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Pavement textured bases all sizes all sharpes

by Alario

Hello everyone.

I haved hundreds of figurines to re-base and I thought I could easily find bases to download. However, it was impossible to get a complete collection of easy-to-paint bases with all the same texture, and with all sizes. It is always possible to resize the bases before printing, but the result is generally very bad, moreover the cohesion of the army is lost.

So I started to create a collection of 3D printable bases with pavement patterns, and all the sizes needed to play. There is 150 different bases up to mass production now.

I recently add movement tray for a song of ice and fire, files for texture only, and I'm working on more things like a road system with same pattern for villages.

I'm open to all suggestions and ideas to improve my work.

You can download and print files here,

And if you want to support me I launched a cheap kickstarter

Thank you for reading.

Pavement textured Round, Oval, Rectangular, Square bases for 40k or AOS rebasing
by Alario
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Outerworld: 3d printable Support-Free Sci-Fi miniatures

by rocketpiggames

I thought you guys might be interested in this Patreon going LIVE soon.

  • There will be Several Tiers (including a Merchant Tier)
  • 3.5/Starfinder Entry Sheet for each unique creature/mini
  • Patron-Perks (40% discount codes) for our store.

Join our FB to get a heads up on it:

Launching in next week!

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frogs and toad minis

by megs3d

Hello guys..
Here's a preview for JUNE (monthly)pack
which are rare models and a good proxy for
2x Froggymons
3x giant toads
2x bully frog warriors
1x bully frog boss
2x toad riders
2x toad riders standalone
more images at
May models will expire on Sunday.
old files can be purchase at https://www.u3d-printshop.com/ starting on 1st day of June https://www.facebook.com/megs3d/posts/460959998037312?__tn__=-R

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New miniature releases..Patreon discounts...and a few open spots

by rocketpiggames

Weekly miniature set IX is now available (Includes Yeti, Swampmen and Fungal Giant):

Patrons get 40% OFF as always, and there are a couple "Early Support" tier openings...they will go fats though!

And lastly the Carrion Dragger will go out to all Death Haven patrons later today:

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Terrain for wargames and tabletop

by Kinower

Hi, I'm Kinower, I'm the creator and 3D sculptor specializing in scenery and accessories for war games and role-playing games.
In my profile there are many models and you can subscribe to have each new month and to be able to choose you in.

to take a look

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Event Horizon Core

by Sentinalsam87

Anyone know if there's a model that resembles the core from Event Horizon?


pic for reference. I'm trying to build a space ship interior table and thought it would be a great engine core area.

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Bits for Scifi Buildings

by SevenUnited

Hello everyone,

I am currently in search for Bitz that i can easily print and add to scifi buildings.

This collection contains all things that match the theme that i have found so far:

It would be really cool if i could add a few more, so if you know more please share it.


bits Bitz scifi tabletop tabletop_terrain wargame_terrain wargaming_terrain warhammer40k WH40K
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Konflikt 47 Models

by CaptWinters

I was wondering if anyone knew of any higher quality prints for Konflikt 47? My friends and I are trying to bring that into our games more so any file for any nation would be greatly appreciated

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Community Guardsmen Project - Poses Wanted Files Provided

by ThatEvilOne

Welcome Friends! Cadia has fallen and the guard need manpower more then ever! It is our duty to whip the shattered legion of Cadia and the fresh reinforcements for Armageddon into shape.


I have provided four poseable guardsmen and their standard issue lasguns and hellguns. These are print friendly and only need a program such as blender, maya, motionbuilder or 3ds max along with several other options to pose.

Should you take up such a task in the Emperors name be creative and dynamic! Funnel new weapons into the hands of proper Emperor fearing men! But most important of all PLEASE LIST IT AS A REMIX so that generals who come here will be more easily able to find reinforcements and fresh poses.

If the Emperor calls you more to the field of battle be sure to WATCH this page in the top right to be notified every time a new wave arrives.



Community Guardsmen Project Hub
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