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List of Tronxy 3d printable modification/parts

by 3D_PrintSlav

A usefull list of usefull prints and modyfications for your Tronxy 3d printer:

Want to add more? Just write in post below and I add it when I see it.

Most if not all of those parts should work for all 3d printers from tronxy family unless specified otherwise

Part coolers:

  1. One of the best I found untill now. I have printed it in silver PLA and even tho its very thin it didnt melt when I was printing stuff in 245C

If you have bigger fan you want to use with it that might come helpfull:

  1. I used it for quite a while, its sturdy and works well however its pain in the donkey to remove it for maintenance. Also it have problems with printing in higher temp than 200C

  2. Looks like that might work for our Tronxy mashine as per this fb post (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1694483897515810/permalink/1826112524352946/)


  1. Its more or less garbage. I am putting it here because its my design, some people actually use this so they prob knows better how it works.

Belt Tentioners:

  1. X axis, very good, very reliable solution, rorks on my x1 and works on x3, I suspect it would work for any 3d printer with 20x20 open on one end axis.

  2. X Axis, another one, looks more sturdy, did not test it out actually.

  3. [x1] Y axis and some other improovements, did not printed out but looks sturdy:

  4. [x1] Y axis Not perfect but I have it on my printer for 9 months and it does work no problemo

  5. [x3] Y axis. Not sure how well it works as I dont have x3 but this fella does amazing job so I thing it will work perfectly fine.

Base case

1.[x1] A case for all electronic that goes underneath your printer, its good, you can print it on tronxy x1, a little bit of gluing and you might safe some pizza cartons to make bottom for it as it might be tricky to print bottom parts but its tested by me and works great

  1. [X1] Another one, looks better than previous one.

Small usefull thingos:

  1. Thumbnut screw replacement. For adjusting your bed level. Those are pure gold in comparison to metal ones that comes with the kit.

  2. 20x20 endstop fitting (its designed with z axis x1 in mind):


Tronxy X3 Supercooler - hot end fan shrouds
by idig3d
fan converter 30x30 to 40x40 for Tronxy supercooler
Tronxy X3 40MM Fan shroud
Ender 2 3D Cooling Fan Duct
by razer35
Tronxy x1 40 mm element cooling fan shroud
Tronxy X3 x-belt tensioner
by idig3d
TronXY X1 X-Axis Tensioner
Tronxy x1 belt tensioner for Y axis
Tronxy X3 y-belt tensioner (front)
by idig3d
TronXY X1 Modular Base
TronXY X1 V1 Control Box and base that can be printed on a X1
Endstop Holder for Tronxy x1 (or other 20x20 alu profile)
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Printer pauses repeatedly during print

by JDubya69

I was playing around with some of the custom Cura settings on my XY-2 Pro. Now, the print head pauses repeatedly during the print when it's on the perimeter. The only custom settings I have enabled are fan speed and ironing, and they're not checked. The print turns out OK, it's just VERY slow because of all the pausing.

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Z Axis Voltage Regulation (VREF) Calibration TronXY P8092M Melzi

by JBieri

I have a Melzi 2.0V5 on this TronXY P802M printer; I'm familiar with RAMPS 1.4, but the Melzi board is fresh to me. My NEMAs are 2.8V 1.68A according to the RepRap database (SL4STH40-1684A-23) and the VREF=(1.68)(8)(0.1)(0.9)=1.2096. I've set all of the trimpots to this and X,Y,E are slightly warm and sound correct, however, the two Z motors are VERY hot at idle (I know they stay on to maintain position) and share a controller. They sound low (grumbly), vibrate slightly, and kind of 'thunk' initially when power hits them. Too little voltage bc it's shared at the regulator (90% max from VREF calc is dropping to 45% to each)? How should I adjust? What have others done to solve this on this or similar machines (Anet, Prusa, +++)?

melzi melzi board nema17 nema17_stepper_motor P802m trimpot trimpots tronxy tronxy P802M Tronxy_P802
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by inakim

I have a couple of acrylics at home and I would like to manufacture the enclosure for the d01, does anyone have the original dimensions and mounting system? ....

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Tronxy XY-2pro

by MrAir23

Tronxy xy2 pro printer.
set the marlin.
how to install previous firmware.
thank you

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Marley firmware for Tronxy XY 2 and XY 2 Pro

by MrAir23

Please help with the Marlin firmware for Tronxy XY 2 and XY 2 Pro

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p802ma x limit

by tobnvodka

I smashed my x limit switch I ordered a replacement it never worked so i ordered 7 more still the same problem when I home the extruder goes right but fails to stop :( so either the switches i have are the wrong type or wired wrong or i have a main board fault I have no idea how to proceed
thanks for any advice

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Tronxy P802MA single z riser idea for discussion

by podocnemus

Doing away with right side thread. Do you think it's possible to make a brace to hold the horizontal X bars rigid (leaving space fore the nozzle etc to move). Doing away with the right hand thread and replacing it with a bar and having the brace hold two bearings for stability, but run freely up and down the rod.

Are the left hand structures strong enough to hold the X rails on its own for stable printing?

It seems I am constantly adjusting the x levels and this would do away with that tedium.

I also have an ender 3 which just works no problem. The tronxy seems to be what the computer people euphemistically call plug and play; plug it in and play with it till it works!

Constructive comments, good or bad welcome, my ideas are rare so thoughtI should aire this now.

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Tronxy x1 firmware backup

by NightMind

I'm new to 3dPrinting, could you please advise how to backup the stock Repetier-Frimware 0.91 from my TronXY X1 machine? So I could easily restore it after tinkering with other firmwares like Marlin or repetier-firmware 1 ?

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Melzi 2.0 board replacement

by vernpres

I have a DMYCO clone of the TRONXY P802ma. I bought this printer about 15 months ago and recently had a short on the motherboard. I ordered a new Melzi 2.0 board from AliExpress. It arrived yesterday, and I installed it on my printer. I turned the printer on and the fans started, but the display screen was black. I tried connecting to my computer to see if I could move the print head etc through Repetier Host. The computer can not connect to the printer.

Any ideas on how I might get this working? Do I pewrhaps have to flash firmware? How would I do this?

Of course, the new board might be faulty.

I should mention that the problem on the old board was that the power line shorted and melted the screw terminal connector. The screen was still lighting up. I have a new connector on order, so will hopefully be able to repair the old board.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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