other problems with your Printer. Although I can't be sure if I know what clicking noise you're talking about, this method usually fixes most issues.

Happened to me!!! I hated this. My friend had to come over and help me, we had to manually take out the filament (heat it and pull it out of the extruder. I don't recommend this but its all we could do.) and then unhook the extruder and clean it. What happened to my printer was my new Black XYZ filament messed up my extruder, if you look it up, its happened to other people with the black. Hope this helps, honestly man, scared the hell out of me.

Wait dude, that's not right. We cut the filament off at the extruder, leaving enough on there to pull, and then brought it off the machine so we could open it up and see why the filament would not come out. As I said above my issue was the black filament I was using. Hope this helps!

So this is what I did, I literally just completely took apart the freakin printer. I took off the covers, the door, everything. I thoroughly cleaned the drive shaft above the filament, and took the extruder module, and if there was a screw or a nut, I took it off, and I cleaned that thing cleaner than I would clean my room if the President of the United States was going to see it. Put it back together and printing a cube. All successful so far. If any of you have the same problem do what I did. And I highly recommend taking pictures, without it screws would be lost or missing, and it would not be great. Thanks for the advice comicfan

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