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Tronxy x3a Nozzle not centred bed prints

by artwolf

I was told I have to fix the offset. But I just dont have A clue where to find the offset settings.
My Prints never print directly middle of the bed.

Thanks 4 the Help Guys

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Duet Wifi

by Itoodummy

Hello! I was wondering if anyone could be kind enough to send a basic profile for the Duet Wifi for my Tronxy x5sa. I didn't do any upgrades that should change any settings. Thanks.

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X1 Fails Small Holes/Details

by zeman97

Hello, I got an X1 a while ago and recently started getting back into printing. I started making lots of upgrades (big thanks to the awesome parts community) and have had a much better experience regarding print accuracy and quality. I am now able to print things at original scale and be less than a millimeter off. Despite this, one thing still remains an issue: holes. They come out appearing stringy and under extruded, I've tried slowing the machine, increasing flow rate, tinkering with temp and nothing seems to fix it. As far as I'm concerned, I have no other issues, just holes.

One observation I have made is it appears that the X1 is failing to extrude for the beginning, instead creating a stringy mess, on larger holes this is short and overlapped by the other plastic. I have seen this behavior rarely on walls after travel. I tried reducing and even disabling retraction thinking that was the issue, this did help with the occasional wall issue (I think, again it was rare to begin with), but did nothing for the holes.

I've attached a picture to show what I'm talking about, the hole on the right is for an M2 bolt with a 4mm countersink and the one on the left is for an M3 bolt with a 6mm countersink. As you can see on the left, the material is so poorly extruded, you can see through to the nut on the other side.

Any info about what this problem is called, sources to read about it, things to try, etc. is greatly appreciated!


detailed extrusion holes TronXY_X1
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Configuration.h for firmware Repetier

by Chernykh986

I have a 3D-printer TronXY p802E with a motherboard Melzi V2_05. I am looking for a configuration.h file for the Repetier firmware.
Help me, please.

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TRONXY XY-2 opinions

by shawnhenson

I've been using a cube3. Wanted to upgrade BUT not spend tons of money.
Ran across the TRONXY XY-2 and seems pretty good for the money.
Are the Tronxy printers in general worth buying?
Is there upgrades that can be done?

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