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Bed raising beyond end of screw

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I'm trying to diagnose an issue where the bed of an UM2+ tries to raise the bed beyond the end of the Z screw resulting in a severely unpleasant noise and inability to print. I'm leaning towards this being an issue with the firmware as i have checked the Z-end stop and the printer being placed together with two UM2 extended printers flashing the wrong firmware feels like a easy mistake to make. (Though i don' t know if there are checks in place to prevent this mistake.)I wanted to get a second opinion however and see if anyone had experienced this issue before? I also haven' t found any mention of this issue googling which has me stumped.

Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance.

Your best bet is to ask this on the ultimaker forum (https://community.ultimaker.com/forum/118-help-tips-tricks/) as they're all familiar with the UM2.

I'd recommend updating the firmware from Cura first. As part of that, you'll have to do a new bed calibration that should fix it. If it doesn't, in Cura there's machine settings that I think you can change the min/max z values. If that fails, then the Ultimaker forum is the best place to go.

Fixed it now. Turned out to be exactly what i thought they had the firmware of the ultimaker two extended installed on a regular ultimaker two.

How did you calibrate your platform? UM2 set the lowest z position as max height. So the distance it moves up to position 0 will be the full length which recorded in the calibration process.
What you described sounds like it tries to move more than that. So either you haven't done a proper platform calibration or did you change you home offset which cause firmware "think" it's at a position which it isn't.


Im not sure as i'm not 100% familiar with UM2, but there probably is a kind a switch that should be hit when the bed is reaching the max point, is this switch still connected and in place? Next to what kind of software are you using? Is it possible to set the home coords to 0?

you could try UM forum aswel.

The UM2 has a bottom end-stop but no upper end-stop I'm guessing there is a line of code in the firmware saying this is max height and for some reason that number is currently wrong. homing however works fine and the bed bottoms out properly when told to. These are not my personal printers and I'm assuming that cura is the slicer used but this problem occurs when the bed is told to raise to top from the maintenance menu so the problem is not coming from cura.