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New Terrain Design from Crusader Pack

by 3DArtGuy

Hi everyone,

I have a new design that may interest 40K fans: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4254553

The terrain is from my Crusader Pack (images attached). The crusader is a blessed warrior, capable of carving through heretics like wet paper. With unmatched zeal and fury, he will hunt traitors to the farthest corners of the galaxy and make them regret all their life choices. The Crusader Pack comes with two poses. It also includes gothic terrain tilesets and a diorama design showing the crusader dispatching heretics with extreme prejudice.

I make unique characters based on what patrons suggest and vote on. These become available as wallpapers and 3D prints exclusive to patrons!

Crusader Terrain
40k miniature miniatures scifi tabletop tabletop_gaming Terrain warhammer40k warhammer_40k
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Nextgen Minimakers United

by dorkfactory

Hey everyone,

I'm sorry to spam the mini-printer groups so hard yesterday and today but I really want to do what I can to keep this community together in the case that thingiverse goes under (which hopefully will never happen!).

For everyone that values the sharing and discussion on thingiverse, please join Nextgen Minimakers United.
It's a central place for people who like to design and or 3d print miniatures. The main purpose right now is to get everybody in one place so that in the hopefully avoidable situation that everybody has to migrate somewhere else we at least have somewhere to talk about it beforehand and try to move as a community instead of scattering to the far corners of the web.

( I promise I'm done posting for at least a couple days now :p )

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Looking for Tallarn or Fremen (Dune)

by Loyal2Celestia

Greetings friends, I am looking for bits, models, everything that exists or is related to Tallarn (squads, veterans, command squads, tanks ... even Bullgryns !!!). Apart from the fact that I want my army Tallarn, I also thought it would be very cool if it were with the Fremen (Dune) aesthetic. Any help is greatly appreciated, by the Emperor !!!

astra_militarum imperial_guard warhammer_40k
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some little stuff

by Mangaratiba

progressing something that tastes Russian. I don't know when it will end. :-(

tank warhammer_40k
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New Model added (SciFi Princess)

by 3DPrintfiles

We have add ScfFi Princess for SciFi Games: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4005998
Help us for add more models.
Check also our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/3D_Printfiles
We have an offer which is valid for 2 days.

I hope you like it.

SCIFI- Princess- L.
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