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Improve quality

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Eanyone got eany ideas on how to improve quality of print.
0.4 nozzle
Original parts.
0.2 layer heights.

I start with belt tension and squaring up the machine making sure nothing is catching or loose. The stock part cooling ducting is garbage and benefits immensely from a good one you can print out from here on Thingiverse. Then most of the improvements will be in the slicing settings and/or slicer used. I use Prusa slicer and Simplify3D, each have there advantages and disadvantages but those are my favorite slicers. Haven't used Cura in a while. But for sure lots of tuning in the slicer will get you the rest of the way. And of course filament used, type/quality/dried/etc

Then there are upgrades/mods to machine it's self. TL-smoothers are a noticeable improvement (IMO are a must if you plan on keeping the same board), and a $10 eBay all metal hotend will make retractions and restarts much more consistent ("basically" as good as the micro-swiss ones). Then there's "upgrading" the firmware which is also IMO a must. There's a few to choose from and some say ones are better than the others with good points, so its almost a Pick You Flavor thing. Oh yeah, a silicone sock helps too.

Did a complete Printer upgrade with TL smoothers, Nylon Bearings, bondtech extruder, spring steel PEI Spider Sheet and an Micro swiss All metal hot end. Printed a belt tensioner both for x and y axis.
Installed it all the other day and oh my what an improvement, i have had alot of issues with under or uneven extrusion and that is all gone. My print results and close to perfect now. havent had one failed print since and it has been printing almost nonstop, and the quality of the prints has all been above expectations.
I dare say that i would not have been able achieve such nice prints with the stock I3 Plus parts no matter how much tweaking i did in the slicer.
I think the Bondtech extruder is ofcourse a major factor in the improvements i have seen, and i would definitely recommend them to all who has problems with extrusion.