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looking for Witch elfs

by MarcKH

i was looking for some witch elfs to add to my army, anyone know of some decent ones?

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Endless Spells

by theuncannymrh

Are there particular endless spells that are in demand? There are a good number in the endless_spell tag (https://www.thingiverse.com/tag:Endless_Spells) but we can always use more.

I'm super new to designing stuff, so they are great practice.

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ogor/ogre kingdom models?

by jimjimjimmyjim

hello just checking if anyone know of any ogre kingdom/ogor aos models available anywhere?

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Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut Or Kytan :)

by moonraven1

Hey everyone, I was hoping if there are any STL files of (Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut) it will be much appreciated.

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Our Gothic City KICKSTARTER will go LIVE in a couple of weeks!

by rocketpiggames

Perfect for Mordheim!

Please follow us on Facebook and/or Kickstarter itself to get the heads up and an early bird pledge!

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Anyone seen a 3d model of the plague cart from Mordheim ?

by jeremycobert

Just hoping someone has made or seen a stl of a cart similar to the official plague cart like this https://imgur.com/YmxpukG

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Azyrite ruins measures

by Gynovin


I´ve modelled some azyrite ruins. I need the real measures prior to upload them. Can someone take a picture of a ruler next to a real ruin in order to make the correct scale?


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AOS terrain

by mjpatton

Any good warhammer fantasy/AOS terrain to print? Most the stuff I have found is 40k focused didn't know if anyone knew of any more fantasy style terrain.

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Fantasy miniatures in 3d printing

by Monktaraz

First, nicely done by opening this group, thanks.

Second, as I said before, I've tried to make some miniatures with my 3d printer, so far, not so bad.

I'll give you some tips, if any find them usefulls.

avoid support like it's the pest (you will break the mini when removing).
cut your figure in parts, even cut it in half and print both sides flat.
using a much thiner nozzle (0,2 instead of a 0,4) gets you some better detail, but still not enough, 28mm miniatures are just to hard to get.
print slow, really slooooooooooooooooooow.

It's better to separate items from the minis, like weapons an such.
don't try to make much detail in the model, it's not worth the time.
Don't model humanoids in a right proportion, the ankles and wrist are too thin, and will break (warhammer proportion works fine).
Don't model really small things, like chainmail, it's going to look like shit.
Avoid modeling with curves, the way the printer works, its better to model straight lines than round objets.
when modeling a shape exaggerate it, 3d printers allways lose minor details.

Got any more tips? please share ^^

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