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Just An Example of the Type of Thing Allowed on This Site

by rebeltaz


Stencil "How wonderful the world would be if Hitler had finished with the race of Jews"

One of MKSA's two accounts.

Fucking hypocrites running this site. Every last one of them.

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Thingiverse site COMPLETELY BROKEN and no one is listening or wo

by hackoholic

I've tried every night for a week to upload a large project I've been working on. (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2786065) I've tried three different computers, two different browsers and many hours of patiently trying different techniques but NO MATTER WHAT I DO, Thingiverse systematically DELETES ALL MY PHOTOS from my Post Printing area. What in God's name is going on and why in Gods name is no one at this site addressing it, working on it or explaining to the loyal users WTF is going on.

I've also tried reducing the photos to small versions of themselves thinking it was a file size issue. NOTHING WORKS! At this point this post is a call for help from other loyal Thingiverse users and fans since it is obvious Thingiverse is clueless or simply doesn't care if their site works properly or not. Are others experiencing this behavior? I found two related threads here about a week ago and they have only generated 11 and 3 responses each. No responses anywhere from anyone from Thingiverse who could actually help.

I just uploaded my thing with all photos. Looked at it once and the first two photos were missing. Went back now and now ALL MY PHOTOS are missing. The photos dragged into the separate files area (where your STL's go) are not affected. Also, the YouTube videos I linked to in my Post Processing area are unaffected. ALL PHOTOS ADDED TO the Post Processing are ARE AFFECTED!

Anyone out there know what is going on or what the problem is? If this goes on, I'll most likely stop using Thingiverse as it is completely unusable for me now.

Stacking Ikea Lack Printer Enclosure
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Negative vibes.

by DonaldPelton

Let's not attack each other. I came across someone who left a comment doing just that.

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Thingiverse App a majorly missed opportunity

by mer2329

the thingiverse android (and likely ios) app could be a great addition to the site but its current implementation is HORRIBLE. i dont even know why i still have it installed.

so basicly heres my wishlist for the app.
1) allow downloads from the site, this is useful for users who use a slicer on board their printer, like some octoprint users.
2) allow access to the groups. there are times when im on the bus htat i want to be social, and maybe help the other users here. i cant witht he app, and logging into a browser on my phone logs me out here, its annoying
3) allow the creation of draft items, this allows you to say make the listing in the phone, take the photos, and then save it as a draft, and finish editing on the computer. a HUGE missed opportunity.

also on a side note can staff please review a link for me and add it to the spam bots ignore list. its a SUPER useful link. but the spam bot ALWAYS flags it IMMEDIATELY. i will add the link it in a reply.

android thingiverse_app
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Default License Setting Being Ignored When Creating New Thing?

by rebeltaz

I have the default license set to Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike under my settings, yet whenever I upload a new model, it will invariably set the license to Creative Commons - Attribution and I have to remember to set it back. I have tried changing the default license under settings and saving that, but no matter what I put under the [Default License] setting, it always uses Creative Commons - Attribution.

Since I cannot see further back in the groups than page 1 - even though the url clearly says page 2, it still only shows page 1 - I don't know if this has ever been brought up before. I feel like I've seen it, but... Does anyone else have this same issue or is this, too, just me?

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thingiverse site almost unusable

by Filiplayz

since december i have not been able to use the site will as most times everything takes 5minutes to load and im not the only one having issues with this and its not my internet.

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Orientation of Image

by carolmdieter

I uploaded an image, and it is rotated 90 degrees. I tried rotating the original image, and uploading again, but it still looks sideways on my thing.

Fairy Tower (Labyrinth Aloft)
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flagged comments

by AdrexQuicksilver

How long does it take for thingiverse to review flagged comments? I have a user on my club club who's been making inappropriate posts on the forums. I've since removed them from the club, but their posts are still there, and I'd like to get rid of them.


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by AdrexQuicksilver

Hey, you guys need to kick this account of thingiverse. It seems to be a bot making derogatory comments (like 100 of them at once) in the engineering group. After that, maybe update your infrastructure?

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