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24 Volt heatbed upgrade

by Troyster

i have been searching and searching on heat bed upgrades for the tronxy x5s. so far what i can gather is that it is suggested and that i will need a 24 volt psu and an external mosfet. what i cant find out is which factory beds will support 24 volts and whether mine that i have will need to be changed or if it supports 24 volt. secondly i cant find if the firmware will need to be updated to support the 24 volt heatbed. for the most part my x5s is stock i have not added anything to it yet other than items that i can print out on the printer so no mechanical or hardware upgrades yet those are to come my first goal is to get this printer running reliably and so that i can print with multiple different filaments. the only thing other than printed upgrades i have done is ordered some replacement wheels for the carriage and gantry because in the past 3 weeks of printing it seems that the wheels are being chewed up by the aluminum extrusion. and i have updated the firmware to marlin 1.1.8. one other thing that i have noticed is that on my display the bed temperature reads 60 degrees but when i measure the temperature of the bed with a heat gun it only reads 49.8 degrees. any information or just a point in the right direction to find information would be greatly appreciated.

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by drmcland


Some background
I have updated the firmware to 1.1.8 Code
Replaced Belts with fiberglass reinforced belts
Replaced all pulleys with high quality smooth rolling
Re-ran crossed belts as recommended
Added corner bracing,
Replaced Cooler fan assembly.
Replaced Y Mounts - switched to 3 wheels. (now snug)
Added bracing to the carriage / hotend - now no play
Belts are snug

When printing, speed 30
infil 20
PLA - 210
Bed 50

I have tweak the acceleration and jerk, yet no improvements
some of the print looks great, some not so much

Any advice would be great

See images

you can see in 3rd picture there is some smooth sections

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Stock 1.1.7 firmware from the Tronxy factory

by mano1979

I have upgraded my firmware to 1.1.8 figuring it would be an upgrade in quality, though that wasn't the deal at all!
My prints look terrible, I have so called Z-Banding where there is a wavy pattern in the Z direction. Which I didn't have before. And I have extruder problems where the molten plastic get's stuck in the Bowden tube and makes extruding really hard. I now have to turn down the overall print speed to 75% or else I have the extruder clicking sound all through the print.

So I wanted to go back to the stock firmware.
And after searching on the net I found that the original firmware , the printer came with, was not released by tronxy. However after weeks of trying to get in contact with them, I finally managed to send them a (translated to) Chinese email, to which they responded the next day, and they send me the Marlin 1.1.7 stock firmware.
It had some bugs so it wouldn't compile, but I managed to get these worked out. But the firmware is too big to flash it to the melzi board. I am 4716 bytes over the max memory and whatever I tried to reduce the memory usage, it won't help.

Compiling without the bootloader (and program it using a USBasp programmer) won't work either because it won't compile the .hex file because of the memory limit.

kinda lost here.....

1.1.7 firmware marlin Marlin_117 stock TRONXY
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Tronxy X5S Problems after different layers

by Bluppi

Hay Guys,
I got a Problem with my Printer. I hope someone of you can help me...
The warpage you can see is a problem with my bed, because it is to high in the middle (See Picture), i want to build something to pull it done... but mostly i don't have this problem. I'm also using the BED_LEVELING_BILINEAR.

But my actual Problem is that it stops printing well after some layers... (the tower should also be higher)

also i added my cura settings.
Last week it prints very well and also larger objects.
i also tried to print slower but that isn't working... now i print with 80mm/s.

I print with Octoprint which works really well for me :)

Maybe one of you have some advice for me?

thank you :)

problem tronxy_X5S
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New Problems

by malakid

Hey, are you as sick of this printer as I am?? Wow, I'm really at the end of my rope! Got it loading filament and printing, but check out the crazy thing it's doing. I'm printing from the SD card using PLA, temps 200/40. It prints the entire brim OK and starts to print the shape - 40mm square with rounded corners. Then it starts shifting layers - again and again. The belts are very tight. I put them on again and used two zip ties on each end. They are not slipping. If you listen carefully to the sound of the video you will hear what sounds like a burp at :14, :27 and :36. Something seems to be slipping at that point and the hot end jumps. Always to the left front corner. I hope I'm able to fix this.

And... the nozzle leaks. I know all the reasons it can do that. Everything is tight. I have a section of PTFE inserted in the nozzle. I had the nozzle out to clean it after it leaked yesterday. It seems the threads are bad. And I don't have a spare. .......sigh

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