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IT IS HERE! Thingiverse Updates: 2018-06-04

infinite scroll site improvements tvupdates

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It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! Infinite scroll fix day is finally here!


Pagination updates are finally here! And a whole lot of other stuff.

What other stuff? I won’t bore you with all the details, but here are some highlights:

  • Infinite scroll glitches fixed! Really!
  • Many, many, many optimizations resulting in overall faster page loads.
  • Special shout out for my absolute favorite: trying to open a menu link in a new tab no longer loads the link in the current tab.

For months of work and hundreds of code commits, that list looks a little sparse, but I just don’t want to ruin the surprise(s)! Please, poke around and if you find anything to be broken, post a reply and let us know. (We’ve done a lot of poking and prodding on our side so hopefully there won’t be anything, but you know how it is.)

Some notes:

  • We’re certainly not making the claim that everything is perfect, but we are saying we’ve taken a big step forward and now that this long overdue, gigantic knot has started to be untangled, it will be easier to make fixes and updates moving forward.
  • Search is still a wonky little nightmare. However, it’s also being worked on and now that these changes are out, we should be able to pick that back up in earnest.
  • Responsive (aka “mobile”) styles are currently disabled. We’ve heard so many different opinions from users on this feature so we wanted to take some time and re-evaluate our options.

So, please, go forth and explore! We’re always thankful for your feedback to help make Thingiverse the best it can be. And of course, thank you for your never-ending-but-maybe-sometimes-comes-a-little-close-to-ending patience.

We are ecstatic to finally be releasing these updates, but not gonna lie, we’re also a little nervous...


Scroll glitch fixed? Not unless there's more than one.

As I scroll, it loads a few pages then.. NOPE! u take 1 step back >> Ad infinitum...

I call it 'The Infinite Regress Bug'

This is and always has been my only issue with Thingiverse, but it drives me insane! It gets to the point where I just give up.

+1. I reported this WAYYY back at the beginning of this thread. Still unresolved.

Website is still working horrible. Takes forever to load and when it does it still isn't working right. What's the problem. its one of my favorite sites
and it's hard to navigate. Please fix it.

I'd be fine without this feature as when I get to around page 8 the system jumps me back like 2 pages for every 1 page that gets autoloaded. Very very annoying. Windows 10 latest and Chrome latest.

These scrolling issues make the site dreadful to view. For every 2 pages you scroll through it jumps back a page. Then you have to figure out where you left off in time before it jumps back again. I love the site. It is just a nightmare to view and navigate. Why no most downloaded? There are so few categories. You have to look through hundreds of posts to find anything of interest. Then when you find something you like there is no similar posts linked. It needs a tag system. I am sure there are dozens of things I would like to make but I have no idea where to start.

there used to be a fix for that, which i did, but for the last few months mine has also been jumping back. (even though i did the "fix")
You can switch to pagination but that sucks almost as much to use

Hello Catherine, thank you for your work in fixing issues, but there is one that has recently gotten quite bad. It's the slowness of the site. It's no longer the snappy fast site it used to be. Is this something that you would be able to look into?


Have you guys considered starting again with an off-the-shelf solution, and then re-introducing your code into it as needed? I'm asking because I'm a programmer, myself, and I think that's what I would consider first. Much of what this code is about is forum stuff (new topic, reply, edit, attach file, publish, subscribe, notify, search...), which PHPBB, a free, open source app, does better than anyone could hope to do, having been around for so many years as it has.
Looking into what does your server side code do that PHPBB would probably not do natively, I come up with very few ideas:

  • A custom user database, one to one joined to PHPBB's user database
  • A "Thing" database, where each thing points to a folder for files
  • A "Thing ownership" join between users and things
    " A "Make database" --an overlay join, really
    " Allowing file uploads to thing folders
    That's basically it, unless I'm missing something.
    The website has sections, such as the many forums, but no special code should be needed for that, as PHPBB not only allows you to create forums, but you can actually create forum sections and sub-sections, and organize everything into any hyerarchy you wish.
    The biggest advantages to the PHPBB integration solution that I would forsee are:
    1) MUCH less bugs from the outset, as PHPBB is already very stable
    2) ACCELERATE bug discovery and fixing, as your code is ported over to the new solution. What slows down code maintenance the most, in my experience, is when programmers grow too afraid of touching, --or even looking at-- some sections of the code that are assumed to be bug-free. Porting code over to a new paradigm FORCES reviewing, which then results in accelerated discovery.

The images on all pages after first page isn't shown, when scrolling through "Recently made", accessible from front page through the "see more" link.

Workaround: when you scroll down and see the page url change to for example "page:2", refresh the page (F5) to load the images. Works best in IE Edge as Chrome scrolls to the bottom and acts up, when it tries to load the previous step as you scroll upwards.

On the thumbnails you pushed the videos from the very right end to the very left end.
Now in the main picture you see the video instead of the special picture you want.
In many cases it looks awful because the video often have a bad start picture.
Why don't you put the videos to the second place as it was before?
Sorry, I just noticed it is OK again :-)

Another bug on the analytics page near the top under the graph where the diagonal dates are. No matter how zoomed in/out I am with chrome, the dates displayed are shown as '2018-5-'. Year and month are the only two digits showing, while there is a third hyphen for the day, there is no day.

Not sure if it's a bug or not either, but I can no longer view more, only the first ten, I think, are shown. Not really much of an issue, thought I'd mention it while we're spamming bug reports XD

small bug

on my dashboard when people follow, add my stuff to collections, or like, if they dont have a profile picture set, their logo looks weird.

Comments deleted.

Hi xx4qxx,

The changes were a combination of requests that were made from the community over time, changes that involved speeding up page load, and changes to update an aging code base. So, to answer your question about who decided these changes were a good idea, I would say "a mix of people". As I mentioned in the original post, it's pretty hard to make changes that touch many parts of the site without a few casualties. However, we decided moving forward and fixing what comes up was better than remaining stagnant. We hope you will eventually agree. We fully admit (and acknowledged out of the gate) to not getting it perfect the first time.

We won't be able to put things back the way they were. Feedback shows that there are a lot of users who are having a better experience and analytics show that page load is faster. Because of these improvements, we'd rather look towards the future instead of move backwards. If you could please (either here or in message), send some specific examples of the problems you are having, we will absolutely look into it (with the understanding that we're a small team with limited resources). Some issues you are seeing may have already been reported and in our queue to address.

Hopefully, that approach will make Thingiverse better for everyone.

I respectfully request darker text. Thank you.

i think it is really awesome to have admins and devs actively present and interacting on such a large site while working hard to keep it running.
Most of us understand that with any new update, especially substantial code changes, there will always be some bugs, and we know you all are working hard to fix them.
Dont get discouraged by some aggravated people.

Animu, Great reply!

Her Majesty the Queen has decreed it!

Spit on de non-believer.

In google chrome no login/You link/symbol in the titlebar.Firefox works

Contact us: Captcha "I am human" is dead in firefox and chrome, so no message possible.

Site is very slow also.

Hi! The contact us form should be fixed now. If you have any other info to report on the site being slow (what page you are on or what you are trying to do, browser, etc), please let us know! Thanks!

Doing a search for items just now. A like and collect from the search page returns me to a blank search page. You have to press the back button to return to search results which then returns you to the very top of search results. I'm going back to non-infinite scrolling if that an option still.

Also, can Autodesk eagle 9 be added to programs list? The integration and sync with Fusion 360 warrants it I think.

I like the scroll arrows in the main thing pics! You no longer have to maximize pics to browse through them. Nice!!

Oh yes, this is the first thing I like!
Good idea!

The new ‘full screen’ image viewer leaves a lot to be desired:

  • Photos are shown at a fixed size which defeats the whole idea of a full screen viewer. I can make the browser window as large as I want, but the photos are displayed at 920x690 size (at most) even though I know they are 1024x768 size on the server.
  • Often the photos are displayed even smaller (628x472), especially the first one is always shown this small. It is probably not a coincidence that this is exactly the same size as the regular non-full-screen gallery.
  • Sometimes the photo is shown large for a fraction of a second, and then shrinks.
  • If the browser window is smaller than this fixed size, the photo is cropped instead of downscaled as I would expect. If I make the window even smaller, very weird things start to happen.

I checked this in both Chrome and Firefox but it is exactly the same, and in Chrome on an Android smartphone it is just as bad if not worse. As others have already pointed out, there doesn't seem to be any mobile-friendly stylesheet for the site at all which makes it pretty unusable on a smaller screen.

Hint: if you want to see the larger version of a photo, right-click on it and open it in a new tab. Then, replace the final part “_preview_featured.jpg” in the address bar with “_display_large.jpg”. Obviously cumbersome and I hope this is fixed soon, but useful if you really want to see all the detail.

When I try to update the printer I am using, the page token expires all of a sudden after saving the choices. Fixes needed for Save Profile Changes too!
Thought you should know.

Saving your printer choices should be working as expected now, thanks!

Thanks for the response Catherine! Appreciate the help. Also, I have messaged you about a request. Could you also answer to that? Thank you! :-)

That's cool :) Now I wouldn't mind if you addressed dashboard filtering, I have so many likes and collects that I can't see any of the "interesting" information, so I'd like to be able to hide likes & adds from my dashboard - thanks!

Couple of other issues I've noticed....

1) The Analytics page no longer has a [More] button at the bottom of the page (with auto-scroll disabled)

2) When you click on pages 2+ under any group, the topics from page 1 are instead displayed again. The page number changes, but not the page content - again, with auto-scroll disabled

I don't use auto-scroll, so I don't know whether these work with that enabled or not.

Technical Details:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Firefox 16.0.1

Another bug: the collection count in Thing pages is wrong, and it is often zero which makes it impossible to view the collections the Thing is in, unless you manually append “/collections” to its URL.
For instance, the collection counter for the currently featured thing reads 15, but it is actually in 2007 collections. This thing supposedly has 0 collections but there actually are 16 collections.

Mechanical Laser Show
Ethernet / RJ45 lip protective sleeve
by DrLex

Overall Thingiverse feels a lot more responsive now which is great! but here is a few bugs I have noticed:
-"Respond" links in emails do no longer take you to the comment but to the thing
-The frontpage feature carousel do no longer rotate
-Missing mobile format makes it hard to use, especially writing comments and such (I use Thingiverse from mobile most of the time)
-Missing avatars on users in dashboard

As someone mentioned it would be nice to be able to move the videothumbnail (or keep it at at second place rather than at the end), because videomaking has become a big part of many projects for many makers

Hi, thanks for the feedback! The comment urls should be fixed now and the carousel update is on purpose. The videos have also been moved back to first place in the gallery. Stay tuned for mobile site updates.

The font color is a bit too light. Can we darken up the font a bit?

It looks like the color setting in .content-box changes it to #999 from the #666 that's set in the body. Ominous as it may be, #666 is easier on the eyes than #999 against the white background of the content-box.


Hey, I have a brilliant idea. With recent CSS it is possible to also blur the text! This could be the next big trend! [/sarcasm]

I also have a strong dislike for the similar trend of removing all borders around text input fields and instead giving them only a marginally lighter background than the rest of the page. I don't know who started this overall shift towards extreme whiteout syndrome, but it is getting time to put it in reverse.

I really wish they would address this. IT IS REALLY HARD TO READ!

I've got another minor formatting bug for you. In the analytics page, the columns don't line up with numbers in the rows. Looks like it was all given a set distance apart but doesn't account for length of title.

Chrome, latest 64 bit version.

If I go to the analytics page I see many of my designs twice, but not that offset for all the designs (only for the deleted ones).

Thanks for the update, but is it just me, or has everybody who is on the mobile site experiencing as if it is a desktop site? There is pretty much no difference, making it pretty useless on a mobile phone.

There is something funky with the ‘more makes’ when viewing a make, the same thumbnails are repeated three times…

Thank you to everyone who was involved in fixing the scrolling bug. Many, many thanks. That's so much better.

Why did you place the video icons to the very end so they are not visible any more?
I always want to see at one glance if there is a video without to need to scroll first to right to look if there is any.

Video thumbnails are back in first place in the gallery, thanks for pointing it out!

Thank you too.

Yes, the old method of showing the video in the second thumbnail was much better. Ideally it should be possible to choose the position of video thumbnails in the gallery, but I'd be happy with the previous system already.

Little bug

when i go to analytics it shows my first 10 things twice

tried refreshing, same issue. on chrome on windows

it appears to only happen when i change the date range, it doesnt happen on default range

This should be fixed, now, thanks for the info!

thank you for all your hard work.
How long before MS buys Thingiverse? haha
I too love your choice of graphics - a Kermit fan haha

I do have one minor detail, it's not a deal breaker by any means and I'm not complaining, I can live with this.
When I view my analytics now my columns don't line up.

Looks good. A couple of things: Can you please return the return to top button in the upper right corner of the page? Also, when I have scrolled down a page of things and click on one, when I go back to the page I'm way back from where I started. Previously, if I went back to the page I was pretty much at the point I left. Thank you.

Damn it works! This bug stressed me for years!!

I have clear my web browser cache and now works.

Another note: i don't see the button to go TOP after you start scrolling.

Web Browser: Google Chrome
Platform: Windows


Latest Chrome on Mac OS still scrolls up if I scroll down to fast

The edit profile page seems to have lost its nice formatting in lieu of some nasty looking check boxes and drop downs.

This User profile page issue should be fixed now, please let us know if you're still seeing it! Thanks!

Looks fine to me. That's some quick turn around, thanks.

You should feel special. For all of the replies to this announcement, you appear the only one to whom Catherine has replied :)

Comments be like


(No but really, just saving up responses for when specific issues have been addressed. Don't worry, they are all being logged.)

lol... classic :)

More specifically: the personal profile settings page has lost all formatting.

Issue happens even after a cookie/cache clearing.

Awesome! Many thanks for all the hard work!


I viewed a best of the week collection this morning before the change, and was freshly reminded of the scrolling bugs. Just saw this post, and re-checked it. Huzzah! Thank you!

And a nice clean easy to read look to all the pages too.
There are still some scroll issues in Opera (I've tried scrolling through my dashboard and I get a jump just after the post about AGEPBIZ), but generally much better.
Search doesn't jump on the final pages and doesn't throw up repeat finds any more.

One other unhappy that I've noticed, again in Opera. In the Analytics / more details page, tabulation of counts for views / downloads / likes etc is awry. Screengrab attached.

The alignment issue in analytics should be fixed now, thanks!

Looks like it is working well, but I can't find the button to filter out all the pictures of Baby Groot.

I love your choice of gifs :)

Looks good, definitely seems to be loading faster. Only thing I've noticed is that a bunch of the icons on https://www.thingiverse.com/dashboard for user pictures where the user hasn't specified a picture are currently broken images. ALso there is a giant frog waving its arms in my dashboard feed (possibly consider a "preview" mode for dashboard feeds that caps their output at 20 lines per item or something along those lines?)

Fantastic work and kudos to everyone involved! :-) Great to see the update. It is quite refreshing and the overall experience is faster too.

Thank you for all the hard work.

Possibly related issue: when viewing the 916 remixes here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:28405/remixes only about two dozen are listed, and I can't find a way to navigate to the remainder. Tried with pagination on and off, tried it in Chrome and IE.

Chain Generator
by Sal

Ok, the pagination issues on the Thing page should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting!

Yes, appears to be fixed. Thanks!

Comments deleted.