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Z offset on tronxy D01- "enable level comensation first"- Error

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Brand new D01. When adding the glass plate the Z end stop is too high, so the nozzle touches the bed and I cannot tighten the level srews down far enough. How can I define Z offset? when choosing the menu "Z-offset" Display shows "enable level compensation first". How to do that?

Anybody here using a D01?

Thanks, Thomas

it is hard to tell from the documentation, but see if you can lower the Z-axis limit switch. That should give you more clearance to the bed.

Thanks for your Workaround suggestion. I managed to do the bed leveling by forcing all 4 screws to the absolute max. When adding the glass it leaves really just a very small margin.

This leaves me here:
1) the (z) limit switch cannot be height adjusted. Actually none of them can, X and Y same.
2) the Menu point "Z Offset" is nowhere explained
3) the Message "Enable level compensation first" is nowhere explained
4) the method how to do any of this seems unknown, Have asked also in FB and Reddit user groups and the support of TronXY.

I hope to find a soul that
1) has a D01 (although I appreciate any advice)
2) knows how to add the Z offset

I will invest another day before I rather buy a new controller and put a decent, supported software on that machine (Marlin or Klipper).

Cheerio & Thanks, stay safe!

Hi Fluxxcomp, I have had a D01 for a week, I think it cannot be done, perhaps through GCode M80??
I take the opportunity to ask, does anyone have the dimensions of the original enclosure?


M8084 Z(value) - Z Axis Offset: I have tried to beat this one to death, but its still a sticking point for some people. When we say "Z axis offset" what we are referring to is the additional distance that must be accounted for, after the bed leveling sensor has detected the bed surface. Since the sensor can be moved by loosening the attachment screws, this must be reset ANY time you dismantle the print head. Personally, I do not like the Z Offset feature on the chitu boards. Ill make a rough adjustment to the offset, and allow my nozzle to print "too high". When I am comfortable with the height of the nozzle and that its not digging into my print bed, i will adjust this M8084 value by 0.15mm until I see the appropriate amount of "squish" in my first layer. If your nozzle is hitting the bed, make the M8084 value SMALLER. If you’re printing in the air, make the M8084 value BIGGER.

D01 actual setting

M8084 S80.000000;Èý½ÇÖÞ´òÓ¡°ë¾¶
M8084 D0;µ÷ƽ°ë¾¶²îÖµ
M8084 P0;µ÷ƽȡµãģʽ,0:7x7Õý·½¿ª 1:37¸öµã£¬ÕýÁù±ßÐÎ
M8084 Z3.999996;Èý½ÇÖÞZÆ«ÒÆ£¬0:½ûֹƫÒÆ£¬ÐгÌÓÉÉèZΪÁãÈ·¶¨£¬·Ç0£¬ÐгÌÓɵ÷ƽ´¥·¢Æ÷´¥·¢Î»ÖÃ+Æ«ÒÆÖµ

I just got a couple of the D01 and I'm in the process of figuring out how to load klipper on to them. They are running the stm32f103 processors so I believe its possible. Have you made any progress on this front?

Hi! Do you know if Tronxy D01 comes with Marlin? If not, Will be possible to update the firmware with Marlin? Thanks in advance.

I have ordered a tronxy d01 but not received yet.
I'd like to print covid protections
In order to print faster, I'd like to use a 0.8mm nozzle.
Do you know if this kind of nozzle fits the printer please, in particular if it has the right length ?